*UPDATED with more pictures* Today sees the global release of the Pandora Pre-Autumn 2014 collection! This mini-release focuses on Pandora’s new range of cubic zirconia symbol pendants, including a series of number pendants, rose gold dangles and pavé bracelets based on the pendants. To see a complete overview of the collection, check out my preview here!

Regions such as the US, where release dates are less strictly adhered to, had already started selling this release almost a month ago, but this represents the official release of the collection in all stores worldwide.

Image by Pandora Lenox
Image by Pandora Lenox

Live Shots

pandora pre-autumn 2014 1

I apologise for the quality of the images I have of the new pieces, even though in doing so I will probably offend my poor boyfriend, who kindly went and took these pictures for me when he was in town as I’m busy today. ^^ In them you can see some of the new pieces arranged in some pretty designs, alongside some of the new pavé bracelets.

pandora pre-autumn 2014 3 pandora pre-autumn 2014 2

*UPDATED 04/08/14* I went into town myself today, and took a couple of shots of my own. They’re not much of an improvement, but you can get a good look at the new silver pavé dangles in the following image. I particularly like the new star dangle, which would be perfect combined with the upcoming star designs in the Winter 2014 collection!

pandora pre-autumn 2014 5 mark

I also really loved how the store I visited styled the new heart key dangle. I thought it looked great on the bangle – the rose gold provides a really great contrast to the shiny silver of the bangle, and the heart clips really set off the heart motif embedded within the key’s design.

pandora pre-autumn 2014 4 mark b

Finally, I have to say that I did find that the dangles were very small in real life – especially considering the high price tag that came with the rose gold pendants! You can see how little they are in the contrast in size between the dangles in the background and the rings in the foreground of this picture. I just don’t think I could justify purchasing one of them at RRP. They did look cute styled on a necklace, too.

pandora pre-autumn 2014 6 mark


UK pricing has also been revealed: the rose gold pendants are £115 each, aside from the Lucky in Love pendant which is £119. The pavé bracelets are not too bad at £45, while the regular silver pendants are all £25. Although nowhere near the price of the regular 14kt gold collection, the rose gold pieces remain quite pricy!

My Comment

The highlight of this mini-release is undoubtedly the rose gold dangles for me! I’m obviously excited to see rose gold pieces from Pandora, even if I’m not the world’s biggest fan of the symbol pendant collection. I do, on the other hand, think that the symbol range looks best in rose gold, as the contrast between the pinker metal and the clear cubic zirconia looks great. My favourite of the dangles are the simple heart dangle and the heart key, which would look really pretty together.

Have you bought anything from this collection? Were you impressed with it in person?

4 Comments on The Pandora Pre-Autumn 2014 collection is released!

  1. Hi dear! Lol I didn’t buy any because it’s quite pricey. However I do like the Lucky in Love pendant in Rose Gold. Other than that the number 8 in silver is my birthday month Lol :D thanks for updating this and thanks to your great OH for taking photos of these awesome pictures xoxo :D The Rose Gold key is not bad but for me I still prefer the key in silver :D have a Blessed Sunday dear! xoxo <3

    • Hi! <3 I haven't been able to go and see them yet, but I'm finally going to have a look around town tomorrow. The only pieces that I'd want from this release are the rose gold ones, but for £115 each I'd be very surprised if I liked them enough to get one haha. I do love the rose gold key pendant, though – I wish I liked it better in silver. :P You must get the number eight, and add it to your adorable birthday design! ^^
      Haha, thanks – I'll tell him that they were appreciated! ;) Hope you had a lovely Sunday, too. xxxx

  2. Hi dear! <3 LOL! Someone just gave me a number "8" for my birthday and I have yet to style it :D You have the same mind as the other friend of mine LOL!! She is as beautiful as you too :D Hope you will get yours too the number "9" and the Rose Gold Key Pendant :D muacks! xoxo <3

    • Yay, I’m glad you got it! I look forward to seeing another one of your oh-so-pretty creations. ^^ Haha, your friend has good taste ;) I have found the pendant cheaper online, and am tempted… I keep sneaking back and looking at it lol. So glad you got your favourite, though! <3 xxxx

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