*EDIT* Oh my gosh, thank you so, so much for all your lovely comments! I was so touched and amazed to read them all! Long time no speak, everyone! It’s been rather a while, but today the blog is creaking back into gear with a brief update on what’s been happening, where I have been, and the story behind a special bracelet design that’s been gracing my wrist recently. :) 


So, yes, there’s been a bit of a blogging lull. I have received many lovely and supportive messages over that time, and I am so appreciative of every one of you. The community is an amazing one.

As you probably know, all preview posts I have done so far this year have been with Pandora’s explicit approval and per their schedule. This is new for both parties – it hasn’t always been straightforward and there have been adjustments needed to this new way of working. This led to delays in previews at some crucial times, and lots of questions from readers that I simply didn’t know the answer to while things were being worked out. In the end, as several major upheavals occurred in my personal life slap bang in the middle of it (isn’t that always the way!), I just needed to take the time out while this was sorted out. Something had to give, and unfortunately it was the blog.

I didn’t mean to be away as long as I did, but the issue with previews has taken some time to resolve, and, in some ways, not to have that extra commitment while waiting for the dust to settle in other areas was a welcome and much-needed breath of fresh air. 

The blog is a completely one-Ellie show – there is no aspect of it that I don’t run myself, while working full time, so if I go under, unfortunately the blog does, too. I am going to attempt to reduce the amount I do on a daily basis – and will try to come up with some ideas to mitigate this, such as contributors, etc. I do hope that you understand, but I am nevertheless truly sorry that the time off has been such a long one. 

I now have approval to share some more previews with you, and we can take it from there. There will be more posts coming very shortly. I also want to catch up some of the content I have missed!


For now, I have one special bracelet design to share. One very happy change during that time off was a beyond wonderful thing – my boyfriend took me by complete surprise by proposing on a little bench along the Dartmouth seafront during a weekend away. How could the answer be anything other than ‘Of course’ – he is always lovely, supportive, kind and with a knack for knowing when a surprise Pandora gift bag is exactly what’s needed to solve a problem. ;)

Mora Pandora and Mr Mora Pandora to be. (P.S. we look quite young for our ages, but we are both 26! 😅)

As for any true charmaholic, a special moment merits a special bead – or even bracelet. In this case, a bracelet was certainly called for. My little bangle mainly consists of Mother’s Day 2018 pieces.

I do love a nice soft pink, and I’d like another pop of pink after the bride and bridegroom charm to really set off the murano. A pink clip would be ideal!

And that’s it for now! I’ll be following up shortly with some Pandora news. In the meantime, I hope you are all doing well and I would love to hear what you are working on, or what you’ve been buying?

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  1. It is SOOOO wonderful to see your email pop into my mailbox! I’m so excited for an update from you…you have been so missed. BUT I am so happy that you took time to take care of yourself, etc. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been going through a lot and you will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers!

    HUGE congratulations on your very exciting engagement!!! Such a cute photo of you both too!!! And a beautifully decorated bangle to match!

    Sending lots of hugs over!

  2. Cute girl, your boyfriend/husband has the same T shirt of my son. God bless you ♥️
    I’m buying old charms, I don’t like much the new collection. Ciao

    • I was doing the same. But some new charms have caught my eye lately and are reminiscent of the old style in my opinion. Mora, what do you think?

      • I definitely think there’s been a resurgence of more character based designs this year! It’s been so nice to see.

    • Same here! But I read in a comment on Ellie’s last post, that the newer releases will contain less CZ and more older style silver charms. I hope that is true! Fingers crossed!!
      Dutch hugs

  3. Woo Hoo, it’s wonderful to see this update Ellie!! Great to see you back and congratulations on your wonderful news! Thanks so much for sharing your news and the lovely picture. Your bracelet design is lovely and I did think you may get the light pink hearts murano as I see you have similar light pink ones. Hope you managed to take the time you needed to yourself and that all is well. I have been buying a bit lately, mostly from the Rue sales and I got some Birthday presents too so got some newer charms. Great to see you back again!

