While I did previously preview the Pandora Autumn 2014 collection a couple of months ago, some fab HQ stock images have emerged and they give you a much better idea of all the detailing in the charms. Consequently today I’m offering an updated preview of the Pandora Fall 2014 collection! I also have details on US pricing – although none on other currencies as of yet. If anyone has any info on the British or Australian prices in particular, please don’t hesitate to share. ;) This preview encompasses all the charms that will be released – a post on the other jewellery will probably be up later in the week.

This collection will be titled Discover Autumn’s Radiance in the US and is due to be released worldwide on the 28th of August. 

pandora autumn 2014 mystic floral

So that you can get the full benefit of the enhanced resolution, I’ve listed the stock images individually. You can click on any of the stock images to enlarge them!

Pandora Autumn 2014

First up is a charm we’ve not seen before! This is a charm very similar to the Pandora Summer 2014 collection’s Australian charm – however, this one honours New Zealand, with a depiction of a kiwi bird and a fern. I personally really like this one, as the kiwi bird design is simple but very cute! The previous Australia charm was not available in the US and Canada, and I suspect the same will be true for this one.pandora autumn fall 2014

Leather Bracelet

While the Winter 2014 collection contains a number of new bracelet designs, the Autumn 2014 collection will see the release of this one new double leather bracelet in dark blue. I love the leather bracelets, and I’m really pleased to see a new colour making its debut. This is set to be $45 USD – I expect that it will be priced at £45 in the UK, the same as the other double leathers.

pandora autumn fall 2014


Some of my favourites from this collection are the new floral decorative pieces, which are based on autumnal leaf and floral designs. <3 The Shimmering Leaves charm will cost $55 USD.

Pandora autumn fall 2014 collection

There will also be an accompanying Shimmering Leaves clip – this will also set you back $55 USD.pandora autumn fall 2014The Inner Radiance is a gorgeously elegant charm – you can see where its name comes from, as the design features a golden cubic zirconia at its centre and a radius of clear cubic zirconia blossoming from it. This little beauty will cost $65 USD.

pandora autumn fall 2014

The golden honey tones of this autumnal collection are echoed in a new colour of the popular Pavé Lights series. As usual, this will cost $65 USD.pandora autumn fall 2014 The older pendant version of the Pandora Fleur de Lis has been replaced by this new one – a much more detailed and sophisticated take on the emblem. However, I do miss something of the pretty simplicity of the original. In any case, this will cost $45 USD.pandora fall autumn 2014The Mystic Flower features a mix of black and white enamel and will cost $50 USD.

pandora autumn fall 2014

The Mystic Floral series is, in my opinion, absolutely stunning. I love pretty much all of these pieces and it’s going to be hard picking which ones I’ll eventually get. There are two versions of the Mystic Floral charm – one with black enamel petals and a cubic zirconia only at the centre of each flower. This charm will cost $55 USD.pandora autumn fall 2014The other has cubic zirconia adorning all the petals and will cost $5 more, at $60 USD.pandora autumn fall 2014 There will be an accompanying clip, which also features black enamel and cubic zirconia detailing. This will be $55 USD.pandora autumn fall 2014
Now, this piece is possibly my favourite of the collection – going on stock images alone. Unless I really don’t like it in person, this is the charm I expect that I’ll get first from this release! I love the intricate floral detailing and the heart lock motif. It’s set to cost $45 USD.pandora autumn fall 2014

I didn’t pay much attention to the Evening Floral in my initial preview, but seeing it in HQ has really made me appreciate how gorgeous this charm is. It features some simple, but lovely nonetheless, two-tone detailing and features a beautifully-understated design. This will cost $65 USD.pandora autumn fall 2014

I also very much like the new Laurel Leaves pendant, which features an amber cubic zirconia surrounded by silver laurel detailing. This will be $65 USD.pandora autumn fall 2014


No Pandora collection would be complete without some cute animals! The Bear Hug is a very sweet offering indeed, featuring a little two-tone detailing in the form of a 14kt gold heart. This one is priced at $65 USD.

pandora autumn fall 2014

The Penguin Family also features two cute animals together – this time picked out in black enamel detailing. I’m not sure I quite like how the baby penguin just blends into its mother (or father, I suppose). This one will cost $35.pandora autumn fall 2014

However, they aren’t all ‘cute’ designs, as we shall see. The Safari and King of the Jungle feature some gorgeous detailing that deviates from the more cutesy look of some Pandora animals, which is very refreshing to see! This is priced at $50 USD.

pandora autumn fall 2014

The King of the Jungle is a very dignified looking fellow, and I love the crown detailing. I much prefer this one to the original Pandora lion head (long retired now), which featured cubic zirconia for eyes. This is priced at $45 USD.pandora autumn fall 2014

