Today brings a more personal post – an overview of my hard to find charms collection! I personally really enjoy looking at the rare pieces that other people have collected and, while there’s nothing super rare in my collection, I thought I’d share my own.

My Ugly Duckling was my first retired charm; my boyfriend surprised me with him! He is part of the Hans Christian Andersen collection; I’m still looking for the Princess and the Pea to go with him, but no luck as of yet.

Pandora Retired Swan

He features the oxidised detail that is characteristic of many early Pandora designs. I have to say, however, that he does spend a lot of time upside down – it’s impossible to get him to stay the right way up!

I got the Hong Bao charm from a concept store in Paris. I didn’t know that they were being sold in Europe, so it was a nice surprise to find it there. The sales assistant seemed quite surprised that it was there too, as he couldn’t find it in the catalogue to ring it up. ;)

Pandora Chinese Money Bag

My Purple Zebra murano I got back when it was first released in the UK, from Argento. You do still see these around, from time to time – they’re still available on Beadazzle, for example (although Beadazzle don’t ship outside of the UK, ofc).

Pandora Limited Edition

I also got the Bear My Heart limited edition charm. It’s not really all that limited, but I suppose it counts!

Pandora Limited Edition bear

The Mushroom and the Dinosaur I picked up in the Unforgettable Moments sale this summer for very good prices!

Pandora Toadstool

Pandora Toadstool

My boyfriend teases me for getting the Dino – back when he was available, I was always perplexed as to why someone would want such a ‘boy’ charm. As soon as he was retired, he shot to the top of my wish list, of course. ;) I’ve come to my senses and realised exactly how darn cute he is! The Dinosaur is still available from Perlen, but I don’t know of any sites that sell the Mushroom still.

Pandora Dragon

I’m also going to include  my Sea Glass murano in this post – while it is widely available in the US, it’s not available anywhere else in the world. I got this one when I was on holiday in Antigua this summer.

Pandora Sea Glass Purple

I love the little bubbles that hug the core of this charm; they make it sparkle beautifully whenever the sun hits it.

As you can see, it’s a pretty small collection of exclusive charms that I have currently. I do have other retired pieces – such as the Pink Candy Stripe murano –  but none of them are particularly sought after. For a full overview of all hard to find charms, see my post here

I get quite distracted by new releases and the temptation of buying in store, and so I don’t do enough research online! ;) I do have a little wish list of exclusive charms that I’d like to get my hands on some day; however, I’m happy to acquire them over time.

I’d love to get:

  • the Christ charm
  • the 2011 BF Midnight Hearts charm
  • the Princess and the Pea
  • the Perfume Bottle
  • the retired Mouse
  • the retired Ram

From now on, whenever I get a new HTF charm (she says, optimistically!), I’ll just post a little review of it to show you what it looks like and what I think of it.

Which HTF charms do you have in your collection? Which are next on your hit list? ;)

12 Comments on My Retired and Limited Edition Pandora Charms Collection

  1. I know a Dutch online shop where they still have the prinses and the pea charm, I could get it for you but their would be shippingcosts.

  2. I found the three kings silver charm with 14k gold . I remember you say it s limited charm. But i m not sure if i m right ?

  3. Hi Ellie, I have been following your blog for a little over a year now. Writing you for the first time. The first limited charm was the Bear my Heart. I found it on sale in an outlet last year. When I saw it I remembered I read about it in your blog, so I got it for my I’m-having-a-baby-boy bracelet. My husband laughed at me, when I got all excited and saying your exact words: It’s not really all that limited.? And today I obtain the rare Staff Charm. I was sooo excited..!! I have always thought if or when I get it I would immediately set it up for sale (so I could get more charms from the money ?) And also because it doesn’t really style with what I have, but now it’s kinda growing on me..and I might just consider keeping it..and also the idea that it’s one of the rarest charm. Do you have any idea how many have been handed out? Was it staff all over the world or just a few countries?

    Thank you for all your lovely posts and congrats on your engagement.? Hope you have a great time planning your wedding.

    Greetings from The Netherlands ??

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