Since the limited edition Pandora Club charm made its debut earlier this month, there’s been a little confusion as to exactly how limited the Club charm is. Some reports have suggested that it is very limited in numbers, while others have suggested that it is merely limited in time. This post offers Pandora’s latest statements on the exclusivity of the charm, which will hopefully clarify the situation a bit.

The other thing I want to do is to suggest some possible ways of styling the Club charm with other charms from Pandora’s collection; I know a lot of people have been a little perplexed as to how to utilise the charm in their collections, as it’s very square and much bigger than most charms form Pandora! To see a full overview of the Club charm, please see my review here!

Image by Mora Pandora - please do not reproduce without credit
Image by Mora Pandora – please do not reproduce without credit

Exclusivity update

There have been rumours circulating that a very limited number of Club charms were made. However, Pandora UK have suggested that the charm is limited in time, and not numbers, and will be sold for all of 2014. Pandora Singapore seem to have confirmed this, releasing a statement reassuring disappointed Singaporean Pandora fans who missed out on the charm that it will be restocked in August 2014.

pandora club charm availability
A statement from Pandora UK – names have been removed

I’m still very happy to have got my Club charm, and it has to be remembered that a lot of hype was inevitably generated by the Pandora fan community itself; Pandora themselves have always been somewhat coy as to exactly how exclusive their limited edition pieces are.


Anywho, I’ve seen a number of posts around the web from people who are having problems fitting the Club charm into their existing collections. It’s a bigger charm than most, and its square shape when closed isn’t the most streamlined. Consequently, I thought I’d offer a couple of ideas as to how you could style the Club charm on your bracelets…

as a focal point

The size of the Club charm means that it is well-suited to being a statement piece/focal point; here, I’ve used it with the new Butterfly Kisses murano, the Sparkling Forest spacers and some other spring-themed charms!

I’d advise putting two spacers either side of the charm, therefore lessening the effect of the harshness of its lines against other charms. Placing the charm next to or near muranos works well, too.

Image by Mora Pandora - please do not reproduce without credit
Image by Mora Pandora – please do not reproduce without credit

next to other bigger charms

I found that I like the Club charm next to larger charms, such as the openworks. Here, I’ve chosen a two tone theme; as the Club charm has a diamond in it, I thought it suited a more opulent setting. ;) I’ve also used the rhodolite Treasured Heart pendant, as it goes beautifully with two tone charms. I’m still sad to see that it’s being retired this year!

I’ve put the Charm next to the large openworks daisy charm on the left, and near the larger Queen of Hearts clip. Neither of them are as large as the Club charm, but they help to detract from its size a little! The idea here is for it to blend nicely into the overall bracelet design, which I think it does.

pandora club charm 2014
Image by Mora Pandora – please do not reproduce without credit

I’ve also included the Pandora Shopping Bag charm on this bracelet, which I think goes very well with the Club charm to represent a love of Pandora!

on its own?

As I’ve said before, the polished silver surface of the Club charm is very prone to scratches. Perhaps using it a a single charm on a bracelet will make it stand out, and prevent it from being scratched by other charms moving around.

This might work best on the Pandora bangle, although you would need to use silicone o-rings to stop the charm moving about, if that bothers you!

pandora club charm 2014
Image by Mora Pandora – please do not reproduce without credit

My Comment

As for me, I haven’t really decided how I will be using the Club charm in my own collection just yet. My latest bracelet project is in its infancy, with only four charms on it – I know that the charm will be on there somewhere, but I don’t know how exactly I’ll style it!

How are you wearing your Club charm? Are you disappointed that it’s perhaps not as exclusive as we first thought?

11 Comments on Pandora Club Charm: an update on its exclusivity, plus tips on styling it!

  1. I am very disappointed that this long awaited charm is bountiful on the internet. Couldn’t wait for the voucher. I have 2 of them bought without a voucher. My jewelry store knew of my voucher and would call me when it came in. Never got a call so I bought it on the internet, one for my bracelet, and another for keepsake in my jewelry box. I hope if there is one next year that they truly make it exclusive.

    • I completely understand – while I love my Club charm, I find it a little baffling that Pandora would allow it to be sold so freely. The Club charm is quite clearly a collector’s item, and more casual Pandora shoppers are probably not going to want it anyway. It seems more logical to keep it feeling special and make it Club-exclusive!
      I hope you enjoy your Club charms anyway, as they are gorgeous pieces!

  2. From a retailer perspective, given that the Pandora Club has literally millions of members, it is not a best use of our time to have to verify eligibility to purchase. In fact, Pandora told us to have any non-members sign up for the Club right there in our store. Again, not the best use of our time. All of that being said, it’s definitely not selling well – many are saying it’s too bulky. In our entire weekend free bracelet event I don’t think we sold more than a couple.

    • Hi, thanks for that – it’s really interesting to hear from a retailer’s perspective! I guess the issue was that it was never going to be very feasible to have retailers check every single shopper’s eligibility; but, in that case, they probably should have played down the importance of the voucher, as it got quite a lot of people excited and over-egged the exclusivity of the charm.
      I expect, if they produce another club charm next year, we’ll be seeing some changes. While I really quite liked it, I know that a lot of dedicated Pandora collectors passed on this one. I did hear that they have sent out a survey to some Club members, asking about their thoughts on the charm – perhaps that suggests that Pandora are a little concerned as to how it’s selling.

  3. Maybe club members should have a card, that’s easily swiped on the till so when we purchase anything it’s quicker and easier, then it saves on the whole voucher / code thing aswell. Would be cool if it was somehow linked to all stores so anyone buying a gift would be able to find out if you have that charm – my husband has duplicated one of mine before, it’s a lovely one and I kept it but would be a good addition to the club thing!
    I thought about getting the club charm, I like the idea of having something that only members can get, but it doesn’t wow me really.

    • Oooh, that’s quite a good idea. :) It could be used for a rewards system too – in some regions they were trialling a ‘buy ten charms, get the eleventh’ free promotion and a Club members’ card would be great for that. It would definitely make people feel more like being in the Club was worth something!

      The Club charm hasn’t been a major success, from what I can tell. People tend to love it or hate it. I guess we’ll have to see what they come up with next year…

  4. I purchased the pandora club charm along with another two additional charm to take advantage of the promotion.I was told that it was being discontinued and I would not be able to return it. I love it, most especially the size.

    • Ah lovely! I absolutely love the club charm – it’s a lot of fun, and I really like the substantial size too although some people have found it hard to style. I’m not sure it has sold all that well though, so I’m wondering whether they’ll make another for next year. I hope so!

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