Today I’m going to be reviewing the Black Friday Pandora charm for 2013, Let It Snow. This charm was released especially for Black Friday in the US, and is not available in any other markets.


I did say that I wouldn’t be getting this release… but somehow my budget managed it, haha. A lovely lady in the US helped me out, and it finally arrived on Friday the 13th! Unlucky for some, but not for me. ;)

Pandora Black Friday 2013

This charm is simply lovely. It is has a delicate and elegant feel. It has a sparkle that is beautiful, not blingy: it emulates more the shimmer of sunlight on snow rather than encrusted jewellery. I think, of the pavé openworks that have debuted this season, such as the Winter Wisp and Birds of a Feather, this is undoubtedly the prettiest.

Pandora Let It Snow Black Friday 2013 Pandora Let It Snow Black Friday 2013

I also had that strange thing where the charm seems smaller than I expected. We’re so used to seeing big, close-up pictures of charms on our screens that, when we finally see it in person, it seems so small and delicate.

The date on this charm is very small and hard to see, which I think pleases both those who wanted the date included and those who didn’t.

Pandora Black Friday 2013 ALE

However, if you look on the other side of the charm, there is no ‘ALE’ hallmark opposite. Consequently, I’m not actually sure where the hallmarks are on this charm. Brownie points for anyone who can tell me!

The Box

I’m also thrilled with the cute little box it came in – we don’t get that sort of thing in the UK, so I’m very excited to finally have one of the LE boxes! ;)

Limited Edition Pandora Box

For this release, the box is inscribed with ‘Limited Edition’, emphasising the special status and collectability of this charm – a very nice touch!


As the charm mostly consists of a clear pavé effect, it is a versatile release and can suit a number of colour schemes. It’s quite delicate, and I found that placing it next to detailed or chunky silver charms diminished its effect. I liked it best next to something with colour: I love it next to the purple Effervescence/Fizzle murano, for example, as they really bring out the sparkle in each other.

I have put the charm on my oxidised bracelet, which is sort of doubling as my Christmas bracelet.

Pandora Black Friday 2013

Almost all of my Autumn and Winter purchases have ended up on this bracelet, coincidentally. It’s getting pretty full! I’m planning on another clear pavé charm to go opposite the Black Friday charm.


This is my favourite Black Friday release from Pandora so far. It matches the rest of the Winter 2013 release perfectly: especially the Winter’s Kiss pendant. I’m thrilled to actually own this year’s Black Friday release: a first for me!

However, the loveliness of this charm does make me think that it’s a shame that it’s not available to other regions. It would nice to see each region with its own limited edition release each year: it’s hard to have to sit out on the excitement each year. ;)

And that concludes my coverage of this year’s Black Friday release. Did you purchase this charm? How do you think it compares to Pandora’s previous Black Friday charms? :)

6 Comments on Review: Let It Snow, Black Friday Charm 2013

  1. je suis française et fan de ce black friday charm mais malheureusement je ne pourrai JAMAIS l’avoir en ma possession.c’est injuste

    • Hi Déborah, we don’t get it in the UK either. :( This is the first Black Friday charm I’ve ever managed to get. It would be nice if Pandora released limited edition charms for other regions as well!

  2. I have this beautiful charm but worry that it is too fragile for every day wear. Seems like it would crush. Any thoughts?

    • Hi Beth, I’ve been wearing this charm regularly since December, and I’ve had no problems with it. I’ve not heard of anyone else having any issues, either. The design might be quite delicate, but the charm itself doesn’t seem fragile at all. I don’t think you need to worry about damaging it; they’re designed to be worn a lot! :)

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