    • Thank you, Pauline! :D Yes, things are much better for not trying to juggle so many stresses at once. And I hope that the preview issue will be smoother sailing going forward. Yay for birthday presents and sale hauls! Enjoy :D

  4. Congratulations that is wonderful news! :D i recently bought an essence bracelet do you recommend any charms to get? Xx

    • There has been a lot of retired Essence on sale lately. Start with that, some have really good prices too, so you can see what you like, and how much charms you like on a bracelet. Maybe that is an idea?
      Dutch hugs

    • Hi Nathalie! I would second Marikaisa’s excellent advice. There are lots of classic Essence beads on sale, and it’s unlikely that Pandora will return to making many in that style going forward. Recent Essence releases have been quite minimal and focus more on CZs / Pandora Rose finishes, which may or may not be your cup of tea. :) xx

  5. Congrats!!!! Welcome back!! Missed you and happy to have you back in what seems to be amazing spirits!!!! Thank you for sharing such a personal picture and story with us!

    Nichol (My Pandora Charmed Life)

    • Thanks so much Nichol! I thought it would be a nice way to come back! :) Look forward to catching up some of your videos <3

  6. Congratulations Mora Pandora and Mr Mora Pandora to be. Very exciting news all the best to you both! I’m so pleased you are well and look forward to your next previews which are so greatly appreciated. Thank you x

  7. Congratulations! What wonderful news! Of course you have been missed and now that you’re back I look forward to all the latest from Pandora from you.
    I did participate in a recent US promo that gave away a bangle bracelet with a $100 purchase. The bangle is small but fortunately I do have a small wrist and really love the bangle. It does need to be worn on its own,though-adding a charm or two would make it tight.

    • Thank you, Janet! I am still slightly getting back up to speed, but that in itself has been a fun process :) Ah I missed that promo! I think the bangles are lovely worn plain – and getting a smaller size than your usual can be great for stacking, too.

  8. Congratulations Ellie on your engagement. He looks like a sweetheart. So happy for you both! I am glad you realize at your young age that taking time for you is a very important thing. Blogs can wait. :) Currently I am trying to style the LE spicy orange double leather bracelet. I have the black tassel charm and the spiritual dreamcatcher charm but need something else. We currently have a promo in Canada spend 125$ and get free jewelry up to 75$ on until July 18 so maybe I can find something. I have no problem spending that! hahahaha Have a great summer Ellie! Nice to see you back and thank you for all your effort to keep us updated! <3

    • Thank you so much Marilyn! :) I wouldn’t normally have taken time out from the blog like that (and didn’t really mean to, to begin with), but there were just a few too many stresses haha. I hope you found something for your bracelet in the promo! Love the sound of black and orange. Thanks again for your lovely comment and have a great week ahead! <3

  9. Congratulations on your engagement! That is wonderful news.
    So glad to have you back and am so looking forward to your posts!

  10. Congratulations Ellie! That is such wonderful news. Best wishes to both of you as you begin this new chapter together. Cannot wait to hear about your dress! Missed your blog and looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the newest Pandora pieces. In honour of your engagement, of course, I will now HAVE to take advantage of the current promotion in Canada. Glad you are well and you two are a lovely couple.

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment Tamara! 🤗 (and for Pandora spending in my honour haha!) I will have to post some little wedding planning updates! :D

  11. Welcome back Ellie!

    We were all concerned about you, so it’s a relief to know you are okay. And what special news! Congratulations to Mr. MoraPandora to be, and the very best wishes to you. Thanks for sharing your photo. Your are a very beautiful lady, and your fiancé is quite handsome!

    Love your bracelet – that lotus is on my wish list. I hit the June sale pretty hard, so I’ve been pretty good this month. I did pick up the love pod earrings and pendants. I’m looking forward to the Rose and Shine bracelets coming out in the next releases.

    Again, congratulations to you both!

    • Thank you so much, Deborah! <3 😊 The pretty Lotus dangle was one of the last beads I bought before I went on my Pandora hiatus, it's a beauty. Very worthy of my engagement bracelet, haha. Glad to hear that you've indulged a little lately, I only bought one bead in the sales here (the Libra charm, for £9!), so I feel like I'm probably entitled to let loose a little on the Autumn collections! ;)

      Thanks again for your lovely comment! It's so appreciated :)

  12. Welcome back Ellie. We have missed you so much 😘
    Congratulations on your engagement! Wishing you both many years of happiness!
    Looking forward to hearing more from you soon!!!

  13. Congratulations hun 😊 so happy for you!

    Your posts are always appreciated, especially something as personal as this so thank you for sharing.

