Pandora Christmas Charms

Today’s post gets into the swing of the holdiay season with a rundown of my top ten Pandora Christmas charms. Personally, I think Pandora have outdone themselves this year with their new Christmas 2013 range: they are simply stunning! Consequently, you’ll see quite a few bits and pieces from the latest collection in my list. :)

1. Reindeer Dangle

pandora reindeer dangle

I have been waiting for a reindeer charm from Pandora! Some may be disappointed that he has arrived as a pendant charm, but I personally adore him. It would be nice, however, to see a reindeer charm in the future that sports a little red enamel nose, or even a little gold one.

2. Gingerbread Man


This little charm, released for Christmas last year, proved instantly popular. Well, it’s no surprise, as he’s so darn cute. Pandora have released an enamel angel this year, in a similar style; however, I don’t think it quite touches the adorableness of this charm.

3. Two-Tone Sled

pandora sleigh

Pandora have updated their sled design for Christmas 2013. The delicacy of the details in this piece is just exquisite and it’s much an improvement on the original garnet sleigh. The little two-tone bear on the sled may remind you of something – he’s just like the limited edition Mother’s Day bear that was released earlier this year!

4. Twinkle Twinkle Clip

Pandora twinkle clip

The subtle spread of cubic zirconia across this clip makes it the perfect option if you want to add just a hint of festive sparkle to your bracelet. This is one of my favourite clips that Pandora have made, ever.

5. CZ Christmas Tree

pandora christmas tree

While I do very much like Pandora’s original Christmas Tree charm, I think this new version just pips it – the sprinkling of cubic zirconia give it that bright, glittering look that all Christmas trees should have.

6. Stocking

pandora stocking

(Relatively) Inexpensive, the stocking is a beautiful charm. I love all the detailing on the little toys within the stocking: it includes a little candy cane, trumpet, teddy and doll.

7Blue Pavé Lights

blue pave lights

Last year was my first Christmas release with Pandora, and I now can’t help but associate their range of pavé charms with Christmas! They just instantly summon up that exciting holiday feeling for me. Festive and sparkling, these are the perfect charms to add a bit of glitter to a Christmas-themed bracelet.

8. Fairy


This little fairy looks just like the one on top of your tree! With her sweet face and little gold heart, the Pandora fairy is a lovely charm to represent the magical feeling of the holidays.

9. Drum


This gorgeous drum charm reminds me of the Christmas carol, Little Drummer Boy. Its themes of music and celebration also just fit into the general holiday feeling. The charm is retired now, but you may still be able to find stocks at your local retailer.

10. Snowflake


This classic Pandora charm is a charming representation of the winter season. Its subtle blue colour also means that it will go with most bracelet colour schemes.

Have I missed anything? What are your favourite Christmas charms? :) Are any of these on your wishlist for the holidays?

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