One of my readers mentioned how much she would like to see more dog breeds from Pandora, and it’s something I’ve written about before, too – I’d love to have a spaniel charm to represent my two dogs! The Labrador charm is a start, however, and features a little cubic zirconia in his collar. This will set you back $40 USD.pandora autumn fall 2014There was initially some speculation that this charm was a hummingbird from initial live shots, but I was slightly disappointed to find out it was actually a dove. However, the design itself is pretty, and features some (light brown?) cubic zirconia detailing at the top. This is priced at $45 USD.pandora autumn fall 2014The Rocking Horse is another sweet design, but seems more apt to me for Christmas than for Autumn! This charm will cost $50 USD.pandora autumn fall 2014

Love and Faith

An instant favourite with fans, the Love and Guidance wing pendant is an incredibly striking piece. It’s elegant, but dramatic – more than capable of being worn on its own. This will cost $60.

pandora autumn fall 2014

This charm offers another take on the quintessential Pandora puffy heart design, and has ‘Princess’ written on the back. It comes with a high price ticket at $90 USD.pandora autumn fall 2014

The Inspiration Within spacer will cost $30 USD.pandora autumn fall 2014

The Menorah is simply but nicely conceptualised and will cost $35 USD.pandora autumn fall 2014
I’m never overly keen on realistic miniature faces, and I’m not quite sure that I like the look of the Holy Family‘s detailing. In any case, it’s a sweet concept and it will cost $40 USD.pandora autumn fall 2014The Special Sister pendant works much like the existing Mother/Daughter and Best Friends pendants – it comes apart and the two halves can be worn separately. This will cost $60 USD.

pandora autumn fall 2014The Family Bonds charm features an unusual aesthetic from Pandora, with a vivid deep pink enamel background and shadowy silver figures set against it. It will cost $50 USD.

pandora autumn fall 2014Pandora debuted a ‘LOVE’ charm much like these two in its Valentine’s Day 2014 collection – now, to complement the original, we have matching Faith and Hope charms. These will also cost $55 USD.

pandora autumn fall 2014 pandora autumn fall 2014The existing In My Heart pavé heart charm gets an update with a synthetic ruby – this version is priced at $70 USD.

pandora autumn fall 2014

Around the World

Next up, we have the usual selection of cultural charms. My favourites of this collection are the adorable Japanese and Korean Doll charms (in that order) – they are just adorable, and are a great example of when Pandora gets enamel detailing right. These will cost $45 USD each.

pandora autumn fall 2014 pandora autumn fall 2014

You may remember the failed Pandora Australia map charm that was due out with the Autumn 2013 collection. It had many errors, and was withdrawn from production. Instead, it looks like it will be replaced with this Australian flag heart design (which, incidentally, I do think I prefer). This charm is set to be $50 USD, the same as the original map charm.pandora autumn fall 2014

The Noble Splendour is an elegant silver crown pendant – one which will also be making its debut in rose silver as part of the Pandora Rose collection in October! The silver version is set to cost $35 USD.pandora fall autumn 2014

Next up for headgear is something slightly less regal – the Sombrero. This fun dangle will cost $40 USD.

pandora autumn fall 2014

The Corno is a traditional Italian symbol, and has already seen limited release in Naples. It will cost $35 USD.

pandora autumn fall 2014

Hobbies and Passions

The First Dance charm is one in a series celebrating weddings and marriage from Pandora and will cost $40 USD. I do particularly like this one, as it captures a particular moment, and not just the occasion over all – it’s a bit more tangible, in some ways.

pandora autumn fall 2014

The Ballerina is another of my favourites – I have never been particularly blessed in the way of gracefulness, but I love this charm anyway! This will cost $45 USD.pandora autumn fall 2014

The Treble Clef is the perfect charm for any music lover, although I’m not overly keen on the abundance of cubic zirconia in the design. It will cost $50 USD.pandora autumn fall 2014Next up, we have a couple of winter charms. The first is the Snowboarder, which features red enamel detailing on the snowboard itself. It’s priced at $40 USD.

pandora autumn fall 2014The Skiis are very cute and offer the miniature detailing typical of Pandora – these are priced at $40 USD.

pandora autumn fall 2014The Pandora Signature series offers a further representation of one’s love for Pandora (if wearing the bracelet itself just isn’t enough) – although, as I have said before, I think the Shopping Bag charm is perhaps a tad cuter. This will cost $50 USD.

pandora autumn fall 2014

14kt Gold

It’s not much, but at least it is something – there are two 14kt gold pieces debuting for the Pandora gold lovers out there. The Mystic Serenity is a semi-spacer, and is a nice, but not extraordinary, decorative piece. This is $215 USD.

pandora autumn fall 2014

Next, we have the In the Spotlight charm, priced at $325 USD. This has a lot of cubic zirconia detailing, which is likely to be polemical amongst gold collectors, who typically prefer not to mix their gold and their cubic zirconia stones – a position that I can very much understand.pandora autumn fall 2014

My Comment

Of this collection, the highlight for me is most probably the floral pieces – to me, they offer a lovely combination of the simple elegance of earlier Pandora designs with some of the increased sophistication and detailing of the newer pieces. I also really love the fun in this release – there’s a big variety of styles, colours and themes outside of the main autumnal colour scheme. The King of the Jungle and the Dolls are particularly great.