    We all need a little space from time to time 😊


    P.s. Your bracelet design is so cute!

    • Thank you so much Kerry! 😊 Everyone has been so lovely and understanding, it is so lovely to look through all these comments xx

  14. Congrats!! What a darling couple you are! Your bracelet is pretty and yes pink clips would be boost. Enjoy the new ideas and I have been very behind as well and it will a month of Sunday’s to put all of my purchases together! I love the newest pods and purchased the rose ring and a couple of spacers. Trying to give up this hobby as I have just too much! Cleaning it all and keeping it up is a whole new subject! Lovely to have you back!

    • Thank you so much! :D The other idea I was thinking for the bracelet was to get that pretty fairytale heart clip from Spring for it. Just a little clip on the end of some kind would really round it off I think! I haven’t had a chance to look at the love pods properly yet, I must do! Thanks again for the lovely comment!

  15. Welcome Back Ellie!!! 😁😁💕💕 Congratulations on your engagement and so glad to see your blog!!!! Can’t wait to see the many more posts you have to come!!! Wish you nothing but love!!! So happy!!!

  16. Oh little missy- there you are!!!!! Congrats ( again) don’t apologize about the delay- it seems to have been a much needed one. I so looks forward to updates on your blog and you sharing with us many more Pandora moments and reviews in the upcoming months .

    • Haha, thank you so much Alex! I have lots of stuff planned, it’s been really fun being back the past few days! :)

  17. A big Congratulations to you both on your engagement and wish you both all the best in your lives together.
    So pleased your back and look forward to your future previews which are always very informative and muchly appreciated.
    Lovely bracelet design too
    Best wishes

    • Thank you so much Lisa! You are so kind. :) I hope you’ve enjoyed the previews I’ve posted since this!

  18. Congrats and lovely bracelet! I too have the lotus charm. I was a bit worried when we didn’t hear from you for so long so glad to see you again!

  19. Congratulations on your engagement and welcome back! I’ve missed read8ng your informative blog. 💕🍾🎉💍😀

  20. Welcome back Ellie!! 😃
    Wow I have missed your blog a lot. Is not the same without your posts. I’m in shock, you are so young. I always thought it was someone older who manage this page 😂You guys make a great couple! Congratulations!!

    • Lol that was what I thought too, you not alone 😉
      The fact that she took time out from her blog, for personal time, means she is really wise for here age, and that we all can learn a lot from her I think, we all tend to just go on and on…..
      It is a great decision to make, and Ellie did good here!
      And it shows that her readers/followers/fans have become friends, and truly missed her. Lovely to see the MoraPandora community got really close over this!
      Dutch hugs

    • Thanks so much! :D Haha, yes, I started the blog back when I was at uni. I had a lot more time to do it then haha.

  21. I’m so happy to see you Ellie and congratulations on your engagement! I wish you both great health and happiness for many years to come!

  22. So glad you are back. Congratulations on your engagement! Missed your posts but sometimes we need to do what’s best for us. Welcome back.

  23. aww congrats to you both!
    i’m so glad you are back! i’ve missed your blog! it’s always informative and love getting the lasted info! you were greatly missed!

  24. Congratulations from Michigan USA. My daughter got married 5 weeks ago. I missed you and wondered how you were. Love your blog!!

  25. congratulations Ellie, on your engagement. Adorable picture you’ve shared. I was missing your blog so much. I didn’t realize how much I depended on your imput
    & info when choosing my Pandora items. So pleased you are back & able to share your artistic flare with us again.

    • That’s so lovely to hear Sharon, thank you so much! :) I have had a lot of fun creating new posts since coming back :D

  26. Omg Ellie!!!! Welcome back! I actually checked your blog this morning hoping you’d be back but nothing! Then I checked back again and lo and behold new post!!! You guys are adorable btw, congrats!!!

    • Haha yay, thanks Jahndra!! Thank you for continuing to check in while I was gone, too, you are lovely! :)

  27. I would like to know more about the Serene Lotus charm. I can’t find it anywhere. What do you suggest?

    • It’s available in Canada, Australia/NZ, and Asia, as far as I’m aware – you’d need to get a collector who is based in one of those places to help you :)

  28. Congratulations!!! How exciting💍

    Thank you for sharing your special news and your photo with us. Love your bracelet.

