Today’s post brings you a review of Pandora’s new CZ muranos (known as the ‘Effervescence’ collection in the US).
Pandora_Silver_Murano_Charm__791617CZ-01 Pandora_Silver_Murano_Charm__791616CZ-01 download Pandora_Silver_Murano_Charm__791615CZ-01

In the UK, they are known as the ‘Fizzle’ muranos. For some reason, the pink version of this set is not available here in the UK – has anyone else found that it’s not available yet in their market? Rumour has it that it will be released in the UK, but with the Winter collection on the 4th of November. I’m not quite sure as to the reasoning behind this, but hopefully it proves correct!

EDIT – The lovely Victoria from Endangered Trolls has just told me that the Pink Fizzle will be released as an exclusive breast cancer promotion in the UK. The murano will be packaged with the pink leather bracelet and is scheduled to be released on the 24th of October. It was due to be released on the 1st of October, but an issue with supply has delayed its release. It’s certainly going to be rather tardy for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

I have to say, these muranos are just lovely. They have cubic zirconia and small bubbles running all the way through the glass, creating a fascinating starry effect. In my opinion, they represent a continuation of Pandora’s advancement in the quality of their murano glass: these are light years away from the more simple floral and geometric designs of their more traditional muranos. This collection also has the new smaller silver cores, as well (as we have seen on the new Cherry Blossom and Sea Glass muranos).

Today, I went into town for the first time in some time and bought myself the purple version for my oxidised bracelet. I got the last one in the shop – clearly these muranos are popular! It looks great with my Purple Hearts murano. I also tried on the Purple Faceted murano with it, which is a slightly bluer shade of purple. The slight difference in tones between the three muranos looked really pretty, and I’m sure I’ll be back for that faceted murano ;)

The new Purple Fizzle murano on my oxidised bracelet
The new Purple Fizzle murano on my oxidised bracelet

As for the rest of the colours, I had a good look at them in the store (although I have no pictures, sadly). The blue is very vibrant, pretty blue, and would be good for a more fun, casual look.  Many people like to teem white muranos with a two tone themed bracelet. I imagine that this white CZ murano would be especially good for that, as the sparkle of the cubic zirconia within the glass would add to the sense of luxury and opulence alongside the gold. Of course, I have not seen the pink murano in person. However, I have seen pictures on blogs such as Endangered Trolls, and it does not seem a true pink – it’s a little peachy in shade.

Regarding the smaller cores, I am aware that they have caused some dissent among fans, who are concerned that Pandora are reducing the amount of silver in the muranos without reducing the price. However, I do think that the smaller branded cores look nice: I’m not madly keen on overt branding on products, and I quite like the smaller logo on the small-cored muranos. I suspect that all new muranos from now on will boast the smaller cores. Pandora’s glass work has vastly improved in the last year or so and, consequently, I’m willing to accept a smaller core that shows off more of these new and improved glass designs.

Have you bought any of these new muranos? Do you like them? :) And how do you feel about Pandora’s new, smaller silver cores?

3 Comments on Review: New Autumn CZ Muranos (With Live Shots)

  1. The Pink Fizzle is exclusive to a breast cancer awareness bracelet in the UK :) It was meant to debut on October the first but apparently, there isn’t enough stock to go around ;)

    Now rumours are it won’t appear until around the 24th of October! A little late for breast cancer awareness month really!

    I think you’re right though – it’s going to appear as part of the regular collection afterwards :D

    • Hi Victoria,

      Thanks for being my first commenter! ;) And thank you for that info, too. I had read that it was part of the promotion, but not that it was going to be delayed all that time! That is really very late; late enough to seem somewhat pointless :S I wonder how long they’ll run it for, considering that.

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