Today’s post offers a review of another charm from Pandora’s Christmas 2013 collection: the new Mittens charm. This was my first Christmas present of the year – my boyfriend and I have a tradition where we go and visit the German market that comes to our town every year. We go in the evening, when it’s dark, get hot chocolate and wander around the stalls – then I get an early Christmas present. This year, it was the new Mittens charm. It’s a tradition that works very well for me, I must say! ;)

The mittens are a great representation of the winter season, without being overtly Christmassy. The style of this charm is a little ‘cute’ – but not in an over the top way. I said in my review of the Christmas collection that they were the ‘perfect way to do cute’, and I stand by that ;) The detailing on them is simple, but very pretty.

pandora mittens close up

The mittens are not attached to each other. Instead, they sit on either end of a chain that slips through the loop on the dangle. (See the picture below). This does mean that they slip around on the chain quite freely – the red hearts are sometimes facing inwards and sometimes facing outwards. It doesn’t matter which way round you put the charm on the bracelet; they just do their own thing ;)

Pandora Mittens

The enamel is more of a reddish pink than a red. This suits me just fine, as I love pink, but if you’re expecting red – well, don’t! The colour is quite subtle as well, meaning that the mittens won’t interfere with your colour scheme. For example, I have my Mittens charm on my oxidised bracelet, which has a decidedly purple theme on it.

The top of the charm that sits on the bracelet is also a bit thicker than on most Pandora dangles (what is that bit of a charm called!). It’ll take up a bit more space on your bracelet than your average dangle. I’ve included a comparison of the Mittens Dangle with a regular-sized, so that you can see the difference in size.

Pandora Zodiac Dog

All in all, I’m in love with this charm. It manages to summon up not just the cold season of winter, but also the warmth and comfort of wrapping up to go out and face the snow.

Are you a fan of this charm? :)

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