The Vintage Heart charm is Pandora’s limited edition charm from the Mother’s Day 2014 collection and I finally have it within my hands to review! ;) This two tone piece follows the limited edition Bear My Heart charm, which was released for Mother’s Day in Spring 2013. In this post, I’ll be having a look at the Vintage Heart and also talking a little bit about a couple of the other Mother’s Day 2014 charms that I had a look at in store.
pandora vintage heart stock

I did promise this review at the beginning of the week – however, with all the exciting news and previews that have emerged this week, it’s had to be pushed back a little. In any case, on to the Vintage Heart!^^

The Charm

The Vintage Heart is a stunning openwork heart, featuring floral detailing and a gold heart at its centre. There’s actually quite a lot of gold on this charm, as the gold hearts are on both sides (unlike the pendant version of this charm) and are quite sizeable.

vintage heart pandora 3 mark

The name ‘Vintage’ is appropriate, as it features a classic style that seems more likely to please both old and new Pandora collectors. It is perfect for a Mother’s Day gift, with its elegant heart motif, but also has an appeal that goes beyond the familial.

vintage heart pandora 2 mark

The openwork detailing is beautiful, and you can see how the two halves meet in this shot of the top of the charm.

vintage heart pandora 4

It’s pretty different in style to last year’s limited edition charm, the Bear My Heart. While I loved the teddy bear, I’m aware that its cuteness didn’t appeal to everybody. The Vintage Heart seems a lot more versatile and classic-looking – I would imagine that it would have a more universal attraction.

vintage heart bear my heart b

For those wondering where the ALE marks are on this charm, they’re located inside the rim on one side of the charm. They are very tiny (too tiny for my camera), but you can just about make them out.


For me, the style of this charm suits the dramatic look of the oxidised bracelet. I love the combination of the oxidised bracelet and hints of gold.

vintage heart 7b

You’ll have to click on this image to see it properly – my blog layout does not accomodate wide shots very well!

vintage heart 6b

However, it will ultimately be going on my two tone fairy-tale bracelet, which is very different in style. It features two tone charms mixed with pink enamel and murano glass. This is almost finished – I’m just wanting either the retired Princess and the Pea charm or the two tone castle charm, plus a couple of spacers, to complete it! <3

vintage heart fairy tale bracelet pandora mark

Stray Observations on the Mother’s Day 2014 collection

When I was in store to buy the LE Vintage Heart, I also got a good look at the 14 carat gold version of the Vintage Heart:

gold vintage heart mark

While the all-gold version is undoubtedly lovely, I actually think I prefer the two tone version. The silver contrasts very prettily with the gold, and I think it adds more to that vintage look. (However, my sales assistant was quite keen to point out the gold charms to me for some reason. When I paid for the Vintage Heart, she even made a point of popping a catalogue in the bag that she had folded down at the gold charms page! I think they can just sense my weakness…)

I also wanted to look at the new Happy Birthday cake charm, which looks so pretty in all the pictures I’ve seen, but they’d all sold out already! :( Obviously a popular one.

The other thing that I happened to see in the shop was my favourite ring from the new Mother’s Day collection – the Sparkling Bow. I’m toying with the idea of doing the UK’s 3 for 2 ring promotion in May, and I think that the bow ring looks great with the little heart rings released for Valentine’s Day 2014. Apologies for the quality of the picture – it was taken somewhat on the fly by a long-suffering OH… :

pandora bow ring stack mark


This is a stunning piece and it’s even more striking in real life than in the stock image. This was a limited edition piece that I was never in any doubts about getting; as one of the only two tone charms released with the Mother’s Day 2014 collection, it’s a lovely offering for gold-lovers.

For readers in the US, this charm is available as part of a gift set from April 11 to May 11 and comes with a gorgeous porcelain box. It costs £65 in the UK and $85 in the US.

What do you think of the Vintage Heart? How does it compare to last year’s LE charm, the Bear My Heart?

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  1. Vintage heart is one of my favourite charms too. The intricate details made it a must have for me. Heh. I paired it with my black leather pandora bracelet. The contrast of the black leather and the silver/gold made the charm very outstanding as well :D

    • Yes, Pandora have produced some great limited edition pieces this year – this and the pavé heart bangle are stunning. Ooh, I bet it looked great on the leather too! I really quite like it against darker chains, as it looks quite dramatic.

      • I got my vintage heart charm today after many stores searched. Markville Mall Pandora still has 2 left. So nice! I like to collect limited edition heart sharp item. I am a new Pandora fan, I have this year Mother’s Day LE charm and the LE paved heart bangle with a heart pendent set inside the 3 tiers jewel box and 1 heart clasp bracelet by now.