    I’ve been to Singapore and managed to pick up some muranos that had already been retired here and the Asian Murano that was never released. 5 muranos in total that I wear together (2 cherry blossom, 2 floral and Asian Murano in the middle). Quite pretty.

    Also picked up the bangle with the blue pave clasp that was never released here. Wear that with the stars and moon clips, the dark blue star muranos and the heart of winter charm in the middle. Quite striking.

    Was gifted the booklovers charm by my family which I wear alone on the new limited edition bangle. Love the charm so much but for anyone else be aware the book clasp does not work and the charm is always open.

    Also bought quite a few charms in the sale here. Now saving for the Christmas sale!

    So glad you are back Ellie. You were so missed. Hello to your OH now your fiancee♥️

    Enjoy your wedding planning.

    • Thanks so much Lozzie! :D Loved reading about your purchases over the past couple of months. You got some really lovely things!. I do like those bracelets with the coloured pavé clasps – I have the pink one, but would have loved to get the purple and the blue. Never could catch either on Rue La La! The book charm clasp worked for a little while on mine but yes, most of the time mine is now open too.

      Thanks again for the lovely comment Lozzie! It was so lovely to read.

  29. Hi Ellie! So glad that you are back! Looking forward to your upcoming posts, and congartulations to both of you!

  30. Welcome back! Congratulations!!! You two are adorable! Wear your new bracelet in good health and happiness! ❤️

  31. Soooo glad to have you back,Ellie! Congrats on your engagement! You look so pretty in your picture. That engagement glow ~

  32. Congratulations!! That’s so exciting! I was so happy to see your email in my inbox. Can’t wait to see the next posts. Welcome back!

  33. It’s so nice to see you back ellie, we have all missed you loads.
    You & your husband to be look at beautiful picture together.
    Have a lovely day.

  34. Hi Ellie! Welcome back and Congratulations! Such exciting news. What a nice picture of you and your fiancé. I’m glad you got a much deserved blog break and we are all glad to see you back!

  35. Congrats! I’m so glad that you are back. I have been missing all of your previews. I am pretty disappointed in the pre autumn releases. Not at all my style.

    • Thanks LeeAnn! I have indulged in a couple of key pieces from Pre-Autumn but overall as a collection it is sadly lacking in character beads I agree. Autumn 2018 is much more my speed :)

  36. Hi Ellie! It is a relief to have you back, and I’m so glad you are OK! I am glad you took some time off to take care of yourself, as sometimes everyday life can be overwhelming as it is. Congratulations on your engagement! Also, it’s nice to finally see a picture of you (P.S. I look very young for my age, too. I’m almost 29, and people often mistake me for 17 or 18!). Your bracelet is so lovely! I am receiving that bangle along with some charms for my upcoming birthday, and I am going to do a tea-, coffee-, and sweets-themed design. I can’t wait!

    Also, thanks for the update on what is going on on the Pandora end of things. I am sure we are all tired of speculating about that haha! I can’t wait to see some previews. Take care!

    • Hi Joanne! Thank you very much :D I love the sound of the your coffee and treats bracelet design. If I didn’t have all my tea party charms promised to other bracelet designs, I would love to do the same! Haha, the exact same thing happens to me. A couple of years or so ago, a delivery man asked whether I was doing my GCSEs (you do them at 15/16 here in the UK). The response was, nooo, that was about ten years ago haha!

      I hope you’ve been enjoying the previews, and thank you again for the lovely comment!

  37. Best wishes on your happy news 😙 and Miss Ellie whatever time you can devote to the blog I will always rush to read!

  38. So happy you are back! Missed your previews but of course understood you needed a vacation. I purchased the festive tan bracelet, choker , ring and earrings too. Loved the feathery look for summer. Loved the change of texture for a different look. Hope you feel better. Aureannie:)

    • Ooh the tan bracelet is probably my favourite of the new colours. The Spiritual Feather pendant is another one I love, but I don’t have anywhere to put it currently. Thank you for the lovely comment and the kind wishes Aureannie :)

