Exciting news again today, as pictures have emerged online purporting to be from the Pandora Summer 2014 collection.  The colours for summer this year seem to be turquoise, and also orange – not an easy colour for me to incorporate into my collection, but certainly a summery shade.

The Collection

Two orange muranos have been revealed. The first is a new shade of the Fascinating muranos series, with faceted glass.

pandora summer 2014The second features more flowers, with white petals and yellow centres. This definitely has an exotic, holiday feel to it!

pandora summer 2014

Next, continuing the exotic holiday theme, we have a bejewelled flamingo, with pink cubic zirconia adorning the top of it.

pandora summer 2014

Complementing the flamingo, we have a new seahorse charm in turquoise. It also features blue CZ around the base, and blue enamel detailing on the charm itself.

pandora summer 2014

On a different theme, we have a whimsical little windmill charm.

pandora summer 2014 windmill

There will also be a pretty abstract charm, studded with cubic zirconia. It’s nice, but quite similar to other charms arriving this year.
summer 2014 pretty

There will also be an orange version of the new cord bracelets.

pandora summer 2014 cord bracelet

Finally, we have a campaign image of a couple of bracelets, which reveal a number of new charms for Summer 2014. The picture highlights the beachy, Hawaiian theme, with its bright blue and turquoise colour scheme.

pandora summer 2014 turquoise

In the image, we can see:

  • a new light blue version of the popular Pavé Lights series
  • a dangle seahorse, studded with blue cubic zirconia
  • a new turquoise murano
  • a new geometric charm, studded with blue cubic zirconia
  • and a new blue cord bracelet.

My Comment

Pandora seem to be continuing their trend of designing their collections to the seasons – this is very clearly a summer-themed collection.We’re also seeing a continuation of their trend of adding lots of cubic zirconia accents to the majority of the charms debuting.

I have to say, the only charm that I particularly like is the little windmill charm – it’s very cute. However, the orange muranos are nice, particularly as orange has been under-represented in Pandora’s collections lately!

What do you think of this sneak peak? How does it compare to Spring? Let me know!

*UPDATE* More pictures are now available here.

12 Comments on Breaking News: Sneak Peek at Pandora Summer 2014 Collection!

      • I’m glad I got the gold seahorse charm as it is retiring. I guess this new seahorse was the reason. It look too childish in the photos but maybe in real life could be classy.

        • The original seahorse is a lovely charm – as it is, I think it’s much prettier than the new one. However, like you say, it’s a good idea to reserve judgement until we see the charms in person – I’ve often been pleasantly surprised!

  1. I’m loving it!! My bracelet is summer 2013 themed. I will definitely be getting the turquoise pave charm for my bracelet and I want the earrings as well!!…….the orange daisy murano is darn pretty( the flamingo as well) but I need to stick w/ my teal color theme….also loving the new seahorse! (I already have the gold seahorse and I think both are so pretty)

    • Yay! Glad you like them! :) It definitely fits in nicely with last year’s summer collection. I love teal as a colour scheme!

  2. I’m not too excited about this collection. The only thing I will possible get is maybe 2 of the orange faceted murano. I think orange will look beautiful with my two tone bracelet. I currently have the faceted white muranos. I also agree with Momo Pinkie, to me both the flamingo & seahorse charms look like something for a child’s Charm bracelet. But yes maybe in person they will look better.
    I must say that i am pretty disappointed that Pandora has not been adding very many two tone charms. :-(

    • The response overall to this collection has been rather mixed – I’ll admit that I’m not overly keen on it. Orange and two tone sounds amazing; I’ve never seen that done before, so you’ll have a pretty unique bracelet. ^^
      I’m not always a fan of adding lots of cubic zirconia to charms; I think it cheapens the flamingo and seahorse charms here. I also miss the two tone! :( It’s so elegant. However, it does look like Pandora are scaling back on gold and gemstones and going for cubics and enamel accents instead. It’s a different direction to their old stuff, for sure.

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