After all the excitement over the upcoming collections for 2014, today’s post looks at all the charms that will be leaving Pandora’s Moments collection this year!  I published a list of retired charms for the UK a little while back; this list encompasses charms that will be retired in all markets – and it’s a big list! All the charms listed here will no longer be produced by Pandora at all, and will not be available in any region. Most Pandora stores will be sending their retired stock back to Pandora HQ, but you should check with your store to see if they will be keeping any retired stock.

I’ve organised the charms into categories – the list itself is pretty long and it’s hard to actually see what’s there!

First up is the teal smooth triple leather bracelet. This was announced as a limited edition soon after it was released – apparently, there were production issues with this colour of the smooth leather bracelets.

pandora teal triple wrap

There aren’t too many gold charms retiring this season – however, a large proportion of the gold muranos are up for the chop. There are certainly more gold charms leaving the collection than are being introduced, and I wonder what the future is for Pandora’s gold collection.

pandora retirement mora pandora

There aren’t too many two tone charms being axed, either, and some of these had already been retired here in the UK. I’m sad to see the Stella charm go, which is a beautiful and unique-looking piece (although it suffers from the same loss of oxidation problem as the oxidised bracelet).

pandora 2014 retirement part 1 two tone charms

Only a small number of clips are retiring – the only one I’m sad to see go is the beautiful pink sapphire Double Heart clip. I have these on my fairy tale bracelet, and they are stunning!

pandora 2014 retirement part 1 clips

A number of charms with stones are going, as many with cubic zirconia as with genuine gemstones. The cabochon charms are lovely pieces, and it’s a shame that they’re going – however, I always thought they were very expensive for what they were (£60 here in the UK, which translates to roughly $100 USD!). The same goes for the onyx and agate Forget Me Not charms; I own the agate version, and it’s so pretty in person.

pandora 2014 retirement part 1 gemstones

Enamel is still popular at Pandora, and only a handful of enamel charms are retiring.

pandora 2014 retirement part 1 enamel

There are a lot of muranos being retired this season and, hopefully, it means that we’ll be seeing some more intricate and exciting designs from Pandora to replace them. Pandora’s glasswork is ever-improving, and it’s not surprising to see them retiring some of their older designs to make way for their new and improved designs.

pandora 2014 retirement part 1 murano glass

One thing that I’ve noticed about Pandora’s dangle collection is that there are a lot of pearl pendants! Pandora have obviously noticed too, as three of them are due to be retired. This still leaves a surprising number of pearl pendant charms to choose from, however. ;) I’m not surprised to see the lovely butterfly cameo pendant go, either – it’s pretty far removed from Pandora’s increasingly modern aesthetic.

pandora 2014 retirement part 1 dangles

Finally, a great number of lower-priced silver charms are leaving the collection. A number of them have been replaced, or will be, by updated versions – the Santa charm has been re-designed in enamel, for example, and a new Pineapple, studded with cubic zirconia, is due out with the Summer 2014 collection. I suspect that the profit margins are greater on charms with cubic zirconia and enamel accents. It’s a shame that all the Halloween charms are going, and I hope that it indicates that Pandora are going to be coming out with a new Halloween series this autumn! The Pumpkin is so popular here in the UK that I’d be surprised if they didn’t replace it with something.

pandora 2014 retirement part 1 silver charms

And that’s it! What do you think of the first retirement of 2014? Is there anything you’re sad to see go? Let me know! :)

9 Comments on Global Pandora 2014 Retirement List

  1. I’m sad that they are retiring the two tone dangles. The high heel shoe, the seahorse, the cross, and especially the martini. I think the martini is absolutely adorable. I just haven’t gotten around to buying it yet. But now that I know it’s retiring I will have to move it to the top of my list!

    Also I hope they make a prettier strawberry to replace the one they are retiring. I never liked this one.

    • They are really gorgeous pieces, but I think that they are too high ticket for Pandora’s current marketing strategy – Pandora seem to be focusing more on ‘affordable’ pieces now. Lots of beautiful charms are going; it’s sad to see.
      I actually really like the strawberry! I got it last year when Andy Murray won Wimbledon. ^^ But I’d still like to see a re-design, if this one is retiring.

      • I think you are right about the issue with the pricing. That is why I have not bought the martini because I believe it’s $175! That, however, worries me because I LOVE gold but it is so expensive so what I do is buy two tone charms and buy lots of small gold spacers and spread them out throughout my bracelet. The combination of solid gold spacers and two tone charms is beautiful. I hope they do not stop making two tone charms. :-(

  2. I just got my first bracelet and really wanted the witch since I love Halloween and Salem, MA. I’m glad I was able to get the jack o’ lantern, though.

    • Congrats on your first bracelet! ;) I have the pumpkin too, it’s very cute. It’s a shame to see the Halloween charms go – I’d be surprised if they weren’t replaced eventually.

  3. Do you happen to have a 2015 retirement list? I’ve seen some posted on the web but I I much prefer getting my pandora news here

    • Hi Danielle, I am working on a post on it – sorry it’s a bit late, I’ve been a bit busy lately! :) It’s so nice to hear you enjoy reading your news here, though – I’ll have it up for you soon.

  4. Just wondering.. is there a way I can get a list of retired accessories like chains and earrings anywhere around? I recently purchased a chain (enamel flower chain) but can’t find any information anywhere..I did come across an ebay post. Nothing else. Please advise. Thanks in advance

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