  39. Hi Ellie,
    First, Congratulations! Second, how wonderful to have you back. Third, you have been missed. Totally understand that other things need to be a priority. Hope things have settled down and you are doing well. Very nice of you to include a photo of you and your fiancé. Yes, you look young, however, you both look happy and just so very lovely together. It is wonderful to find that special person to share in your life. Your bracelet is wonderful, and yes to pink clips! I look forward to your posts when you are able to do them, a work life balance is important.
    Since your last post I have been busy tracking down retired charms such as the two tone bee hive, queen bee, purple fascetted muranos and some gold twist spacers. While also indulging in the summer collection, the new coffee cup, popcorn (an amazing charm!), the dream catcher, and the orange and blue fascetted hearts. I’ve taken to wearing my silver sliding bracelet as an anklet.
    I noticed you have a gazillion replies! It’s ok if you don’t have time to reply.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! Thank you so much, on all three points! <3 You are so sweet to write me such a thoughtful comment. I've been really enjoying writing my latest posts, but Greg (my fiancé) is keeping an eye on me to make sure that I am not going overboard! :)

      Love the sound of all your newbies. Fab idea to wear the sliding bracelet as an anklet, too! I have yet to indulge in one, but it's on my list. I like to try and try most of the new bracelet concepts , I consider it a blogging duty ;)

      Thanks again Lisa!

  40. Dear Ellie! I’m so happy that you have decided to continue with your much loved blog. Congratulations to you both and I wish you many years of joy and love. I have missed you.

  41. First of all, congrats Ellie, it is such a happy and exciting news from you.

    Yes! We all miss you a lot! I’m so so so happy to hear from you again!

    Your new bangle is so stunning, I love it! Hope to see more preview and review from you soon. :))

  42. YEA…..Ellie’s back!!! Thank you so much for renewing my love of Pandora. I had become “settled” in my collecting of charms, but your blog got me to realize how special Pandora can be in the telling of the stories of our lives, I wish you much Love and Kindness in your future!!! You truly deserve it!

  43. Hi Ellie, congrats to you and your OH. I guess John Greed have another charm to engrave for you. A Mr Mora Pandora charm is definitely required!!! The most exciting charm I’ve bought lately has been the old perfume bottle like yours. I re read your post to make sure it was legit. So good to be able to refer back. So easy to find everything with the menu. I’m expecting a dinosaur to come in the mail too! And finally managed to track down a brand new icon black leather double band and TT bubble bezel for my 2 icon watches. Your photo is beautiful btw. So nice to put a face to you and your man. Hope we get to see wedding pics too. Trust we didn’t stress you too much with some of the ideas of what had happened to you. Maybe let us know if you can with a quick time-out blog. We will understand. And you have a wedding to plan now so you will be busy with that. Love u heaps and glad you are back.

  44. Congratulations! So glad you’re back with good news. Remember, no matter what bumps in the road you have weathered, they are in the past. You have so much to look forward to!

  45. Hi Ellie, missed you so much, so glad to hear from you!!! And nice to see you!!! You are Very Beautiful couple!!! Congratulations to both of you!!! 💍💖

  46. Congratulations to the both of you, happy to see you back, I was wondering what happened to you, now we will know if you take more time of you will be arranging your wedding!

  47. Aww I was so excited to see this new post pop up in my emails! Many congratulations on your engagement and I hope you have a lifetime of happiness together. I love the bangle design, pale pink is my favourite colour on bracelets, it goes so well with silver. I have been buying far too much in the Pandora sale! As I haven’t been too fussed over the new collections I have taken the opportunity to catch up on older charms I really wanted but never got round to getting, especially anything two-tone. I really love charms with 14ct gold, and I don’t think we will see those in the future. I liked the turquoise and silver of the summer collection, the feathers and the dreamcatcher, and the whole boho look, but not really enough to start a new bracelet. I have started a collection of petites from the sale, even though I don’t have a big locket yet haha, but I did get the small bracelet locket as well in the sale and I like wearing that on different bracelets with a matching tiny charm! I wish they would make the petites in 14ct, it would look so nice, make the locket two-tone and as the petites are so small they would be more affordable. I am so glad you are back Ellie, but we will all still be here if you ever need a break again, you should look after yourself first. We really appreciate all you do for the blog but it must be a huge task for you, so don’t wear yourself out.

