The Pandora Unforgettable Moments Cruise 2014 has begun, and an image has emerged of this year’s exclusive cruise charm. For those who are unaware, Pandora have run an annual cruise for Pandora fans in the US for the past three years. The cruise stops at various locations in the Caribbean, and features workshops on Pandora bracelet design and photography, plus previews of the Summer 2014 collection. The cruise for this year began yesterday, and some great pics from the cruise have been appearing on Twitter (search the hashtag #PandoraCruise).

The Charm

Each year Pandora cruisers are gifted a limited edition charm, exclusive to the Pandora cruise, and Pandora NA have tweeted an image of this year’s.

The charm for 2014 appears to be the Pandora Shopping Bag engraved with ‘CRUISE 2014’ underneath the usual Pandora logo. It also has a gold bow instead of a silver bow!

pandoracruise 2014 charm

You can also see the two previous Pandora cruise charms in the photo – the engraved King Crown charm and the Pandora Cruise Ship charm, which had a gold crown and pink cubic zirconia added to its base.

My Comment

I personally think that last year’s Cruise Ship was a bit more exciting – it had an added touch of gold to make it feel extra special. However, I do absolutely adore the Shopping Bag itself and, if you don’t have it already, I’m sure this is a great charm to commemorate a special Pandora adventure. I totally did not twig that the bow on this charm is gold! That completely changes things – I think it’s adorable, and I’m super jealous! ;)

What do you think of this year’s Cruise-exclusive charm? Would you ever be tempted by the Pandora cruise?

10 Comments on Pandora Cruise Charm 2014 is revealed

    • Me too; I’d love them to do a regular two tone version like this! And yes, the charm is not the only thing I’m jealous of – it’s raining outside here in England, haha.

    • Yes, it’s based in the US and tours the Caribbean. It features lots of Pandora workshops and meet-and-greets etc. This is only the third year that they’ve run it. :)

  1. I did the cruise last year and loved it. I I was scheduled to go this year and cancelled but after seeing the pictures and charm I wish I had gone. Looks like a smaller group went this year. I think I could have ignored a lot of the women that complained during and after the cruise last year.

    • Wow, lucky you – I’d love to be able to go on something like this one day. This year’s charm is my favourite so far, as I love the Shopping Bag… it would be great to have it in two tone! I hadn’t heard that there were complaints; I hope everyone enjoyed it this year.

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