Exciting news today as I have details of the upcoming release of the Pandora Rose collection! The collection consists of a small selection of plated rose gold charms and jewellery, described by Pandora as ‘luminous beauty expressed in pink’. It first saw a limited release as a test product earlier this spring, but, on the back of a very positive reaction from fans, the Pandora Rose line will now be seeing an official release later this year!

The collection is reportedly set to debut on the 2nd of October. These images are from a US catalogue, and detail US pricing – consequently, while I can only assume that this will be a worldwide release, I don’t have official confirmation on that. I’ve also included the prices, which are increased from the collection’s initial test release – this is apparently due to its anticipated popularity.

About Pandora Rose

The first that we heard about the Pandora Rose collection was when it was released as a test product back in April. It was limited to ten stores worldwide. The stores stopped selling it after ten days, and after that no more information was released about it. Fans have been uncertain whether the collection would see an official release, and I myself was under the impression that it wasn’t looking likely to be released any time soon. Happily, however, that has proven not to be the case.

I myself own the Pandora Rose bracelet, and the Rose smooth heart charm:

pandora rose bracelet

The Pandora Rose pieces are plated with 14kt rose gold, and are not pure rose gold. However, their core metal is a unique pink-toned copper and silver alloy. The plating is reportedly very durable, but will fade over an extended period of time.

Charms and Bracelets

The collection will include a two-tone Pandora Rose bracelet, which is set to cost $80 USD. The clasp is made of the Rose metal, while the chain remains sterling silver. This offers a much more affordable way to get the two-tone look – the existing yellow gold 14kt two-tone bracelet costs $325 USD or £275!

pandora rose gold bracelet

To accompany the bracelet, we have a selection of eleven charms. These are primarily decorative pieces, and focus on Pandora’s most popular motifs. I think that this is probably the right decision for the fledgling Pandora Rose collection. The lack of durability makes it less of an ideal candidate to remember those ‘unforgettable moments’ that the traditional Pandora charms are all about, and it seems more suited to popular and fashionable designs.

pandora rose charms mark

The pricing for the US is as follows:

$40 USD: Rose Heart Openwork.

$45 USD: Noble Splendour.

$50 USD: Big Smooth Heart; Her Majesty Spacer.

$60 USD: Love and Family; Meet in the Middle.

$65 USD: Sparkle of Love.

$70 USD: Centre of Attention; Light as a Feather; Love of my Life Clip.

$80 USD: Rose Pavé Lights.


There will also be some accompanying jewellery pieces released in the Pandora Rose collection. These are based upon the Light as a Feather pavé range and include earrings, a pendant and a ring.

pandora rose light as a feather

Pricing for the US is as follows:

Earring Posts: $30 USD

‘Light as a Feather’ Ring: $100 USD

‘Light as a Feather’ Pendant and Earrings: $120 USD

My Comment

I’ll admit that I loved the Pandora Rose collection when it first appeared, and I am a little over-excited to see these new images. I adore the soft pink that they’ve gone with for the campaign images, too. I’m happy that this collection will be seeing an official release, as there were a lot of disappointed people who missed out on the very limited test release – I also would relish the ability to add to my existing Rose bracelet and charm.

While I know that some people won’t be a fan of the plated jewellery (and I am not a massive fan myself), I do also appreciate that this collection offers a more affordable way into rose gold jewellery. Having said that, I also hope that they’ll continue to expand their solid rose gold range, which would then offer some rosy options for those who don’t want to invest in plated jewellery.

Are you excited for this upcoming collection? Will you be indulging in any pieces?

45 Comments on Preview: Pandora Rose Collection Official Release

    • I am disappointed that the rose gold is plated. I choose to not waist my money on something that will change color and tarnish.

      • I do understand that, and hopefully they will continue to expand their range of solid rose gold pieces, too. :) However, I’ve not had any issues with the plating fading yet (although it’s early days!) – the only thing that I’ve found is that my smooth heart charm does show the scratches up pretty easily.

