So, a little while back, I posted an overview of my hard to find (HTF) charms collection. In it, I mentioned that I would feature any other HTF charms that I happened to acquire. Consequently, I’ve decided to introduce a new retired showcase feature to the blog – ‘Retired and Hard to Find’ – wherein I showcase the charms that are most sought-after by Pandora collectors. In it, I’ll give tips on where hallmarks should be on retired charms and how rare they exactly are.

The series kicks off with the retired Mouse charm! I’ve wanted the Mouse for a long time, and so I’m thrilled to finally have him. <3 For some reason I’ve just never got around to hunting him down before.

pandora mouse 790212

Background on the charm

The Mouse charm was retired a long time ago – he doesn’t appear in Pandora catalogues dating from 2005 onwards.  His item number is 790212. This is a shot of the charm listed in a European Pandora catalogue back in 2003 – it’s amazing how different the catalogues looked back then!

pandora retired mouse catalogue
You can see the rest of the catalogue and others at this site

The charm!

Pandora were known initially for doing cute animals, and this charm is no exception. The sweet detailing on his face is, I’m sure, one of the reasons why he remains one of the most sought-after retired charms; his whiskers, nose and ears are simple, but adorable. His eyes have little tear shapes at the bottom of them – kind of like a Cyberman, actually, if anyone gets that reference! ;)

pandora retired mouse 790212

The tail curls up his back, adding a nice bit of detail to the back of the charm, too. My little guy’s been pre-loved, so his ALE markings are quite worn. However, this did mean that I got him at a very reasonable price! He’s extremely difficult to find in new condition. For this charm, the hallmark should be on the back of the head.

pandora rare retired

The charm itself is pretty small compared to the rest of the charms in Pandora’s collection. Additionally, as his head is heavier than the rest of his body, the charm does spend most of its time upside down.

pandora rare retired

Also, while the Mouse is adorably cute, there is a lack of detail in his bottom half that does make Pandora’s decision to retire him understandable – he’s a slightly odd shape, with no paws. He doesn’t match the same level of detail that their charm collection boasts today – one of my favourite things about Pandora’s animal charms are the little paw prints on their feet, or the detail of their feathers. That’s not really present in this charm.


While the Mouse doesn’t really fit with Pandora’s current style any longer, it has enough lovely detailing to make him a collector’s piece. Additionally, the fact that he’s been retired for so long makes him extra special!

Do you have this charm? Or are you looking for it? What’s on your retired wish list?

11 Comments on Retired and Hard to Find: The Pandora Mouse Charm

  1. I was so lucky to have gotten this charm on one of our pages and for a very reasonable price..:) He is one of my favorite retired pieces.. I don’t wear it on a bracelet at all, just want to treasure it for always! My future finds would be the cell phone, the coke bottle, the church, top hat, and the princess and the pea! ?

    • He’s just so cute, isn’t he? I’m also searching for the Princess & the Pea – I’d love that one for my fairy tale bracelet! <3 The Christ charm would be my ultimate retired buy, it's just so, so pretty!
      I'm happy to wear my mouse as he came to me already very pre-loved, but I usually wear my charms anyway. :)

  2. I love this mouse! I started watching a mouse on eBay yesterday so it’s strange you posted this today! Been comparing the picture to yours today and looks pretty genuine to me.
    I have a bracelet which just has my son’s initials on it and wanted a heart theme going round, but also to include something about them on it. My youngest had a pig obsession so want to find a nice piggy charm. Not sure about the other one, although I love the mouse I’m not sure it’s a match to him lol. Maybe just for me ?

    • Haha, what good timing! The mouse is lovely – I hope you manage to get it, even if it is just for you. ;) I’m glad that the post is useful in that respect, too – it’s good to have something to compare to when buying from eBay.
      In terms of pig charms, I love the zodiac pig dangle – that one is so cute. ^^ I keep considering getting it, even though it doesn’t really mean a lot to me.

  3. I love the retired charms. I bought the mouse last year and added it to my bracelet with the coke can, cell phone, ugly duckling, Christ charm, sideways elephant and fish, and gold strawberry.

    • You have some lovely retired pieces – the Ugly Duckling and the Mouse are two of my favourites. <3 I would absolutely love to own the Christ charm. It's top of my Pandora bucket list but I never seem to catch one at a reasonable price when I can afford it. Hopefully some day! ^^

  4. I have found a place that sell retired Pandora charms and was able to purchase the mouse. They have the fabled Holy Grail of charms the teal pearl dangle. they also have perfume charm, Christ charm which I convinced the jewelry store to hold for me until the following Saturday. He also is searching for me a time bead.

    • Oooh that’s exciting! Is it an independent jewellers? Congrats on finding such an amazing haul, I would love love love to find a Christ charm some day! That’s the Pandora jackpot. ;)

  5. I Have the Indsamling silver feather and black cord that came with it. I bought it from Perlen. I’ve never worn it and would like to sell
    but I don’t know what the current value is. There aren’t any on or .ca right now. How can I find out the value?

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