Today’s post takes a look at Pandora’s lookbook and campaign images for the Summer 2014 collection. Entitled Tropical Paradise, the Summer 2014 collection’s release date is confirmed as the 28th of May. To see a full preview of the charms and live shots, check the Summer 2014 tag.

The Tropical Paradise collection fits in theme with the previous Spring 2014 collection, which was called Spring Paradise (apart from in the US, where it was known as Spring Takes Flight). The lookbook images for the summer collection emphasise this continuity, with similar shots to the Spring 2014 lookbook, but with more tropical-looking flowers in orange and purple.

Tropical Paradise Lookbook

The lookbook focuses on the orange and teal colour schemes that characterise the Tropical Paradise collection. The teal charms are paired with some beautiful purple flowers, and showcased nicely on necklace chains.

pandora summer 2014

pandora summer 2014

Contrastingly, orange and gold makes a bright and warm combination for summer, offering an elegant way to utilise orange in your collection.
pandora summer 2014

On the other hand, this styling using the orange charms is a bit more casual, with a bright and fun look.

pandora summer 2014

Campaign Bracelets

We also have a few new shots of the bracelet designs used for the Summer 2014 campaigns. This teal design puts the cute new seahorse charm front and centre.

pandora tropical paradise 5 2014

The rest of the shots focus on the new symbol pendants coming out for summer.

pandora summer 2014

pandora summer 2014 symbols

pandora tropical paradise 2014

My Comment

I was initially not that enthused for this collection – as I’ve said, summer releases never appeal to me quite as much as others. However, as ever, the more shots I see of these charms, the more excited I am getting for it! I’m still thinking about starting a teal bracelet, and some of these charms would fit perfectly with that idea.

Are you looking forward to the Summer 2014 collection? Is anything on your wish list?

4 Comments on Lookbook Images for the Pandora Summer 2014 Collection

    • The teal charms are very pretty! The cord bracelets are fabric – Pandora describe them as ‘Textile/ Synthetical Fibers’… but I’m not entirely sure what synthetic fibre they’re made out of. :/

    • Well, Pandora recommend that both leather and cord bracelets can take 7-9 charms, so technically they should be equally strong in terms of carrying charms. However, I personally prefer the leather bracelets just because they feel more substantial to me!

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