  48. Many congratulations on your engagement Ellie. That is wonderful news and I wish you both a very happy loving future together. It’s lovely to read your blog again, I have missed them very much. 🥂💍❤️X

  49. Congrats Ellie!!🤗 been missing your previews… so happy for you.. you 2 look lovely together 💕💕 .. i’m dying for the silver sliding bracelet but the reviews on the estore aren’t so good..have you purchased it? Can anyone tell me if it’s worth it? Is it solid? Thanks ladies if you can help me on this… have a lovely day☉🌈

  50. Hello Elie. I am very happy that you are back but learns to treat carefully to you all the same. I follows you since the beginning of 2018, I am French and your photos and comments more tempt to buy the jewels that the site Pandora it is of what I think personally. On one of your blog you spoke charms disneyland new. I am going to give you an e-mail to be able to acquire them without moving. They make send of objects Disneyland Paris charms Pandora: dlp.mail.order@disney.com Congratulations in all 2.🌹😊

  51. Hi Elllie I’ve only wrote once before but I follow your blog always , I am a long night time collector X always look forward to your post . I’m really sorry for your personal problems , I’ve had many myself , but my dad always used to say life is a gift make each day count so live your life as if it was your last , I think that’s a great code to live by but I’m sooo happy for you X the pic is lovely. I’m really hoping you can do more previews soon as I love to see what is coming up . I’m not one for writing but I feel a bit let down by pandora as the jewelery hasn’t all been realised in spring collection and I was unable to complete any of my bracelets . Very disappointing so I’m hoping your post will give some id a of what is to be released , look after yourself X be happy kind regards . Sue xxx

  52. Hi Ellie
    I am glad to see that you are safe. We were all worried about you.
    Congratulations too!!
    My last purchase (but was a gift) was the gold essence bangle. I love it and I am very proud to have received it from my colleagues.
    I would like to buy another gold piece …and Will try to!!

  53. Oh Ellie! It is soooooooooo nice to see that you back on the blog and you are all fine and happy!!! You have been missed a lot!
    Congratulations on your engagement! You make a lovely couple!
    I am sending my love and warmest thoughts your way! xxx

  54. Hi Ellie, i’m glad to hear of you. I’m really missing your posts.

    Congrats on the engagement! You have some exicing times coming up!


  55. This is my first post on your blog . So pleased you are back again , always enjoy your blog . And congratulations!

  56. Hi Ellie,
    Congratulations! That is wonderful news! I’m looking forward to hearing your wedding plans and ideas. 💍💏💐💕👰🤵💖
    It’s great to have you and your blog back in action.
    Dora 🎀

  57. WOOOWWW!!! Congratulations and a big toast to the happy couple! You are a very beautiful young lady and Mr. Mora Paindora to be, matches you perfectly well. Best wishes to you both.
    On a different note, I´ve been missing your posts and wise insights terribly and I´m delighted that you´re back safe and sound. Please don´t apologize for taking time off. I hope you have had a good time reading some of our conspiranoic theories on Pandora breathing down on your neck and shutting you down. What can I say? I´m an anxious lady with an anxious mind. And anxious minds tend to jump to conclusions very quickly and race oft in the wrong direction, lol.
    So after hearing your good news, mine are that I got my first couple of Muranos and they don´t look huge on my tiny wrists, by any means. Why am I sometimes so obtuse? (silly and rhetorical question, lol). Apart from that, I´ve been having renovations done at home so my budget for Pandora has been drastically cut down and without your posts I didn´t feel in the mood to go Pandora-shopping, anyway. Besides that, it´s time for holidays and thus I´m saving all my pennies for it ;). That means that I´m on a Pandora lull, at the moment but eager to see what A/W collection can bring.
    All in all, glad to have you back among us again and looking forward to your next post, as always.

  58. Hai Ellie, it’s nice to read your blog again. Finally….:)
    Congratulations on your engagement, may you two love birds live happily ever after. Sending lots of hugs from Jakarta, Indonesia.

