Today brings the second ever installment of my monthly haul feature, wherein I share what’s new to my Pandora collection for the month and encourage you to share yours! I’m sorry that this is a little late this month – I have had some rather catastrophic computer problems (right before my dissertation was due in, too) and have only been able to edit the pics I needed for this post now. Argh. Technology.

pandora haul april 2014


So, new to my collection this month are four things. And you’ve seen all of them before in various posts! I have three new pieces from the regular Pandora Moments collection – these are the Darling Daisy clip from Spring 2014, the retired Mouse charm and the LE Mother’s Day 2014 Vintage Heart

pandora haul 2014

The Darling Daisy clip and the Mouse charm have gone on what will be my blue and white bracelet. It’s not really so much a design right now as it is a slightly random collection of charms, as I’m still working out exactly what I want to do with it. ;)

pandora haul april 2014 butterfly mark

I also got a couple of pieces from the Pandora Rose collection! <3 For an in depth look at Pandora Rose, check here. I’m still thinking about how I’m going to style these – I absolutely love murano glass, and I’m not sure which muranos would look best with the pinker hue of the rose gold. Hmm. This might be my first murano-less bracelet!

pandora haul pandora rose

And so stands my Pandora collection as of this month!

stackers box pandora

And I’d love to hear from you! Have you been adding to your collection recently? Have you bought anything from the new collections?

20 Comments on April 2014 Haul: New to my Pandora Collection

  1. I did take delivery of the green looking glass yesterday, and a dangly pig! I have reduced the number of charms on my leather so have a couple of murano charms laying around waiting for a new bracelet – I think it’s going to be a 3 colour theme!

    • I love the dangly pig! It’s so cute! The green looking glass is also really pretty – it’s annoying that it’s not available everywhere. The Folklore murano might look nice with it too, if you were still thinking about that one…

      • I do still love the folklore, but I also have the blue butterfly murano and the pink cherry blossom. So I was thinking of having a colourful bracelet lol, but 6 muranos so team each one up with another of similar colour? So with the cherry blossom I was going to go for the white looking glass but maybe the new field of daisies ?? I know it has yellow but also the petals are pale pink? Not sure about the blue butterfly – was hoping the blue or turquoise murano but would have to buy blue from eBay and can’t be sure of the colour match. Have no idea about the green haha.

        • Oh, that sounds very pretty, and also original – you don’t see that many bracelets where people have gone for contrasting pops of colour. I love the CB murano and the white looking glass together – I sometimes pair them myself! Although the Field of Daisies might be nice in that the glass-work is very similar to the Cherry Blossom – it’s just different colours…
          Do you mean the blue or turquoise looking glass muranos? I think the pale blue looking glass would look beautiful with the blue Butterfly Kisses – but, like you say, it’s always a bit of trial and error purchasing online due to murano variation. Green is tricky with Pandora, haha.

  2. I have the green looking glass charm. I’m hoping it looks nice with the orange and teal charms when they come out or I’ll be moving my charms around too

    • It’s a Stackers jewellery box – although, sadly, I think this edition is retired. You might be able to find it online though, and they do some other very pretty designs!

  3. I love the accessories box you use to keep your pandora collection in! So pretty!!
    This month I bought an insane number of charms to add to my initially small collection (of 6 charms) because I was in Melbourne for a vacation and got a shock how much cheaper the charms there were! Plus they come with a free bangle so I went crazy and purchased like 10 over charms… Guilty as charged.
    I also managed to buy a retired charm I’ve been looking for so long – the gnome charm!

    • Thanks! :D It’s a Stackers box – not only is it pretty, but it’s incredibly useful. They retired that particular design for some reason, though.
      Haha, I’m familiar with that – Pandora is crazily expensive in the UK compared to many other regions. Should I get to go anywhere that sells Pandora cheaper, I’ll definitely be doing the same as you ;) The bangle promotion was amazing, too – lucky you!

  4. Hahaha! I have already done my dissertation last November!
    Anyways, we are spoilt by choices sometimes that we might struggle in styling our bracelets! :D Your rose gold collection photo looks like it’s waiting for more rose gold to be filled :D hahaha!

    • I’ve handed mine in too now! All 12,000 words – the relief!! Haha.
      Yes… too much choice and too little budget in my case. ;) I do kind of know what I want to do with it, but I’m not in a hurry to fill it up just yet. Haha, it does… hopefully it won’t have to wait too long! :P

  5. Yours only 12k words required? Mine was 14k words required. Lucky you! Hahaha! Yes, I can feel you~the relief! It’s once in a lifetime happiness when you get your results ~Pass with Distinction~! Then you will get lots of graduation gifts soon like me! LOL anyways, yes, no hurry to fill it up though :D xoxo!

    • Haha… I actually wanted more words in the end – no matter what the word limit is, I always seem to be at least a thousand over >.< You got a distinction? – that's amazing! :D Congrats on that, and the graduation presents, of course :P I've still got my finals to sit at the end of the month, so it's a little while before I'll know how I did… xxxx

      • Hahaha! Your word limit can still be plus minus not more than 10 percent of your required word count ;) Thank you very much! You are a very smart girl! Yes, I have gotten a distinction for my dissertation :D I am very sure you will get a distinction too my dear! :D I am sure you will do well in your finals. Just think of the pretty good stuffs and that you will be swarmed with Pandora charms then you will be motivated to the max! :)) hope to hear the good news from you in due course ;)) xoxo

        • Our uni is stingy and don’t allow the 10% rule… :( Again, that’s amazing! Well done you! :D Haha, that is a very good way to look at it – I’ll be informing my loved ones that I’m expecting their congratulations in the form of Pandora :P although I’m sure they knew that already… ;) xxxx

  6. Hahaha! Thanks sweetie!! :D Yes, Pandora gifts best for any occasion ;)) But of course mainly for girls like us only :P Hahaha! I am sure your loved ones will know what to get for you :)) xoxo~

    • No problem! ^^ Haha… I did see a guy in my local record store sporting two leather Pandora bracelets the other day! They looked pretty good haha. xxxx

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