This post offers a complete overview of every sought after and rare Pandora charm out there. It includes all rare retired charms and all limited edition charms. The only thing that I have kept back for another post is the country-exclusive charms.

Pandora Club charm

*Last updated April 2018*

Retired Charms

So many charms have been retired in the whole of Pandora’s history that it would be nigh on impossible to try and record them all. Instead, you should check out’s retired jewellery section to see a complete overview of what’s been retired. However, bear in mind that some of the oldest pieces are not even on the website, as they were retired before it was launched.

Instead, here is a list of the charms that are retired and sought after. Cycle through the gallery to see images of them.

  • Mouse
  • Bear Head
  • Mushroom / Toadstool
  • Ram
  • Magic 8 Ball
  • Rhino
  • Thimble
  • Cell Phone
  • Cola Can
  • Red, Yellow and Blue Puzzle Pieces
  • Dinosaur / Dragon
  • The Ugly Duckling (part of the Hans Christian Andersen collection)
  • HCA Top Hat (part of the Hans Christian Andersen collection)
  • The Princess and the Pea (part of the Hans Christian Andersen collection)
  • Spotty Muranos
  • Perfume Bottle
  • Hen
  • Spotty Headed Penguin
  • Lion Head
  • Sideways Elephant
  • Sideways Fish
  • Church
  • Clown
  • Snail
  • Picnic Basket
  • Butterfly Cameo pendant
  • Pretzel
  • Witch

Limited Edition

Staff Charm

Pandora Staff charm

This charm is extremely rare, as it was never actually for sale. Instead, it was handed out free to Pandora employees. The charm is supposed to be a mixture of the giraffe, the bumblebee and the lion, representing Pandora’s core values: passion, pride and performance. These fetch a pretty penny when sold on these days!

Blue Primrose Path


This charm was only ever released in Germany, and is no longer available to purchase. This is one of those charms that fetches a lot of money on the second hand market. Other colours of this charm are still available from Pandora.

Christ Charm

Pandora christ charm

This charm is not a religious charm, despite its name; it was released exclusively to Christ jewellers in Germany. It features a 14 carat gold open heart, and is one of the most sought after HTF charms amongst collectors. You can see the original listing for it on Christ’s website still, where it was listed for 59 euros. It certainly goes for a lot more than that nowadays ;)

‘Holy Grail’ charm

This charm, dubbed the ‘Holy Grail’ by Pandora collectors, was retired due to production issues; there were issues with the blue pearl drop losing its colour. It is very similar to the existing Dangle Daisy Teal cubic zirconia charm, which is still available today. This one is very rare – hence its name!

Canadian Maple Leaf

canadian maple leaf

This was a Canadian exclusive release that debuted in Autumn 2009 – just in time for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. It features a white enamel background with a red enamel maple leaf. Collectors who own this charm have reported that the white enamel yellows with age, however.

German Oxidised Two Tone Spacer

pandora oxi german spacer

This spacer was exclusively available in Germany and is now retired. It features an oxidised floral design, with two tone flower buds.

German Oxidised Pendant Dangle

german oxidised pendant 2This pendant matches the German spacer pictured above, and features a pink rhodolite stone in its centre. This charm was again only available in Germany, and is now retired.


Dragon Dangle

pandora two tone dragon

This charm was released alongside the Hong Bao to celebrate the Chinese New Year in 2012. The silver version was re-released globally with the zodiac collection, but the two tone version remains an Asian exclusive.

Olympic Medal Dangle

Pandora olympic medal

This charm was released exclusively to the UK in 2012 as part of the Best of British set, in honour of the London Olympics. The charm was always intended to be sold for a limited time only, but Pandora were forced to pull the charm early due to complaints from the Olympic committee (Pandora weren’t official sponsors of the Olympics, and therefore should not have been producing Olympic-themed merchandise). I remember seeing these vanish from the shop windows very suddenly; one day they were in bracelet designs, and the next they were gone.

Purple Zebra Murano

pandora purple zebra

This LE murano was released in 2012, as a surprise addition to the Tame the Wild animal print murano set. It was exclusive to Australia, the UK and Europe.

Sparkling Year of the Snake

Year of The Snake Cubic ZirconiaThis charm is very similar to the regular Year of the Snake charm; however, it has a line of cubic zirconia running up its underside. This was released exclusively in Asia in 2013 to celebrate the Year of the Snake.