        • Hi Michele, how exciting! It really is a beautiful charm and the fact that it’s LE makes it extra special. I’m surprised that they are still around to buy, how lucky that you found one! Sounds like you’re building a beautiful collection of Pandora hearts there – enjoy your new pieces <3

  2. I love this heart and desperate for it!!!!!!

    I don’t have any rings yet and will possibly make use of the promo, my favorite ring is the large heart ring, but pushes up the budget slightly!

  3. LOL finally your post on the Vintage Heart is up! Mr President Obama arrived yesterday and everyone here so excited about it ;)) yes,the Happy Birthday cake charm is very very pretty :)) I only managed to get one :(( the two tone castle charm is very pretty. You will love it :)) LOL suffering OH? :D hahaha!

    • Aha, I know! Lots and lots of Pandora news this week, so this little post got pushed back a bit. ;) I’m glad that it’s finally up, though, as I’ve been wanting to publish it for a while now. Next thing in the pipeline is a review of the Pandora Rose charms :) Very exciting too regarding Obama! ^^ Oh, you wanted more than one of the Happy Birthday?
      Haha, yes, a long-suffering OH… whenever we go to Pandora, I drag him round the shop and point out bits and pieces to him. ;) He’s very patient, bless him.

      • Hahaha! You are very blessed too for having him :D Yes I wanted to get another Happy Birthday for my beloved sister as her birthday pressie. No hurry though but if the stock comes earlier than her birthday, I will just buy it in advance to prevent getting disappointed though :D Hahaha! :D

        • Haha, I live in the UK so we only have David Cameron over here… ;) Oh I see, it’s clearly very popular then! Hope you manage to get hold of one for her! :D

  4. I got the vintage heart today! Yay! And splashed out on the essence bracelet with the happiness charm – my shop has sold out a lot of the essence charms.

      • I like it, nice and light compared to my moments bracelets! I did look at the cord bracelets but liked the silver more in the end. Looking forward to adding a couple more charms to it. I do like to wear it with my bangle too. I put the heart from the bangle on my pink/purple bracelet, going to eventually add 2 heart clips to the bangle and possible a showcase piece in the middle? Or randomise what I put in the middle? Love the folklore murano but have no where for it to go ATM so could get it anyway and put it on the bangle.

        • Which charms are you going to go for? Still interested in the new Zodiacs?
          I was tempted to move the heart charm from my bangle too, but ultimately I’ve kept it on there. I’ve seen a few people put the two matching heart pave clips on the bangle and I love how that looks! :) Think they would look great on their own or possibly with the showcase piece in the middle.
          I love the Folklore murano too but, like you, have never had anywhere to use it… you could try it on the bangle and see if you like how it looks with the purple of the clasp. :)

        • I like the meanings of most of the essence really, I like love, loyalty, trust, joy..

          With the bangle I mean 2 of the new puffy heart clips to sit almost like they would on a moments bracelet.

  5. Hi,
    I really like your posts about Pandora charms. I fall in love with the Bear and Vintage heart charm. Do you know how I can buy them now? Please advise me. Many thanks.

  6. Hi,
    I really like your posts about Pandora charms. I fall in love with the Bear and the Vintage heart chảm. Do you know how I can buy it now? Please advice me. Many thanks.

    • Hi Hanh, I am sorry to have missed your comment at the time – you should join a preloved Pandora group on Facebook and see if someone can hook you up with a second hand one. Some retailers online might have the odd one or two in their back catalogue if you search long enough, but they can’t ship internationally so it’s often a difficult task!

  7. Hi Ellie!

    I know this comment is about 2 years too late, but I’m finally interested in this charm; sometimes it takes a while for me to realize my interest in charms.. Your thorough and wonderfully constructed has sold me on finding this charm now having your review and your amazing photos using this charm in various arrangements! Thabk you for taking the time to write this post! ? My only question is: a couple years later, how has this charm weathered the test of time? How has it fared now being a few years old?

    I cannot express enough how appreciative I am for this post and every post you write! ??? Your attention to detail is unparalleled which helps all of us Pandora Fanatics decide on choosing/collaborating on our beloved pieces. ???

    Margaret ?

    • Hi Margaret! Sorry for the delay in reply, I only just caught this the other day when checking through comments I had to reply to. :) The charm looks as lovely today as it did back then – the oxidation of the silver and the shininess of the gold still look great!

      Aw, thank you so much! That has really given me a boost after a very tiring day. I love chatting Pandora with everyone here, and your comments are always so thoughtful and appreciative – so thank you! ?

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