Today brings a detailed review of one of the new charms released for Valentine’s Day 2014: the new Love Note. I did say that I wouldn’t be getting any of the new Pandora Valentine’s Day collection – however, I hadn’t accounted for my OH, who surprised me yesterday with the new Love Note charm. He allowed me an hour with it to take some pictures for the blog. ;) Now it’s been smuggled away until the 14th of February! To see a full overview of the Valentine’s collection, click here.

The Love Note dangle is a miniature Valentine’s Day card, featuring a pretty circle of roses at the top. The charm is undoubtedly beautiful and feminine, but also has a sense of fun in the fact that it actually opens. I think that little touch of irony stops it being overly saccharine, and makes it a really fun celebration of February the 14th.


The back features a more simple design, with a little heart and arrow. I’m pleasantly surprised – at the moment, the trend from Pandora has been to put their logo on the underside of charms, but the Love Note is absent of any overt branding.
pandora valentines 2014

Of course, the charm is fully articulating and opens to reveal a little message inside. You can click it shut to stop it opening but, when it is open, it doesn’t swing open and shut too easily. Also, while this may differ from charm to charm, it was relatively easy to prise open.

pandora valentines 2014

The writing inside reads ‘To my dear Valentine, Will you be mine’.


This isn’t necessarily a drawback, but the charm does not have a threaded core. This means that it will just slide off your bracelet when it’s open, unless you have another charm or clip in place to stop it doing so. I suppose that Pandora were trying to keep the costs down, what with it being fully articulated etc.

The other thing is that the charm has a beautiful polished silver surface – however, to open it, you have to basically put your fingers all over it. The smudges show up very clearly!


To showcase the charm, I’ve created a mini Valentine’s Day themed bracelet. I’ve opted for a soft pink and white theme, as a more subtle complement to the brighter pinks that Pandora have opted for this year. I’ve included two of my favourite heart charms, as well – the Language of Love charm I received from my boyfriend a week or so ago to celebrate our anniversary. ^^

pandora love note 2014

pandora valentines 2014

Charm Index (from left to right)

  1. Key to My Heart
  2. Crazy Clip
  3. Pink Looking Glass murano
  4. Love Note
  5. White Looking Glass murano
  6. Crazy Clip
  7. Language of Love


Since seeing the Valentine’s 2014 collection in person, it has really grown on me, and this charm is most definitely a highlight. The fact that it opens makes it a little bit different and, in a way, it is a more subtle option when compared to the bright pink cubic zirconia that characterise much of the collection. The script on the charm is pretty and elegant, and I think it’s a very nicely done charm – the detailing is excellent.

The Love Note retails for £35 in the UK and $50 in the US.

Is this charm on your wish list for Valentine’s Day? How do you think it compares to the rest of the new collection? Let me know! :)

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  1. My husband is travelling this week and I have subtly (ok maybe not so subtly) suggested this charm would be a great VD present.

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