  1. This is fabulous news!!
    I’m wanting the light as a feather ring and pendant!
    I’m so happy that it’s going world wide!
    I’ll have to ask my local girls of they’ve heard anything yet for Canada :)

  2. Yay!!! So happy. I only picked up the rose heart openwork and the bracelet and I was regretting not buying more at the time. Happy I will now be able to add to my collection!

    • Me too! ^^ I felt exactly the same about my bracelet – I loved it, but was a little sad that I wouldn’t be able to add more rose gold to it easily. Now to choose which ones will be going on my wish list… ;)

  3. So glad to see this is being released! I got a few pieces last time but couldn’t get the 2 Cz openworks so those and the clips are top of my list! ?

    • So am I! :D I was resigning myself to just having the two pieces, but I’m really happy that I’ll be able to get some more. ;) I hope that they’ll release more in the future, too! I’d love a Rose-accented safety chain.

    • Yep, that’s right. The whole collection is just plated rose gold – underneath is a pink ‘rose silver’ metal, although I don’t know precisely how similar in colour it is to the rose gold plating. I’m also not sure on where this collection will be available – certainly the US and Canada, and I’d be very surprised if it didn’t make it to the UK and Australia, seeing as they were test regions for the collection originally. Other than that, I don’t know!

        • Well, I suppose that depends on how often you wear it. Eventually, yes it will. But the metal underneath should be a similar colour to the plating. The collection hasn’t really been out long enough to put it to the test in terms of longevity, so I can’t really say how well it will endure! :/

  4. I love the pandora rose collection and did manage to score a few pieces for my birthday but is no one else a little cranky that they have just re-released those original pieces? When I think of all the trouble my daughter went to to get these (3 1/2 hour car drive each way to pick up in person) I just was hoping those pieces would remain a bit limited and other pieces released

    • I hadn’t really thought of that aspect of it, as I was lucky enough to get my pieces at retail, but I can appreciate the frustration of those who went to cost and effort to get hold of these pieces. Despite my excitement over this collection’s official release, the cynic in me is sceptical of the validity of the original ‘test’ release – it seems like a pretty good marketing strategy, what with all the hype it created. So, yes, you probably have some justification in feeling cranky! :(

    • I’m glad they have bought them back at this price! Now the people that we’re selling them to people at ridiculously marked up prices look like greedy fools.

    • I agree with u in some degree but others like myself we not so lucky in getting even 1 piece. One group not mentioning the name were selling the rose pieces at more than 3 to 4 times more money then they paid for them!! Unfortunately people were begging the group for more as they had limited quantities, I was going to be one of those desperate pandora lovers who wanted and almost bought a few pieces!! Thankfully things didn’t work out with that group, and I didn’t end up buying the pieces!! U could say my angel was with me that day, it would have cost me over $400 for 1 bracelet and 2 smooth heart charms highway robbery!!!!!!!! So in saying all that for people like me who don’t have even 1 piece, I’m very thankful to have the opportunity to buy them from a licensed pandora store!!

    • Hi Sandra, I only have confirmation on a release for the US at the moment. I would be very surprised if it was not released worldwide, but there’s not any concrete information on that for now. :(

    • Yes, eventually it will fade. That shouldn’t be for some years, though, and the metal underneath the plating is ‘rose silver’, which is a silver and copper alloy that should look pink like the rose gold plating. The one thing I have found with the Pandora Rose pieces is that charms like the big smooth heart show up scratches very easily!

      • Oh…i was still contemplating if I should get the rose gold series. Just unsure how to maintain it. Whether we can use Pandora Polishing cloth to clean it after wearing etc.

        As for scratches, I noticed my sterling silver or two-tone charms also have scratches over time. :)

        • Pandora have said not to use the polishing cloth on it – you don’t really want to be rubbing the plating I think. I’m not sure about the minutiae of maintenance, but mine does stay looking pretty shiny without much doing to it. :)

          Oh yes, ofc you will see scratches regardless – the rose silver just seems to scratch more easily and to show it up more than solid silver or gold.

