The Pandora Summer 2014 collection is almost upon us, and so this will be one of my last posts covering the Pandora spring releases for 2014! In this post, I’m taking a look at the butterfly and floral motifs that characterised the spring collections this year, and seeing how I can use my new pieces with my existing collection to fit the trend.

In blog news, I’m sorry for the slightly reduced posting schedule operating at the moment – currently life is just very busy and will be until the end of May. Rest assured that I’m still constantly on the look out for news, and continue to update the blog as soon as anything new comes in!

Butterfly Garden

In preview events for the Spring 2014 collection, Pandora presented the spring jewellery with a gorgeous butterfly garden theme – my favourite of these previews was held in Singapore. Butterfly charms, earrings and pendants were hidden amongst roses, while floral charms nestled in the moss.

Image by Pandora Singapore
Image by Pandora Singapore
Image by Pandora Singapore
Image by Pandora Singapore
Image by Pandora Singapore
Image by Pandora Singapore

As a result, I was very much inspired to try and create a butterfly garden design to wear for the season. Of course, I had to use my new Darling Daisy clip and the blue Butterfly Kisses murano from Spring 2014 – my picks of the collection.

pandora butterfly garden spring 2014 b

I was struck at how pretty the new Butterfly Kisses looked with some of my existing muranos, bringing out the bluer hues in my purple and green Flowers For You glass beads.

butterfly garden idea mark

This was my end result. I’ll admit that I absolutely love murano glass, and incorporating colour into my bracelet designs. Consequently, this was lovely to wear in spring sunshine, which brings out the colour in the glass beads.

pandora spring 2014

I do also have the blue enamel butterfly charm (my second ever charm!), but I didn’t feel like it fitted with the colour scheme.

pandora butterfly garden bracelet 3

However, I also couldn’t give up the opportunity to utilise my favourite Cherry Blossom collection! Consequently, I reworked the design to incorporate my Cherry Blossom murano and pendant.

cherry blossom version 5


For those of you who are already looking towards summer bracelet designs, I think that both butterfly and floral designs would look great with some of the brighter hues scheduled to be released with the Summer 2014 collection. You could always give your butterfly and flower charms a tropical twist by wearing them with some of the new orange and teal charms, therefore making them fit with the idea of a tropical paradise!

Have you bought any of the floral or butterfly pieces from Spring 2014? Or did you create a spring bracelet design?

10 Comments on Pandora Inspiration for Spring 2014: Butterfly Garden

  1. Wow! All the above very pretty! :D you truly inspire me in many ways! :)) I didn’t get the butterfly murano though but will buy it together with the Tropical flower murano when the Summer collection launches! ;)) The Viola Bloom is so pretty but all the stores out of stock here :( Hope they will restock it end of this month though.. Hmm..I just realised that you don’t have the Morning Butterfly CZ? You don’t like it? I have 3 in Lavender, Purple and Pink. Methinks you will love the Morning Butterfly in Pink :D

    • Thank you! :D That sounds lovely… butterflies can be very tropical, too, after all! The Viola Bloom is one of my favourites of my collection; I’d love Pandora to make more pieces like it <3 I hope you manage to get one soon!
      No, I love the Morning Butterflies! I just saw yours on Instagram and they are beau-tiful! ;) I try to be very strict with myself as to what Pandora I buy – I only get Pandora that I know I can use in one of my designs. Having said that, I am thinking about getting one to go with my butterfly murano – maybe the pink or the lavender. It depends whether I get anything from Summer 2014 or not. :)

  2. I have the blue butterfly kisses charm. I got it because butterflies are the symbol for miscarriages and I suffered 2. I have it on my silver bracelet but plan on putting some of the summer collection on my brown leather bracelet.

    • @Linda Gardner, I am truly sorry to hear that :(( Butterfly is a symbol of hope and life. I am sure God has a better plan for you Linda…

  3. Ahahahah! You are most welcome ;)) Thanks for your Likes again on my Instagram ;)) I truly appreciate it xoxo :D I am sure you will get something from the Summer collection :D xoxo :))

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