Today’s update is just a small post to share the new limited edition Pandora gift bag for the holiday season. For a review of the Shopping Bag charm itself, see here.

Every year, Pandora creates special gift packaging for their biggest holidays: Christmas season and Valentine’s Day. This year’s is a very pretty pale blue, complemented by silver stars and a navy blue ribbon.

Pandora Christmas Gift Bag

I’ve seen this bag out in the shops in the UK, and it does looks very sweet. Plus, when Pandora get out the Christmas packaging, you know the holidays aren’t far off! :)

Obviously, I’m into collecting things – that’s what Pandora’s about. This definitely extends to limited edition fancy packaging. ;) I did get last year’s purple Christmas edition: this year’s is definitely more obviously festive.

Pandora Gift Bag
Pandora Christmas Bag 2012

Slow news day?

Yes, well, this little bit on the Pandora gift bags for Christmas will have to help to tide you over until we have news of upcoming collections for 2013. I have heard some rumours about what the 2014 Pandora Valentine’s collection will look like, but no pictures have surfaced as of yet. I’m thinking about putting together a little gossip post on that, but we shall see!

Just a reminder that we do have a Twitter account, where you can catch all the latest Pandora news as it comes!

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