I Love To Travel Charm

pandora travel suitcase

This airline exclusive charm was released in September 2013, and is an adorable remake of the existing suitcase charm. It features the words ‘I <3 To Travel’ with red enamel on one side, and a list of the continents on the other.  It is currently only available as an in-flight purchase from selected airlines.

Australia charm

pandora retired charm

The Pandora Australia charm was due out with the Autumn 2013 collection; however, it was recalled due to complaints from Pandora collectors that it was inaccurate in terms of the number and placement of stars. There is a minute number of these charms floating around, making it possibly the rarest Pandora charm to date! It was assumed that the charm would be re-designed, but we are yet to hear any official news to this effect. For more details, see here.

Fascinating Aventurescent (Stardust) Murano

pandora winter 2014

The Fascinating Aventurescent was intended to be a regular part of the Pandora Winter 2014 collection, but production issues meant that it only saw a limited release in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. The copper flecks within the glass give it a beautiful sparkle.

Forever Paris

Pandora Limited Edition Forever Paris

The 14kt gold Forever Paris charm was a limited edition release in June 2016, only available from French concept stores. With only 500 made, each charm had its number engraved on the bail. The little stone at the top of the tower was a diamond.

Royal Charms

Pandora has a history of honouring special royal events with a limited edition royal charm.

Royal Church

Royal ChurchThe Royal Church charm was released in Denmark in 2004 to celebrate the wedding of Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark and Mary Donaldson. It has a grown crown and ’14-5 2004′ inscribed on its base. There are estimated to be around 3,000 of these in existence – it’s very rare!

Royal True Love Charm

Pandora Royal True Love

This charm was released in 2008 in Denmark, to commemorate the marriage of Prince Joachim of Denmark to Marie Cavallier. Unlike the regular version of this charm, it has ’24/5 2008′ (the date of their marriage) inscribed on the back of it.

Royal Wedding Charm

Pandora royal wedding charm

This charm was released to celebrate the wedding of the UK’s Prince William and Catherine Middleton in 2011. It featured a synthetic blue spinel to represent the blue sapphire of Diana’s engagement ring, which William proposed to Kate with, and ‘C & W’ engraved on the back.

Royal Baby Charm

Pandora royal baby charm

After the birth of Britain’s Prince George in 2013, Pandora released this charm to celebrate – a limited edition version of the existing Baby Carriage charm. It featured a 14 carat gold crown, embedded with a cubic zirconia, and the words ‘Royal Baby 2013’ inscribed on the back. This was released in the UK, Canada and Australia only.

Charity Charms

Randers Frog

Pandora randers frog

This charm is very possibly the rarest of all Pandora charms – I hadn’t even heard of it until I was a good year and a half into collecting Pandora. It dates back to 2003, when Pandora released it to support a hospital charity event in the Danish town of Randers. The event was called ‘Kiss the Frog’ and involved the locals of Randers decorating frog statues before placing them around the town. The charm is a representation of the frog statues. It was sold only in Randers, so it is really very rare.

Lucerne Clip

pandora lucerne clip

This clip is based on the Lucerne dangle. It was released in Australia and the UK for a limited time in support of breast cancer charities.

Lucerne Dangle

The limited edition Lucerne dangle is not so rare as the clips, as it was released in all territories.

One World Health Charm

pandora one world health

The One World Health charm was a US exclusive in aid of OneWorld Health, a non-profit organisation dedicated to developing medicines for impoverished countries. The charm features a clear CZ drop and two tone detailing. Pandora originally donated $20 for each of these charms sold – the charm was priced at $85.

Family Ties

pandora family ties

The Pandora Family Ties controversy has become somewhat notorious in the Pandora community. The charm was originally released in 2009 for the Denmark charity campaign ‘Danmarks Indsamling’, which aims to help fight poverty in Africa. 12,000 copies of the charm were made. After the charity event ended, 1,000 charms remained, which Pandora decided to re-release in the UK market. However, the UK release was priced at £150 – whereas the original release in Denmark was only 225DK, which is roughly £25! Consequently (and unsurprisingly), there was significant consternation amongst UK collectors who had bought the charm when they learned of the price difference and, as a result, Pandora offered to refund collectors the difference in price, alongside a £50 gift voucher. Not too shabby! Since then, another version of the charm has been released.

The charm was also originally released in 14 carat gold:

pandora family ties gold

The Venus Charm

Pandora Venus Indsamling

This was the Denmark Indsamling charm for both 2010 and 2011. It was released to support women in Africa, and represents the Venus symbol for women. It was also released in 14 carat gold.

