Today’s post brings you a little taste of holiday excitement, with a review of the new Pandora Reindeer charm, which debuted with the rest of the Pandora 2013 Christmas collection. This charm was the first I bought from the Christmas collection, and I’m a little in love with it!

The Charm

The new reindeer is a very elegant little charm. It feels light and delicate.

reindeer crop

Poised mid-leap, the charm has a very playful feel; when it’s on your wrist, it hangs pointing slightly upwards, like he’s trying actually to take off!

As is often the case with Pandora charms, the attention to detail on this charm is lovely. His hooves are all clearly defined, while a little bell hangs around his neck – he’s clearly one of Father Christmas’s own reindeer ;).

It’s also good to note that he’s not overly ‘cute’: while there is a hint of cuteness, especially close-up (see below!), the overall look of the charm is more elegant. I personally quite like cute charms, but I’m aware that some collectors avoid them.

Pandora Reinder


I will say that, in my few days of owning him, his antlers have caught at loose threads a couple of times. While this is usually the case with any Pandora dangle, he does have a few more edges to snag on things – his hooves and antlers are something of a hazard! You might want to avoid wearing this charm with anything knitted.


As the reindeer is a plain silver charm, he will pretty much go with any colour or theme. He’d be perfect for a winter themed bracelet; he hangs from the bracelet in exactly the same way as a Christmas decoration does from the tree.

I’ve put my reindeer on my oxidised bracelet, which currently has my two other Christmas charms on it – the Stocking and the Gingerbread Man.

Pandora Oxidised

Are you coveting this charm, or is it on your wish list? :)

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