    Rika (@mypandoracraze)

  59. Ellie,
    A huge congratulations to you and Mr. Mora!! What wonderful news! And it is fantastic to put a face with the blog. You are absolutely adorable!, 😀 I’ve really missed your updates, and so glad to see you’re back. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the summer collection, if you review it. Best wishes to you! Xo

  60. What a marvelous surprise to see you back Ellie!😘
    I missed you so much but I understand that life gets in the way sometimes LOL😉
    Congratulations to you both for you engagement!😙🤗 Thank you for sharing a picture off you and your OH.
    Your bracelet looks awesome and I am happy to see you got the wedding couple before it retires.
    I am very excited and look forward to read you again.😍😘

  61. I forgot to mention that I am working on my Disney Park Dumbo theme bracelet and I will share a picture once assembled. I will be spending this Sunday to play with my new charms which I just received from Kim. Since I am no longer eligible to order from Rue La La, I am so happy to have found her on VIPandora/Facebook. Happy Sunday everyone!😍😘

  62. I knew it!! Congrats and I hope you share about your wedding plans as they come along. Are the colors of your bracelet going to be the color theme? Cute pic! My H and I look young too and sometimes I think people side-eye us having two kids, but we are around 30!

    Hope other life things are okay! Glad to see you back. As for your question, I’m still mostly trying to “catch up” (if that’s really possible) with older items on Rue La La.

  63. Dear Ellie,

    Congrats! What a lovely couple both of you make!
    You have been missed, so great to see you back in action ❤️

  64. Hi, Ellie! So glad to hear the fantastic news. Congratulations! What a lovely couple you make. Always be happy. I kept checking your blog and got really worried that something happened so I am happy you’re ok and the blog will continue. Don’t stress yourself out. I don’t see why you have to do it every day. Once a week is great for me! LOL! Take care and congrats, again!

  65. Hello Ellie!

    It’s so nice to hear from you and know you’re alright!!! Congratulations on your engagement! I hope you and Greg will have a lifetime of happiness. Thank you for sharing a picture of the both of you. And yes, the two of you do look much younger than your stated age, but that’s all good. You are a very beautiful young lady and Greg is as handsome as can be. You two make a lovely couple. I’m hoping you’ll share your wedding Plans!

    Your Patterns of Love Bangle is perfect for celebrating your recent Engagement! This is exactly what came to mind when you mentioned saving it for something special. The Plentiful Hearts is such a pretty murano and perfectly fitting for the occasion. I totally agree with a pink clip. I, too, love a pretty soft pink and this one’s on my list.

    I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’ve missed your presence on the blog. I’m so happy to have you back!!! As for me, I’ve been working on a Mickey/Minnie bracelet with the new vintage charms. I’ve also picked up some older charms I missed out on for my Chinese New Year bracelet. To be perfectly honest, this whole ordeal with Pandora stopping early previews has left a bad taste in my mouth, so I haven’t done a lot of planning. Now that you’re back and Autumn/Winter releases are coming up, my interest is revived. I’m looking forward to seeing what these new releases have to offer. I’ve heard good things are on the way. Know that you are loved (and sorely missed) no matter what Pandora throws your way.

  66. I nearly fell off my seat after seeing the new posts! It’s great to have you back! And Many congratulations on your engagement! I’ve been adding to my bracelet, I made my first Estore purchase this month, mainly because my local store didn’t have much in stock. I’ve added two blue muranos, Night sky and Ice drops and I also bought the sparkling Christmas tree and the sparkling bow bangle that I’ve wanted since it came out but was always putting off buying-the sale seemed a good time to take that leap. Sadly I’ve lost my lucky (not so lucky for me) clover that was a Christmas gift, but I’m confidant it’s in the house somewhere.

  67. Congratulations on your engagement. As an aside, my hubby and I were each 23 when we married almost 24 years ago, so you’re not too young in my book!

    I am also glad to see you’re back in the blogging spirit; your postings are always well done and contain a lot of information.

    I suggest that one way you can decrease the time you spend on the blog is to not feel as if you have to reply to each comment–the group did a pretty good job of announcing promos and answering questions on your last post from May. :)

  68. this is wonderful news – congratulations!

    I’ve missed you and am so happy to have you back with us again

  69. So happy to see your post this morning! Many congratulations to you both, such lovely news.
    Sometimes we all need to take a step back to take a step forward. So take all time you need.
    Look forward to seeing your next post

  70. Congratulations Ellie and Greg. Wonderful news. So happy you are back if only for bits at a time. We have all missed you and your posts. Always put yourself first. That is a lesson that took me a long time to learn. Again all the best for your future together❤️😊 Sunny days

  71. Hi Ellie,

    First of all, I am so so glad that you’re back. :)

    As I got my first Pandora bracelet a year ago, my collection is still small, but it’s growing unstoppably. :) I am really picky. Most of the beads are just not my taste, I prefer the older and retired pieces. My bad luck. :/ My absolute favourites are the star/sky/galaxy themed beads.