On the other hand, I do wish that there were more plain silver, two-tone and gold designs without the addition of either enamel or cubic zirconia. While Pandora are very good at utilising both, it would be nice to see more of a balance.

Are you excited for the upcoming collection? Are there any must-haves here for you?

23 Comments on Preview: Pandora Autumn/Fall 2014 Pricing and HQ Images

  1. Thanks for this update! I love your blog and it is essential to my obsessive Pandora-ing lol My must have is the Safari bead and I will probably buy it even if I have no particular plans for it lol The next on my list would have to be the black enamel mystic flower since I have started a black theme bracelet and I also have several cloisonné type bracelets that this bead reminds me of.

    • Haha, you’re welcome! I love the Safari bead, too; it’s different to their usual designs. ^^ I know that I’ll be getting the Floral Heart Padlock and probably the black enamel Mystic Flower, too – I had to Google ‘cloisonné’ as I’d never heard of it but there are some beautiful pieces! I can see why the flower reminds you of it. ^^ I’ll also probably also get one of the Dolls, even if like you I have no plans for it! ;)
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. I think I will get King of the Jungle the day it comes out since big cats are my favorite zoo animal. I love the blue leather, but I would prefer a single. The double may be too much for me. I wish the leathers came in extra small.

    • The King of the Jungle is great – one of the charms I’m really looking forward to seeing in person! My day one purchase will probably be the Floral Heart Padlock. <3 I'm also surprised that the blue leather is not going to be immediately available in single wrap at least – perhaps the double wrap bracelets are the most popular. :/ Hopefully if the blue leather sells well they'll release it in single and triple wrap, too!

  3. Thanks for posting the prices! I only started collecting Pandora in December last year and while I was initially drawn to the new style designs, I am starting to realise why long term collectors are disappointed in all the CZ being used instead of natural stones. Like you said, I think that Pandora need to tone down the CZ and enamel too, it’s borderline tacky in some cases. I especially dislike the new “Princess” charm…it looks childish. I do like some of the pieces though, and am going to purchase the Floral Heart Padlock first from this collection too!

    • I think you’re right – especially about the slightly tacky look of some of the charms (I’m not overly keen on Princess either). It’s a bit of a sore issue with collectors at this point – a lot of long-term fans have started to dabble in other brands. :/ While some of the new of the cubic zirconia and enamel pieces are great (i.e. the Dolls and the Ballerina from this collection), I think that Pandora use them even in cases where it doesn’t add anything to the look of the charm, except to push the price up. Even the gold charms have cubic zirconia in, which seems something of a low point. Consequently, I’d really love to see some genuine stones return to Pandora’s collection (although I’m pretty sure that will not happen) or just a reduction in the use of cubic zirconia in particular!
      The only thing you can say is that it obviously is selling, or they wouldn’t be doing it, I suppose. :/

  4. I am so sorry. Yesterday, I have been trying to comment here but each time I type a few words, I got distracted by my managers :( Omigosh. The Evening Floral is so pretty ! Dove of Peace, Bear hug, Japanese and Korean dolls! LOL! Thanks for updating us with so many pictures and prices too xoxoxo :D Cannot wait to see it in person :D

    • Hehe, no need to apologise – you got here in the end! ;) I’m also dying to see it all in person – not long now! I’m going on holiday for a week on Tuesday so it’ll basically be out for when I come back :D xxxx

  5. Hi
    Do you know if they will be offered in all the Pandora stores or just specific ones such as Concept stores?

    • Hi Janet,
      I’m not aware of any limited distribution for the Autumn collection, so they should be available in all Pandora stores. Sometimes Pandora in the US limits certain charms to concept stores or shop-in-shops, but I don’t think that’s the case for this collection. If it proves otherwise, I will let you know. :) Ellie

  6. Does anyone know the GBP prices? maybe a stupid question, but I want to know how much I’m spending on the 28th !! :)

    • I don’t have official confirmation on GBP prices for the whole collection, I’m afraid :( for some reason most of the information that gets leaked or sent to me is from the US. I’ve been told some – i.e. the Floral Heart Padlock, Labrador and King of the Jungle will be £30, the Penguin Family and Dove of Peace will be £35, the ruby In My Heart will be £55, the Princess will be £65 – but I don’t have official confirmation on those or all the collection’s prices.

  7. I’ve heard that the blue leather bracelet is coming out in the Fall collection is there any truth to that ?

  8. I think most of these will be on my wish list.. Came across your blog yesterday and I am hooked.. Bought my first pandora bracelet last week and only have 3 charms so far but my wish list is getting bigger and bigger.. Going to be needing more than one bracelet I think :) xx

    • Ah, how exciting – welcome to the incredibly addictive world of Pandora! ;) I love this collection, too – I think it’s probably my favourite so far this year. :D So many pretty things! xx

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