As the official release date for the Pandora Mother’s Day 2014 draws nearer, the collection is beginning to hit the stores in various regions! Social media is beginning to light up with some great shots of the new collection, showcasing some of its most beautiful pieces.

The collection is slated to make its official debut on the 10th of April, but stores often receive their stock prior to the official date. Retailers in the UK, however, are not allowed to sell before the 10th, so we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see the rest of the Mother’s Day collection. The collection will be trickling into stores from now on, but be sure to call your store to see if they have the new charms in.

The Collection


The Pandora Mother’s Day 2014 collection offers a number of family-themed charms, but also some that are more generally decorative, with pink roses, sparkling bows and lots of hearts. For a full overview of the charms debuting with the Mother’s Day collection, check here, and for all accompanying jewellery pieces, check here.

Live Shots

I am just loving the shots that retailers are posting of the new collection. The Sparkling Bow collection is particularly stunning, especially the rings – maybe this will be my first Pandora ring! You can also see shots of the Shimmering Lace series, the new gold Vintage Heart and two tone Vintage Heart pendant, and the new pink Legacy ring.

I also like this great shot of the packaging for the limited edition Vintage Heart charm in Australia – here in the UK, we didn’t receive anything special to go with it, unfortunately. It looks like the charm will also come with a certificate of purchase.

Image by ugyung325
Image by ugyung325

My Comment

I am bowled over by the new shots of the Sparkling Bow range, and I’m so tempted by one of the rings. The Shimmering Lace collection also looks like it would make amazing statement pieces.

The charm that’s an absolutely must-have for me is the LE Vintage Heart – I have already purchased my pick of the Mother’s Day collection, the Circle of Love pavé heart bangle. You can see a review of this gorgeous piece here.

Will you be purchasing anything from the Mother’s Day 2014 collection?

11 Comments on Pandora Mother’s Day 2014 begins to hit the stores

  1. Gosh! I can’t wait for that collecction to hit the stores! I live in Spain and I couldn’t resist ordering on ROJ two LE Vintage Hearts *___*

    And I so want the ring with the bow and the one made of hearts. Or the earrings that match the Vintage heart… So much to get!

    • Me too! <3 I am falling in love with the silver Sparkling Bow ring, but I think I'll wait until the UK ring promotion in May to indulge – waiting is hard, though… ;)
      I can't blame you for ordering in the Vintage Heart charms – that one is top of my wish list! How are you using them?

      • I’m still waiting to receive them (I hope to have them by Wednesday ^^).
        Here in Spain we barely have any promos, and the ones that we have… Best not to talk about those =[

        • Exciting! ^^ We’re not getting as many promotions here in the UK at the moment either… and the ones we do get are very expensive compared to those in the US. :/ I’m still looking forward to the ring promo here in May, though!

  2. I went today and picked up two purple Cosmic clips and then one of the new plain heart clips to wear alone on my leather double wrap. My store didn’t have the Vintage Heart yet, but when it arrives I will be getting one for my mom and one for myself. :)

    • Oh, lovely! I haven’t seen the Cosmic clips in person yet – I can’t wait for the rest of the collection to be out in UK stores, although we’ve received some of the most exciting pieces from the collection already IMO. I think the Vintage Heart is a lot of people’s favourite! :)

  3. Hi gorgeous! Look what I have done to my Thomas Sabo karma bracelet! :D The other day I have bought the Pandora Mother’s Day set (Memory bracelet with 2 clips) but when I got home, I had difficulty in opening the clasp >,< I then placed the Vintage Heart onto the TS Karma bracelet! LOL Just for half a day only, will still place it back to my Pandora bracelet :P

    • Hi Ann! Haha, how funny! Pandora bracelets can be pretty difficult to open, but I bet your Vintage Heart looked great on the TS bracelet anyway. ;) Congrats on your new Pandora though, I’m sure you’ll soon be opening and closing it just as expertly as the rest of us. ;) It is hard on the nails though haha.

      • Hi Ellie! LOL I just realised that I have utterly forgotten to attach a photo here. Will send you a link of the photo on Monday when I get my laptop back ;) for now I can only use the iPad mini during weekends :(( I still find it hard to open the clasp with my nails so I just bought the clasp opener for MYR211 :) I am currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ;)

        • Hi! Haha, I did wonder if there was a picture missing ;) I look forward to seeing it!
          Oh, good! It can be really tricky to undo, but at least you know it’s fastened securely, too. :) I have a Pandora keyring that they gave away with purchases a while ago – it has a clasp opener on it, which has really saved my nails! ;)
          Ellie x

  4. LOL I am glad that I bought the clasp opener. It can be used on Thomas Sabo karma bracelet clasp too ;) lucky you to have the keyring :D cheers! xoxo, Ann

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