*Updated with new images and information* Breaking news today as pictures emerge of a new rose gold collection entitled Pandora Rose! This appears to be a test product release in a select number of stores in the UK, the US, Australia and Denmark. The collection includes a bracelet with a selection of charms, plus a ring, a pendant and earrings.

The jewellery itself is rose gold-plated and will apparently only be available for ten days.

Image by Angela Hull
Image by Angela Hull


The Pandora Rose collection is described as ‘luminous beauty in pink’, combining:

a unique blend of copper and sterling silver with a layer of 14ct rose gold plating.

The pieces, therefore, are a genuinely ‘pink’ version of silver (thanks to the copper) but also have a plated layer of rose gold.

Pandora Rose Collection

These pictures are used with kind permission of Angela Hull and Michelle Bass, so please do not reproduce them! :) These were taken in Australian stores.

You can see the Pandora Rose bracelet in this shot, which is silver with a rose gold plated clasp.

Image by Michelle Bass - please do not reproduce without credit
Image by Michelle Bass – please do not reproduce without credit

The bracelet is accompanied by a set of Pandora Rose charms:

Image by Angela Hull - please do not reproduce
Image by Angela Hull – please do not reproduce
Image by Michelle Bass - please do not reproduce
Image by Michelle Bass – please do not reproduce

In the subsequent image, you can see the existing charms available in the collection (from right to left):

The Family Forever charm; the Her Majesty spacer; the Light as a Feather openwork; the Pandora Open Your Heart openwork; the Pandora Sparkle of Love; the Love of my Life clips; the Puffy Heart charm; the Pavé Lights.

There are also some unknown pieces: the Crown pendant (in the centre) and two openwork charms (seen to the left of the image).

Image by Angela Hull
Image by Angela Hull

Apparently none of the charms are threaded – although I can’t be 100% about that.

The accompanying ring, pendant and earrings from the Light as a Feather collection are also available in Pandora Rose.

Image by Michelle Bass - please do not reproduce
Image by Michelle Bass – please do not reproduce
Image by Michelle Bass - please do not reproduce without credit
Image by Michelle Bass – please do not reproduce without credit
Image by Michelle Bass - please do not reproduce without credit
Image by Michelle Bass – please do not reproduce without credit

Availability and Pricing

This apparently will be available for only 10 to 14 days in ten stores in four countries: Australia, the US, the UK and Denmark. In Australia, the time limit has been stated to be ten days; in the UK, stores have said two weeks from today.

  • You should be able to purchase this collection in Australia from Pandora Chadstone, Pandora Queen Street or Pandora Pitt Street.
  • In the UK, it will be stocked in their flagship Marble Arch store in London, the Trafford Centre in Manchester and the Lakeside store in Essex.
  • In the US, you can find it in the Pandora store in Annapolis, the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas and in Nashville.

As for pricing, it should be a lot less than the 14 carat gold collection, as it is plated jewellery. In the UK, the bracelet is £60, while the charms start from around £30.

For US readers, check CharmWhore’s comment below for pricing. :)

My Comment

I suspect that these pieces are being trialled potentially as a replacement or to supplement the dwindling 14 carat yellow gold collection. So many gold and genuine gemstone pieces have been retired over the last few years, as Pandora have changed their focus to more affordable pieces, using instead silver, gold accents and more cubic zirconia. Rose gold plating would certainly offer a more affordable option.

Besides, rose gold and pink metals are so fashionable currently that I’m not surprised to see Pandora trialling it in their collections. I personally love rose gold, so I’d be keen to see these in person! :D I’d love a bracelet with a rose gold clasp; but I’d be a bit worried about the longevity of it, if it’s plated.

What do you think of this Pandora Rose trial? Will you be trying to obtain it? Let me know if you have any questions!

34 Comments on Breaking News: Limited Edition ‘Pandora Rose’ Collection

  1. Hi dearie!! At first I was like WOW. But when I saw “14k rose gold plating”, I was like “AWWW!” :(( The main reason I like Pandora charm is because 14k solid gold. Even though I may not afford to get the full piece 14k solid gold charm, I will still consider getting it someday when I have saved enough. Even now, I have stopped buying Rose gold plated TS charms and switched to Pandora Two Tone charms. It’s a good strategy for Pandora to trial it first though. At least it’s good to test the market in the short run ;)) thanks for the breaking news dearie!! cheers!!, xoxo, Ann

    • Hi Ann! I know, I had kind of the same reaction! Plating is a kind of controversial thing with jewellery… some people relish the ability to be able to purchase a gold-plated charm as it’s cheaper and others would rather save up and buy the real deal. :/ I don’t really know where I stand, as I’d love a rose gold Pandora piece but I’ve never bought a plated piece of jewellery before, so I don’t really know how well they’d hold up… It’s interesting that you’ve swapped to Pandora two tone charms, though. :) They’re definitely more of an investment than plated charms.
      I’ve never heard of them doing this before – trialling a product like this. I’m wondering what exactly they’re trialling though.. how well they will sell or how well the product will hold up once we’ve bought them? xxx