    However, I was lucky enough to buy a few things at the recent sale here in the UK. Until now, I had only one bracelet – a basic barrel clasp one in sterling silver – so I was over the moon when I’ve seen the Starry Sky Clasp bracelet on Sale at John Greed. I am totally in love with my second bracelet. :)
    I was able to get a pair of Star Pave Clips, a Big Star Pave Clip, the old Candy Cane Pendant Charm (the one without CZs. I am not a big fan of CZs.), a Magic Sky Clip, an Aquarius Star Sign Charm, a Christmas Teddy Bear Charm and a Christmas Elves Openwork Charm. I am so so happy with all of my purchases. :)

    During the sale I checked the UK website continiously and I noticed that a few old pieces have been added suddenly for a couple of days and then they disappeared. This is how I have been able to get the Magic Sky and the Christmas Elves Charms. It was so exciting to check them every that with the feeling that I might able to find another retired piece. :)

    From the new collection I bought only one thing, the Bright Pink Tassel Pendant Charm. I am a fan of colourful pompoms and tassels and I wear it as a pendant on my nacklace which I got from my mum. It’s just so cute!

    Once again, I am glad that you are back and congrats on your engagement! (I got engaged back in January this year. :))

    I can’t wait to see more posts about the upcoming collections and your recent purchases too! Sorry for my english tho, it’s not my first language. :)

  72. Congratulations, Ellie! I’m glad you took some time for yourself-and that you’re back! Your posts are always such a treat-thanks for all the work you put into the blog.

  73. Welcome back! You were missed. Glad that some of life’s dust has settled and that you are well. Also, congratulations on your engagement! I wish you and your partner a lifetime of happiness! (The two of you make a lovely couple.)

  74. Welcome back Ellie. We miss you so much. I was pleasantly suprise to see a post from you after checking it almost daily to not see any post but wonderful messages from fellow charm addicts. Congratulation on your engagement. The special bracelet looks awesome. Both you and Mr Morapandora looks so good and lovely together. Having youthful looks is a blesssing. Wishing you both many happy times together.So happy for both of you.💖

  75. Hello old friend! Happy you made two new posts. I feel a bit silly for jumping in on the conspiracy theory bandwagon. Oh well. I have a very active imagination lol. Congratulations on your engagement. You both look lovely together. For some reason I always thought of you as a blonde, no idea why. It’s nice to put a face to a name lol

  76. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! wonderful news on your engagement! and super happy you are back. I haven’t bought any beads while you were away. Pandora just wasn’t the same without. You bring alive. If the preview posts are a pain to do, don’t feel like you have to do them. You have so many other awesome types of posts you do.

  77. So great to have you back, Ellie! As you can see, you have been truly missed.
    Congratulations and best wishes on your engagement; the two of you are such a sweet couple.

    Life can be an obstacle course sometimes, so sending a little prayer your way that the road gets smoother as time goes on.

    Thank you for making my day! It was so great to see some of the upcoming beauties on their way to us!

  78. Thanks Ellie! I am so glad to hear from you and to know all is well. I have missed your lively, upbeat posts and information. Congratulations on your engagement.

  79. Hi Ellie,

    It’s so good to have you back, you had us worried sick and we have all missed you so much. I think it would be correct to say that we were all relieved to read this post.

    I’m delighted with your good news, what a lovely surprise this is – congratulations!!!.

  80. I’m so glad that you’re back after a long absence. Your blog was sorely missed. Like some ladies here, I too like to plan ahead with my purchases so i have some kind of ideas on how to style them. So I was a bit loss without your (always) truth-honest opinions in your reviews. You are truly a guidance!

    Last but not the least, big congratulation for your engagement Ellie, you two looks so lovely together! Enjoy your next phase of planning a wedding. You must be thrilled with excitements!

  81. Congrats! What an exciting time in your lives!
    So glad you are back, just the other day I was telling my mom that your blog was what would get me excited about upcoming charms. I saved a lot of money, but I missed your posts.

  82. Congratulations. You have been missed. Many wonderful blissful years ahead. Where did the beautiful Lotus flower charm come from next to your bride and groom charm?

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