Alexander Jewellery, an online UK retailer, is offering up to 50% off discontinued Pandora products. Bargains include many muranos for £19 (RRP £30); gold muranos for £75 (RRP £150) and the popular two-tone initial charms for £49 (RRP £95). This post comes thanks to a tip-off by one of the blog’s readers, Louise – thank you for drawing my attention to it!

Click here to access the sale! *EDIT* The way that the retailer’s website is constructed means that I can’t link directly to the sale, as strange things happen: once you are on the site, click the ‘Pandora’ tab and you’ll see the offers. :)


The sale is set to last indefinitely, so it offers some great bargains for Christmas shopping before the 25th, or for spending any Christmas money afterwards. ;)

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10 Comments on Promotion Alert: Pandora Sale at UK Retailer

  1. Hi! If anyone can find the silver and gold initial charm with the letter ‘J’ for half price that would be amazing it’s for my newborn son James :) I can see loads of half price letters just no J’s xxx

    • Hi Louise, congratulations on your new baby! You must be so excited. :) I’ve looked for you on all the discount sites I’m aware of but can’t find the letter ‘J’. :( have you tried any of the Facebook selling pages? You might be able to find one there. :)
      Ellie x

  2. Unfortunately the link takes me to the website but then it changes to a ‘safe’ version and none of the links work – they just take me to the Mora Pandora ‘error’ page. I’m not sure if this is what everyone else sees or if its my computer?

    Shame :(

    • I’m sorry that you’re having problems! :( It doesn’t happen to me when I use Chrome or Firefox, but I’ve just tried it using Internet Explorer and I see the problem. It does seem to be a hiccup specifically with this retailer’s website.
      I got it to work again by clearing my browser’s cookies/history and trying the links again. Perhaps you could try this? :)

    • I’ve also changed the link to just go to the website’s homepage, which seems more stable. It should (touch wood) be working now!

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