Indsamling Feather

pandora Indsamling feather gold both

This feather dangle was the 2012 Pandora charm for Denmark’s Indsamling charity efforts, released in silver and in 14 carat gold. It was released exclusively in Denmark, and marks the last of Pandora’s Indsamling charms – they have declined to continue making them from 2013.

Pudsey Children in Need Charms 2015–2017

pandora children in need charity charm autumn 2015

In 2015, Pandora UK released the Pudsey bear charm in support of the charity Children in Need. This was a limited edition charm and only available in the UK. The trend continued for the next two years.

The 2017 edition was announced as being the final charm Pandora would release in support of CIN.

Pandora Club Charms

Pandora Club Charm 2014pandora club charm stockThe Pandora Club charm was released in March 2014 as a charm exclusive to Pandora Club members. The charm is modelled on the traditional Pandora charm presentation box, and features a lid that actually opens. Inside is a 0.01 carat diamond at its centre and the words ‘PANDORA CLUB 2014’ inscribed on the lid.

Pandora Club Charm 2015

pandora club charm stock

Following on from the 2014 charm, Pandora released this limited edition Club charm for Summer 2015. This charm was not exclusive to Pandora Club members, but it was still marketed as a special Club edition. It features ‘2015’ engraved on one side and a 0.01 carat diamond on the other side!

Pandora Club Charm 2016

pandora club charm 2016

The 2016 Club charm featured a gorgeous beaded openwork design, which reminds me beautifully of playing cards. The stone is again a diamond.

Pandora Club Charm 2017

Pandora Club Charm 2017

This is the only pendant Club charm – it has a locket design, but the cut-out at the front ensures that the diamond inside is always visible.

Pandora Club Charm 2018

The 2018 Club charm has been popular with collectors, offering the first character-based Club charm design since the original Hidden Heart. The stone in More Love is again a diamond.

Mother’s Day Limited Editions

Every year since 2013, Pandora have released a limited edition bead for Mother’s Day. These normally have two-tone detailing of some kind. However, there was no limited edition Mother’s Day charm in 2018, so perhaps this tradition is coming to an end. Pandora seem to be moving away from using solid gold in their new designs anyway, so possibly it is linked to that.

These Mother’s Day beads were produced in huge quantities, despite their limited edition status, and most are relatively easy to find on the second hand market. The designs are often more generic, especially as the years go on, also decreasing their collectability.

Bear My Heart Charm

bear my heart

The Bear My Heart charm was released in 2013 in all markets for Mother’s Day. It features a silver teddy bear holding a 14 carat gold heart.

Vintage Heart Charm

pandora limited edition vintage heartMuch like the Bear My Heart charm of 2013, the Vintage Heart was a limited edition release for Mother’s Day 2014. It was released worldwide and was produced in limited numbers. It features a gold heart on both sides of the charm.

Always in my Heart Charm

pandora mother's day 2015

The Always in my Heart charm is similar to the Vintage Heart but plays more heavily on Mother’s Day sentiment with a themed inscription. This was released for 2015.

Bound by Love Charm

pandora mother's day 2016 release

The Bound by Love came out for Mother’s Day 2016, offering a double-sided gold bow and pavé set stones.

Precious Heart Charm

Pandora Mother's Day 2017 Preview

The Precious Heart is the last of these Mother’s Day charms, making its debut in 2017. It follows Pandora’s craze at the time for button-style openwork beads, with cut-out hearts along its side.

Black Friday Charms

The tradition of releasing a US-exclusive limited edition charm for Black Friday began in 2011, and continued up until 2016. In 2017, the charm originally marked out as the Black Friday bead was instead rebranded as a general holiday limited edition.

Midnight Hearts – 2011 BF Charm

Pandora midnight hearts

This was released on Black Friday 2011, and retailed for $90. It featured black enamel and 14 carat gold. It also had the year 2011 inscribed on it.

A Precious Gift – 2012 BF Charm

Pandora Black Friday 2012

This was released on Black Friday 2012, and retailed for $55. It was a red enamel version of the pink enamel present charm released in the Spring 2013 collection.

Let It Snow – 2013 BF Charm

pandora black friday 2013This openwork charm was released on Black Friday 2013, and retailed for $65. It featured pavé cubic zirconia in the shape of a snowflake.

