There’s not a lot going on this month in terms of actual release and promotions and, as a result, I’ll also be covering my thoughts on the new Summer releases for both the Moments and the Essence collections. :D I have to admit that I’m a little glad not to have another release from Pandora coming up just yet – I still need to finish off my existing wish list. ;)

In terms of other blog news, I’ve posted a preview of the Pandora Essence Fall 2014 collection, while sneak peeks of the rest of Pandora’s autumn jewellery is available if you scroll through the Autumn 2014 tag. Upcoming on the blog are some reviews of the Summer 2014 pieces, so stay tuned for those!

US & Canada Ring Promotion

Exciting news for Pandora fans in the US & Canada, as Pandora have added a last-minute ring promotion to their line-up! The premise is the same as the recent ring promotion that took place in the UK last month; if you buy two rings, Pandora will gift you a third of equal or lesser value. The promotion will run for most of the month, from 6th of June until the 30th of June – more than beating the UK’s offering, which only ran across a few days.

pandora rings 3 for 2

This is a simply fantastic promotion, and represents a great opportunity to start off your ring collection, or to add some of the new Spring/Summer rings to your existing collection!

Pandora Second Summer Release

The late-summer/pre-autumn 2014 release from Pandora is rumoured to be released around the end of July and features more in Pandora’s cubic zirconia pendant range – including some rose gold pieces! Since posting my sneak peek of this collection, I have since uncovered a couple of new shots of two more pave bracelets that will be released with these range – you can check out the whole range here.

pandora pre-autumn 2014

Pandora Essence Summer 2014 Recap

I did promise a post covering the new Summer 2014 releases for Pandora Essence – however, my final exams for my degree swallowed it up! The following live shots detail the new Essence pieces – a collection of zodiac beads, and a new beaded bracelet.

The beaded bracelet seems to have been a love it or hate it affair with fans. I personally think it looks great stacked with the regular Essence bracelet or even the regular Moments bracelet, but it perhaps doesn’t have the same impact if worn on its own.

Having seen the Essence Autumn 2014 collection, I like the Zodiac collection more, as I feel more reassured that Pandora are dedicated to developing the values concept. The Zodiac charms are pretty and delicate in person, and provide a nice contrast to the existing coloured Essence beads. I’m not sure that I’d personally want to represent my star sign on my bracelet, but I imagine that, for many, it’s a nice additional way to make your Essence bracelet even more personal.

Pandora Summer 2014 Review

Having now seen this collection in person, I thought I’d offer some further thoughts on it! I think this is a collection that looks far better in person than it does in the stock images.

I was a little wary of charms featuring a lot of cubic zirconia detailing, such as the Flamingo and the Seahorse- however, they are quite tastefully done in person and, IMO, offer a really fun way to represent the bright summer months. However, I’m still not sure as to whether I’d add them to my main silver bracelets; this is why I think the teal and orange cord bracelets are a great idea from Pandora. You can create a mini-bracelet dedicated to these brighter, sparklier pieces that you might not want to add to your everyday silver or gold bracelets.

The other charm that I thought was absolutely adorable in person was the Sparkling Pineapple. I usually avoid pieces with a heavy use of cubic zirconia (with the exception of the pave lights), but I loved this one. I thought the sparkly look contributed to its sense of fun; the floral detailing on the base of it is beautiful, too.

And that’s it for my June round-up! What did you think of the Summer 2014 releases? If you’re in the US/Canada, will you be taking part in the ring promotion?

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  1. Aww I’m bummed. :(
    I saw in your Promotions post that on June 5th-June 7th there
    would be a free jewelry box when you spend $100.
    Is that still going to happen?

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