After the exciting news that Pandora collectors in the US will be treated to a Pandora sale from Rue La La, readers in the UK will be happy to know that the British sample sale site ACHICA are hosting their own Pandora sale this Thursday!

pandora sale

The sale will start at 6.30am GMT on Thursday the 20th; so you’ll have to be up bright and early to snag the best deals!

Much like Rue La La, ACHICA is a shopping website that specialises in discounts on designer products. You can expect to see discounted stocks of retired Pandora charms and pieces in the sale.

ACHICA is members-only, but you don’t need an invite to join. If you sign up with my code, however, you’ll get a £10 voucher from ACHICA. You can simply sign up with your e-mail address and get shopping!

Delivery Restrictions

Buyers should bear in mind that ACHICA does not ship to the following countries: the USA, Switzerland, Norway Romania, Greece or the Canary Islands.

My Comment

Hopefully we will see some of the newly-retired Pandora charms in this sale too; I still have my eye on some of the charms leaving the collection this year!

Will you be buying anything from one of these sales? :)

13 Comments on Promotion Alert: ACHICA Pandora Sale for the UK

  1. May be tempted – although not that early! I bought some sale items from republic of jewels a while back – got a gold angel for £85 plus a couple other bits!!

    • Haha, I love Pandora but there’s very little in the world that will make me get up earlier than I have to. ;) The ROJ sale was amazing – I got the LE Sparkling Zodiac Snake for £12, which I was pretty thrilled with. I wonder if we’ll see a sale as good as that again!

      • Yeah I did go a bit mad on that sale, I also got the enamel charm with little black hearts, and my Oxidizes bracelet…! My bracelet was an amazing buy, so thrilled with it, looks great with my black leather double wrap. I originally had the silver angel but when I saw the gold one I thought there is no way I will get another chance to buy a gold one, so had to be done. :-)

        • I’m extremely envious of the oxidised bracelet – I so nearly went for that too, but managed to convince myself that I didn’t need any more bracelets… and have regretted it ever since. ;) It sounds like you got an amazing haul! :)

  2. Hi Ellie,
    Did you manage to get anything in the sale? The website has been a nightmare! I did like the purple petals charm but when I saw the £5 delivery I changed my mind! Sometimes I think I buy things just because they are cheap.

    • Hi Sarah,
      No! :( I have been checking back regularly but I still haven’t been able to get into the sale at all. It’s very frustrating!
      Haha, I’m definitely guilty of that – false economy. ;) The delivery is pretty steep if you’re only looking to buy one or two charms; it works out best if you’re going for something high ticket.
      Hopefully I’ll be able to get on the site soon :/

      • I noticed one charm more expensive than what pandora currently have it for too.
        Fingers crossed ROJ has another sale soon :-)

  3. Hi Ellie
    Can you recommend any sellers on eBay who sell genuine charms? I keep looking but very concerned they are fakes.

    • Hi Sarah, no problem. I can only tell you which sellers I’ve purchased from and received genuine items, but hopefully that should be helpful:
      jfxjewelleryltd, b*jewell*d, jewel-first and collectabead. They all, apart from jewel-first, stock the new collections too.
      You can always ask my opinion too before you buy, although it’s hard to tell 100% on eBay. :)

      • Thanks
        There is a seller called charming888 who look genuine, they are Australia based but mostly free p&p.

        • Yes, I’ve heard good things about them, too! I’ve never actually bought from them, though, but I wouldn’t be worried about doing so.

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