Christmas Wish – 2014 BF Charm

pandora black friday 2014 charm

This pavé design was released exclusively in North America for Black Friday 2014. It retailed for $75.


pandora black friday 2015 preview

The 2015 Black Friday charm was another North American exclusive, featuring a sweet two-tone snow globe design with an enamel base.

There was a stock image for an alternate version released as well, but it turned out that this was of an earlier prototype of the charm that never made it into production. It’s shame, as it’s lovely also.

pandora black friday 2015 preview


The 2016 Black Friday charm fully embraced the pavé with this red poinsettia design. The date was engraved on the side of the charm.

Bright Ornament

This charm was originally intended as the 2017 Black Friday charm but at the last minute was marketed as a more general holiday-themed limited edition.

Pandora Disney Limited Editions

Since 2016, Pandora have released a Pandora Disney holiday limited edition. These have been Mickey & Minnie themed designs each time, usually featuring sparkling CZ detail.
Sparkling Mickey & Minnie

pandora disney black friday 2015 minnie mickey pavé charms

Mickey & Minnie Sparkling Icons – 2016

Mickey & Minnie Love Icons – 2017

Pandora Disney Limited Edition Christmas 2017 bead

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  1. Hi
    I have one randers frog,
    i wonder do you know how much is worth ?
    I bought it from a danish site and i paid 900 ddk
    I have seen it twice there

    • Hi there,
      Wow, you are lucky indeed! I’ve never seen one of these for sale outside of eBay, and that one was listed for about £1,000 or around 9000 dkk. They are extremely rare, so it’s hard to give a concrete figure, but you’d be talking a lot more than 900dkk! What was the site? :o

      • Hi Ellie
        thanks for your answer,
        The site is for people in Denmark,Sweden and norway only.
        Im from Sweden :)
        So im close to the home of Pandora
        Good luck with your site.
        Im hoping for many good discussions
        Jane :0

        • Ah, right, thanks for the info. And thank you, that’s really sweet of you! :) It’s always lovely to hear from my readers.

        • Is it true that Randers event came out with 3 frog charms – the plain silver one in your picture, the same one with a gold crown, and a full gold one?

          And what in your opinion are the 10 rarest pandora items by order?

          Love your blog! keep up the amazing work!

    • Hi Paola! When the charm was originally for sale here in the UK, it was priced at £35, I believe. I’m not sure on the pricing for other regions. As for value now, I usually see it go for £50-£70, depending on condition. Hope that helps!

    • Hi Kerryanne! They aren’t available to buy directly from Pandora anymore, but you should check on a Facebook selling page, such as Pandora’s Tribe, to see if anyone has one for sale. :) Retired pieces come up pretty regularly and you can ask if anyone is selling a blue jigsaw charm.

  2. I read your story regarding the Pandora perfume bottle and I am glad I did. I have one of each style and thought that one of them was a fake and was not sure which one. Thank you for clearing that up for me.

  3. I have 3 autistic grandchildren and would love to find a puzzle piece charm for my stepdaughter. Does anyone know where I might find one that is not too expensive? Any colour would be great!

    • Hi Elinor! That’s a lovely idea. I don’t know of any retailers that still have the puzzle pieces in stock as they retired a long time ago. However, if you have Facebook, you should try joining a selling group – there are lots of ladies on there selling rare and HTF charms for reasonable prices. I see the puzzle pieces come up from time to time. The best ones are Pandora’s Tribe and Pandora’s Angels. :)
      If you need any further help with that, just let me know!

      • Thank you so much for that info, I’ll try and join those FB groups. I have actually found one reasonably priced on ebay, so fingers crossed I can get it. As there are are 3 children, I would be happy to get each colour if I could :)

  4. Hi! Are u interested in getting the 2 toned asian exclusive Dragon? We will have it at our stores in manila. Its on sale at 40% off

    • Hi Mylene – sorry for the delay in reply, I missed your comment at first. :) I’m not looking for this one currently but thanks for thinking of me and the blog <3

  5. Hi Ellie,

    I’m a Pandora fan and I like to collect exclusive or limited edition charms.
    I will be going to Germany, Italy and Austria in July. I would love to get something from the Pandora stores there. Could you assist me, any ideas?


