Today’s post details the jewellery pieces that will be coming out with the Pandora Autumn 2014 collection, including rings, earrings and pendants – and also lists their prices in US dollars. The Autumn collection is entitled Discover Autumn’s Radiance and is scheduled to debut soon on the 28th of August! I have managed to source some HQ images for most of these pieces, so feel free to click all the collages to see them up close.

pandora fall 2014

Also, just FYI – I’m on holiday for a week from today. Posts will still be going up (touch wood) as I’ve scheduled them, but I may take a little longer to reply to comments, depending on what my WiFi situation is. ;)


I personally find the rings to be the stand-out of the Autumn jewellery collections. I love the delicacy of the Mystic Floral rings, while statement pieces such as the Sparkling Braids and Entwined rings are stunning. I also really like the name of the Midnight Star ring, which is a little weird, I suppose. ;)

It’s worth noting that the Sparkling Braids ring is set to be a Jared’s Exclusive charm in the US. This won’t affect its distribution in any other region, however.pandora autumn 2014 rings

Prices in US dollars are as follows (in price order):

 Mystic Floral (without pearl): $50

Laurel Wreath (silver): $55

Mystic Floral (with pearl): $60

Shimmering Leaves (single band): $60

Pandora Signature: $75

Laurel Wreath (two-tone): $80

Midnight Star: $85

Sparkling Leaves (large ring): $90

Entwined: $135

Symbol of Love: $150

Sparkling Braids: $150

Forever: $350


My favourites of the earrings are the exquisitely delicate Mystic Floral drops, yet again – the whole Mystic collection is just lovely.

pandora fall 2014

Prices in US dollars as follows:

Midnight Star: $50

Shimmering Leaves (small): $55

Pandora Signature (studs): $60

Pandora Signature (hoops): $85

Mystic Floral: $85

Shimming Leaves (pendant earrings): $100

Necklaces & Pendants

There will also be a selection of accompanying necklaces and pendants – I really do love all of these, and if my budget wasn’t consumed by need for charms and more charms, I’d happily wear any of them.

pandora fall 2014

Prices in US dollars are as follows:

 Pandora Signature pendant  S45

Midnight Star – $60

Mystic Floral – $120

Shimmering Leaves – $125

My Comment

I still love the Autumn collection best of Pandora’s releases for 2014, and I think these accompanying pieces are really very lovely – especially the Midnight Star and the Mystic Floral ranges. The rings are particularly stunning, and it’s not hard to see why they are seeing so much growth in sales.

What do you think of these Autumn jewellery pieces? Are any of them making their way on to your wish list?

9 Comments on Preview: Pandora Autumn / Fall 2014 Jewellery with Pricing

  1. Do you happen to know what kind of stone the Midnight Star ring has? :) is it cz? Thanks for your updates by the way, I check your website all the time!

    • Oh, lovely! <3 I've seen some absolutely gorgeous shots of the King of the Jungle – he's shot up to the top of my wish list from this collection. Roll on tomorrow! ^^

  2. I wonder how big the Pandora Signature studs are? Are they small enough to wear with another earring in the same ear or are they big enough to wear alone? Cannot wait to see them in person! :) They sorta remind me of what Chanel did with a pair of their earring studs.

    • Ah, sorry – I didn’t notice that when I was in store today! I get the impression from the stock image that they’re probably quite sizeable and could be worn on their own, however. :)

  3. Hi Ellie! Loving your blog! I was wondering if you knew where I can purchase the sparkling braids ring. I’ve looked into the Jared’s website cause I’ve seen that it was a Jared’s exclusive. Maybe you can help me with this.

    Thanks Ellie!

    • Hi Sara! Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been a little snowed under lately. :)
      How strange – it looks like the Jared’s website hasn’t listed it, although it does have the rest of the Autumn 2014 collection. I assume that you’re in the US, so possibly it’s only available in physical stores? You could try giving them a ring or emailing them to find out? Unfortunately I can’t do this for you as I’m not in the US! :(
      I’m really sorry that I can’t help you more – I’m sure you’ll find it, however. :)

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