      • Turns out that the Flagship store misinformed me, apologies for that. As you now know the bracelet is £60! X

        • I’m just grateful that you took the time to keep me updated! The Flagship store told me two different prices on the day, as well… don’t think anyone knew exactly what was going on haha. x

  2. I love rose gold, and would have loved some of these pieces for my bracelet. I have been looking at some gold pieces but I never save enough to buy them, I tend to buy other charms I want that I can afford straight away – too impatient!! I would have like a couple of these, shame it’s only London and Manchester tho ?. I am in the West Country so no chance for me….

    • So do I – I actually would really like the rose gold bracelet, although I don’t know how well a plated Pandora clasp would last! I’m the same about gold pieces; it takes too long to save for them and, for some reason, it feels worse spending the money in one go than it does over a few months on silver charms. ;)
      I’m in the South West too, but I was thinking about going up to London soon for a shopping day… I might see if I can push that forward a bit. Depends on whether they’re all going to have sold out before I get there anyway! :S

    • :D Well, hopefully the trial will prove successful and these pieces will see a global launch. :) I love rose gold too, so I’d be really interested to see how well the plating will last.

  3. So pretty! I tried to call stores in usa for where I can purchase them, but no pandora people know about this or know where they are selling it either , even the headquarter people don’t know? Anyone knows where they are selling in usa?

  4. Pavé $70
    Heart $30
    Family $50
    Crown $40
    Feather ring $90
    Feather earrings $110
    Feather pendants $110.
    Charms look to be $5 more then silver while the jewelry is $10 more then silver.

  5. Saw these in brisbane Australia store today, crown was sold out already
    They are really pretty in person the pics don’t do them justice.
    The brisbane store was selling out fast .

  6. There are two heart charms one with cz and a plain one.
    Really pretty the feather charms done as earings ! Only wish I could have afforded them

    • They’re both lovely… I think that, if I could get to a store, I’d go for the the plain heart charm and a rose gold bracelet. ^^
      I love the Light as a Feather collection! I don’t actually own any of it, but the silver feather earrings are possibly my favourite from Pandora!

  7. I wonder if I could incorporate some rose gold pieces into my gold and silver bracelet. I really love the dangling crown charm. maybe I can put it On a bangle By itself. :)
    Like everyone else though, I too don’t know if I want to invest in plated charms. If Pandora guarantees a replacement or refund if the plating starts coining off then I will probably go ahead and get one or two and see how I like them.

    • Oh, I like that idea of the crown and the bangle! The contrast between the shiny silver of the bangle and the rose gold would look lovely. Plus if it were on the bangle by itself, there would be less risk of scratching from other charms, which might mean that the plating would be better protected.
      For these test pieces, I know that Pandora in the UK are offering a full refund if there are any issues with them. I’m not sure how that will work when (or if?) the collection is eventually released officially, though.

  8. Hi!
    Do you know when these are available for purchase in Aus? I’m from QLD and would happily travel to Brisbane to check out these babies!!
    Thanks, Anoushka

    • Hi Anoushka, this test collection was released last Tuesday – it sounds like a lot of the stores in Australia have sold out now, too. :( As for a more general release, we don’t have any concrete information on that yet – rumours are hinting at a release later this year, but that is not confirmed.

  9. They look nice but I’m not sure how they will look on my bracelet. Am I understanding correctly that the prices in the US will only be $5 more than the silver ones ?

    • Hi Linda, that’s certainly what I’ve heard regarding the pricing. Whether the stores in the US have any stock left is another matter, unfortunately :(

  10. They wont ship the product to anyone! make a note guys it sucks because i was so wanting to get the pendant!

  11. I just found this post now! I love the look of the rose gold! Hoping for a global release as I’d love the pendant!

    • It’s beautiful, isn’t it! I’m not hearing good things about a global release right now, unfortunately. :/ I really hope that that doesn’t prove to be the case, I’d love to be able to get a few more rose charms for my bracelet! If not, hopefully they’ll release more solid rose gold items. :)

  12. Hi. On a recent trip to the USA I came upon the Rose Gold collection in Nashville.
    Where can I get the bracket & charms in Australia? I love Rose Gold & am now kicking myself for not buying!!!
    Please say it’s going to be released in Australia. At the moment nobody knows much about the collection at all.

    • Hi Helen! I’m afraid that you can’t purchase the Pandora Rose collection in Australia yet. :( There is absolutely no word on a release for the collection outside of North America right now – I have no idea why, as the test release sold excellently in all markets. I’m sure that it will make it to other markets eventually, but in the meantime I wish I had better news for you! :(

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