*UPDATED with live image* Today I’m previewing the upcoming two-tone bangle from Pandora! This gorgeous piece has been a request from Pandora collectors ever since the debut of the silver bangle last summer and it’s no surprise that Pandora are coming out with one. The bangle is scheduled to debut with the Winter 2014 collection, which will be released on the 31st of October.

Two-Tone Bangle

The bangle itself remains sterling silver – however, the clasp is a stunning 14kt yellow gold. In the picture below, it’s styled with some existing gold pavé charms and the new Sparkling Bloom gold charm, which is also scheduled to debut with the Winter 2014 collection.
pandora winter 2014

The bangle will be priced at the same amount as the existing two-tone barrel clasp bracelet – that’s $325 USD or £275 GBP. Consequently, it’s not going to be for everyone (certainly not for me! :() – perhaps the new two-tone Pandora Rose bracelet could offer a more affordable option for those looking for a duo-tone effect on a smaller budget.

pandora two-tone bangle

It will also be available in the same sizes as the existing bangle – 17 cm, 19 cm and 21 cm.

*UPDATE* Pandora have posted this lovely shot of the two-tone bangle in their Pandora Universe section of Pandora.net.

pandora winter 2014

*UPDATE* 04/09/14: The latest edition of Pandora magazine has revealed two new beautiful shots of the two-tone bangle. It looks great with the honey autumn colours – if only it was within my reach!

pandora autumn 2014 two-tone bangle 2

It’s a shame that it won’t be out until Winter 2014 – it does look so beautiful paired with the Autumn 2014 pieces:

pandora autumn 2014 two-tone bangle b

My Comment

While I do own one of Pandora’s snake chain two-tone bracelets, I only managed to get it because it was half price in a stock clearance sale – I don’t think I could ever face spending £275 in one go! (And yet I’m sure I’d be approaching that easily if I totted up all my charm purchases in recent months… :S). Consequently, while this is undoubtedly a gorgeous bracelet, I doubt I’ll be indulging.

However, the bangle is stunning – and if it were more affordable, I probably would get it. It’s pretty enough that it would look beautiful worn on its own, too.

Do you like this piece? Will you be getting the bangle when it comes out?

4 Comments on Preview: Pandora Two-Tone Bangle for Winter 2014

  1. I agree – it’s stunning. Hoping to get one as GWP if the bracelet promotion for two-tone continues next year! I would love a Rose Gold two-tone, too….hopefully, that will follow soon!

    • Ah, a rose gold two-tone bangle would be so pretty! I have the existing plated Pandora Rose bracelet – it would be great if they made a solid rose gold version of that, too. I’d just like more rose gold in general. ^^
      Thanks for commenting! :)

  2. Mora Pandora, I’m curious which bracelet you’re talking about that you have? A Pandora rose bracelet? It sounds lovely, I just have to know what exactly you’re referring to. :)

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