Following from my Mother’s Day 2014 preview yesterday, today brings a full preview of the Pandora Summer 2014 collection with some high quality stock images! The Summer 2014 collection, entitled Tropical Paradise, embraces a vibrant, tropical theme, featuring orange and teal as its primary colours – nice and bright for summer. The release date for this collection published by one Pandora retailer is the 28th of May, but I don’t have official confirmation on that yet. The release date is now confirmed by Pandora as the 28th of May! Click here to see live images of the Summer 2014 charms from a Pandora collection preview in Thailand!

Amongst the images I’ve uncovered are also two previously-unseen charms; they weren’t listed in the US catalogue for Summer 2014, so I’m not sure whether these will be seeing a US release or not.

pandora summer 2014 turquoise

The Collection

This first section contains the two previously-unseen charms. First up is a new version of the Eiffel Tower pendant with a little gold heart attached to it – this Parisian dangle was the only image listed, so I don’t know if any of the other dangles in the National Icon series are getting the same treatment.

Secondly, we have what looks to me like a new Australia charm, featuring a kangaroo and stars. The stars represent the Southern Cross constellation, while the kangaroo represents Australia’s national iconic animal. This could possibly be a replacement for the failed Australia charm that was due to be released in Autumn 2013.

pandora summer 2014 around the world watermarked

The orange colour scheme suits tropical themes well, with a rather resplendent flamingo and a beautiful tropical orange version of the Spring 2014 Field of Daisies charm.

pandora summer 2014 orange watermarked

To complement the orange charms, we have a set of teal charms; I personally prefer these as I think that they are a bit more versatile.pandora summer 2014 teal watermark

Also debuting for Summer 2014 are another series of cubic zirconia pendants, similar to the alphabet pendants being released for Spring 2014. These, however, represent various values such as peace, faith, protection and love. Although, as many collectors have noted, a lucky horseshoe is meant to be pointing up, and not down!pandora summer 2014 symbols watermarked 2

Finally, we have a collection of silver charms. The Pineapple charm gets an update with sparkling cubic zirconia, while the Windmill and Lucky Penny charms are adorably whimsical. pandora summer 2014 misc watermarked


There will also be one accompanying ring coming out with the Summer 2014 collection:

pandora tropical paradise

My Comment

As I’ve previously said, summer releases usually aren’t quite as much to my taste; I don’t tend to wear bright colours. The use of bright cubic zirconia accents also put me off somewhat.

However, I do really like teal as a colour scheme, as it’s a much more versatile summer colour. I also absolutely adore the new Paris dangle with the gold heart – unfortunately, I already own the original plain silver version! :( I like the two tone version much more, so I’m a bit stuck there. ;) Also among my favourites are the Windmill and the Lucky Penny, which have a quirky aesthetic that appeals to me!

For those of you who didn’t like previous previews of the summer collection, have the higher quality stock images changed your mind? Will you be buying any of these charms?

14 Comments on Preview: Complete Pandora Summer 2014 Collection with HQ images

  1. I love the new Paris charm!! However I can’t think of a reason to get it except that it’s sooo cute. I also like the symbol pendants.

    • Orange has definitely been under-represented in Pandora’s collections; they retired lots of orange beads previously, so it’s good to have some new designs!

  2. The stars on the Australia charm is the southern cross stars. Southern Cross is a constellation (group of stars) that is found in the southern hemisphere. The kangaroo is our national iconic animal.

  3. Wow. I really really like the orange Tropical flower…. as well as the Australia charm… tee heee~ very bad for my wallet…

    • It is beautiful, isn’t it? I don’t even usually like orange pieces and I love this one! Hopefully we’ll have some more confirmation soon as to what exactly is up with that Australia charm. :D

    • It’s a shame! I don’t know why Pandora NA decided not to release them. :( It’s rare that the US & Canada don’t get the full collection. Maybe you could try getting it online?

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