It was some time ago now that I posted the first entry in a new ‘Retired and Hard to Find’ series, wherein I showcase hard-to-find charms individually. Consequently, I thought it was time to publish the next entry in the series, which details a recent acquisition of mine – the retired Perfume Bottle!

pandora retired perfume bottle

If you want to get an overview of what HTF (hard-to-find) Pandora pieces there are out there, then you should check out my post here. Otherwise, read on for some detail on this gorgeous retired charm!

Background on the Charm

This charm was released back in Spring 2008 – however, it doesn’t seem to appear in Pandora catalogues after 2010, suggesting that it was retired only a couple of years after it was first released. This also puts it as having been out of production for the last four years. Its item number is 790427OCZ  it retailed for $50 USD or £35 in the UK.

pandora retired perfume bottle

Additionally, there are two versions of this charm that I know of. They are slightly different shapes, and the hallmarks are different, too. One version has its ALE hallmarks stamped directly on the base, while the other has its ALE mark stamped around the base (as you’ll see on my charm). Don’t worry – both versions are genuine Pandora!

The Charm

The charm is a little silver perfume bottle, featuring the Pandora logo and a orange cubic zirconia at its top. 

The logo features some nice oxidised detailing, providing a striking contrast to the rest of the charm, which is a polished silver. However, my favourite detail of the Perfume Bottle is the little flower stopper. The orange cubic zirconia might put some people off, but overall to me it has an elegant, kind of vintage aesthetic. It’s just gorgeous.

pandora perfume bottle 6a mark
As for the technical details, the Pandora logo is only on one side of the perfume bottle; the other side is clear. Depending on which version of the perfume bottle you have, the ALE mark will either be around the base (as you can see on mine), or it will be stamped on the base itself.

pandora perfume bottle collage mark


This has been on my ‘Hard to Find’ hit list for a while, and I’m really glad that I managed to find this one for a good price. It’s not the rarest of the HTF Pandora charms, but it’s one of my favourites. It has such a beautiful, classic design and, to me, it shows a lot more originality than many of Pandora’s most popular designs.

On the other hand, I can see why Pandora decided to retire this charm, too – the orange gemstone may not be the easiest colour to blend into an existing collection. However, with the vibrant oranges of the recent Summer 2014 collection, this seems like a great time to be focusing on this charm, which would look great with some of the new charms.

Do you have this charm? Or are you looking for it? Are you a fan of some of Pandora’s older designs?

19 Comments on Retired and Hard to Find: The Pandora Perfume Bottle

  1. Wow! This Perfume bottle is so pretty :D I don’t have this charm :( I quite like some of the older charms but will not mad hunt for it unless I happen to bump into it LOL xoxo <3

    • It’s even prettier in person! I’d never really looked at it before, as I didn’t think orange would fit with my collection, and then I saw one gorgeous picture of it and fell in love.
      I’m the same about collecting the rarer charms – if something I want comes up for a good price, then I’ll get it, but I don’t tend to actively search for them! There are always too many temptations in my local store, for the most part. ;) xxxx

  2. I have this charm for some time now. I have it on an older, orange themed bracelet with some old zodiacs and the Lion Head and the Thimble.

  3. Hello Mora; I just recently acquired what I hope is a Genuine Pandora Perfume Bottle Charm!!! It has been on my “Wish List” for too many years!!!
    The Charm is so small…I could have sworn that it was a larger size, than what I bought!!(However, I only saw the original one in a Pandora store once, and when I went back to purchase it, I was told that it had been sent back to headquarters, due to not selling well!!) I am hoping that you can help me, as I wish to make sure that my Charm is real!!! It is very Lovely, and looks like the one purchased above. Mine is hallmarked with ale and 925 on the very bottom. The small size is the only worry!!! Thank-You Mora Take Care!!! :-)

  4. How can I find the Pandora perfume, not the charm, I would like to have the charm also but I want the perfume

  5. Hi Ellie, I’m super excited as I just received the retired perfume bottle, like yours in the mail today. I purchased it on eBay for a g8 price and it’s in great condition. Probably the cutest charm ive ever seen. I remember it was out in Australia when i started my first bracelet. Silly me, i let the orange stone prevent me from getting it back then as my first bracelet was pink and red. I hope you are doing ok. Ive been missing your blog very much. I don’t recall you going on holiday so i hope you are well.

    • Hi Michelle, $65 Australian +$10 postage. They are mostly on Ebay here for $165. So we both did fantastic. I don’t know if you like the pandora rose. I have 2 rose ‘in the spotlight’ charms. I have my two tone rose bangle, a spotlight, my perfume bottle, another spotlight and finally another rose clip with a silicone stopper underneath. I can’t believe how beautiful it is. It looks amazing. The orange stone goes so well with the rose gold colour. Because the charm is so small it’s easy to over power it. The spotlight charms are also small and delicate.

        • Mora pandora has quite a few photos of this charm on her bracelets. That will give you a good idea of size. Its just more delicate than the new style one.

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