  5. I cant seem to find the 6.7cm bracelet anywhere. Did you hear that they weren’t releasing it in the rose gold?

  6. this isn’t fair. we pay so much money to have that gold color in our pandora collections and now everyone can pretend that these charms are those $200-$800 charms.

    • I do understand that, but I do think it’s nice that there’s an option for those who can’t afford gold. I don’t think that it cheapens the beauty of the 14kt Pandora bracelets – they are stunning in a completely different way to the Pandora Rose collection I think :)

  7. I am eager to start collecting charms from he Rose Gold collection. However, over here in England it is difficult to obtain these charms. Is it possible to be supplied with a link to a store that I can purchase these. Regards x

    • Hi Marie! I’m also in England, and I love the rose charms, too! There aren’t any stores in North America who are allowed to ship over here unfortunately (Pandora retailers aren’t allowed to ship outside of their geographical locations). However, Pandora have stated that the Rose collection is coming to more markets in SS15:
      I imagine the UK will be one of those markets. :) If you can’t wait, however, I advise that you try one of the Pandora selling pages on Facebook – Pandora’s Tribe or Pandora’s Angels are good places to start. Let me know if you have any questions!

  8. The collection has been out for 7 or 8 months, and I’m wondering how the plating is holding up. After reading some comments, I think buying the smooth charms might be a mistake because you cannot polish them. How are they holding up? I honestly just saw the collection, and was hoping it was some sort of pink metal rather than plating. I know the oxidized bracelet they used to offer wore off over time. I would like to try a charm or too, because I can’t afford the gold. Let me know what you think. J

    • Hi Jan, I have had no problems with my plating so far and my Rose bracelet sees a lot of wear! Even the clasp of the bracelet still looks pristine. There is a pink metal underneath the plating so apparently the colour will intensify as the plating wears off. Plating is a lot more durable than oxidation so the finish of the Rose charms should last much longer than the oxi bracelet (the oxidation is greatly reduced after about six months, whereas it should take years for the Rose charms’ plating to wear away). Hope that helps! :)

  9. Hi there..I hv one rose gold pave with marking o crown before the ale r and the other one with only ale r..which one is genuine?

    • It has an O crown? The newer Pandora Rose pieces have an extra little circular mark before the ALE R mark, but I don’t think it’s the crown. The original test release just has ALE R, no extra stamp.

  10. Hi, I just received the rose heart clasp bracelet with 2 love of my life clips and the daisy charm and they are stamped + ALE R. Is this set fake?

  11. I received for my birthday a rose gold ring (150€) I was really curious for the metal used because I just want to wear it every day! So I called the store just to hear to be careful with the water, to take it off to wash my hands etc. It’s not even water resistant? That’s hideous!I have another rose gold ring made from steel that I have it for 3 years wearing it every single day never taken off and it still looks brand new! Price: 20€… No way! I’m returning it along with the rose gold bracelet and the 2 rose gold charms that I bought.

  12. I have just bought the rose bracelet ready to start a collection. I was told it was ok in water just not the shower. Is this right? I would rather take it back and buy a different one if it will be spoilt in a couple of years cos it’s not cheap. Can anyone help?

    • Hi Jan, I’ve had Pandora rose items since early on in the release in the UK, as has Ellie, & they are fine, no special treatment – wear them with my silver Pandora mixed on bracelet & necklaces. Don’t polish them with silver polish cloths though. They have a rose silver (silver\copper) mix under the rose gold plating – even white gold is played with rhodium usually, as it’s a grey silver & lots of people choose to wear white gold, so I see it as similar to that & gives a,lovely rose gold item at s more affordable price.

  13. Hi Jan, I’ve had Pandora rose items since early on in the release in the UK, as has Ellie, & they are fine, no special treatment – wear them with my silver Pandora mixed on bracelet & necklaces. Don’t polish them with silver polish cloths though. They have a rose silver (silver\copper) mix under the rose gold plating – even white gold is plated with rhodium usually, as it’s a grey silver & lots of people choose to wear white gold, so I see it as similar to that & gives a lovely rose gold item at a more affordable price.

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