    • Hi Loretta!
      I’m not aware of any charms that are specific to those countries right now I’m afraid :( where are you based now? It might be worth checking smaller jewellers for older retired stock; European outlets are often much better at stocking the rarer pieces :)
      I hope you have a lovely trip in any case! <3

  6. Hi :) I see no mention of the 2013 heart charm unless I missed it? I believe this was only given to staff and is htf? I happen to have one myself. Thanks

    • Hi Kate – sorry to have missed your comment :) I know exactly which charm you mean but I don’t have a picture of it myself. I will try and track one down. Congrats on having such a rare charm! <3

  7. Hi, i have the Family Ties charm in 14k gold. Do you have any idea how much its worth? I see the silver family ties bead for sale but not the gold.

    • Hi Donna, I’m afraid I’m not sure at all what you could ask for that one. It’s incredibly rare, as you say, and I cannot recall having seen one for sale. There is one on eBay right now listed for £1,650 – but of course, that is just what someone is asking for it. It does not mean that they will get that much for it. Sorry I can’t be of more help. :)

  8. Hi,
    I have a stardust murano, but I’m looking to get another. Any idea where is selling and for how much?

    • Hi Lottie! There were a few UK stores selling the Stardust murano in the sales, but they all look to have sold out now unfortunately. :( I am not aware of anywhere else, but I’ll keep an eye out. They do appear on the US shopping site Rue La La from time to time as well when they run Pandora sales. :)
      If not, you can always try the Pandora FB selling groups (e.g. Pandora’s Angels, Pandora’s Tribe) to see if anyone is selling one there.

    • Hi! Lucky you on having a Holy Grail :) I’m actually not too much of an expert when it comes to predicting prices for rare charms on the secondhand market, I’m afraid. Charms like yours are hard to quantify as they come up so rarely and the price they go for in the end depends a lot on the condition of the charm. Perhaps join a Pandora selling page and see if you can find out what previous Holy Grails have gone for? :)

  9. What a beautiful site, im very new to Pandora, i had my first bracelet at Christmas 2015. Its full to the brim with sparkly charms, i wanted something very pretty and girly. Ive since purchased a bangle and ive made a start on that too although ive kinda lost my direction with it. For years there were two charms i wanted, sounds silly really that the mouse in the teacup could start an addiction to all things beautiful. My other charm i wanted was the viking, dont ask me why, i just found him cute. Im suprised he isnt on your list as i struggled to find one………..its my 50th birthday in march just a week before the spring collection is launched. Guess where i will be spending my birthday money………thank you for having me here i will be a regular visitor

    • Hi, thank you! :D Glad to hear you like the sparkles, Pandora have certainly made a lot of glittering charms in recent years. The Viking & Mouse in the Cup charms are so cute and lovely plain silver designs. Nice choices! ^^ The Viking should be on this list, I will have to update it. There are a lot of charms that have become HTF in recent years.
      Glad to hear you’ll be reading often! <3 Thanks for commenting. :D

      • Looking forward to reading the upated list, im so excited that the little viking guy will be on it. Im not so sure he fits into my collection so for the time being he will remain in his box , he was my bargin buy i only paid £15 for him

  10. Great site! I have a question, please. I know Jared Jewelers has exclusive charms. Do you know of any other stores that have their own charms? I tried to ask Pandora, and couldn’t get an answer.

  11. Hello
    I am quite new to Pandora.Finding it all so new and at the same time addicting.Wondering if the martini /cocktail glass with gold is. Rare htf expensive charm in your opinion.thanks Tina

  12. Hello,

    We have the 2011 Black Friday charm, the 2014 Black Friday charm, as well as the 2015 club charm. We often carry hard to find charms here at the Pandora outlet store. There are a couple other hard to find charms that we currently have in store that are not on this photo list. Such as the silver with 14k gold and pink sapphire, the blue sapphire birthday bloom for September, and the Virgo cameo dangle. Feel free to call with any questions or items you may have on your wish list. We can ship any retired items for a $20 shipping fee! Store phone number is 571-572-3420, ask for any manager on duty.

  13. Hi Mora, I have a Blue Primrose Path charm purchased recently from an online retailer. It has the Pandora stamp 925 ALE and thread – where I screwed it onto the bracelet. I was wondering if you would be able to cast a second pair of eyes onto them for authenticity please? Many Thanks

  14. i have several of these rare pandoras randers frog family ties the puzzle charms winiper and primrose path in blue

  15. Hello – I was wondering if you could please advise me where the hallmark is on the limited edition Family Edition charm that was released in Denmark for chatity? Please help.

    Thank you,

  16. I have what I believe to be a staff charm that I would like more info on. It’s a silver heart that says stronger together on one side and 2013 on the other with ofcourse s925 and ale on the top. Can you help?

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