In addition to the Pandora Autumn 2014 collection, today sees the debut of the Pandora Essence Autumn 2014 collection! This release has received a very positive reaction from fans, and I personally think it’s a strong offering indeed from Pandora – it features a really vibrant mixture of colours and textures, and serves to expand the scope of Pandora Essence collection substantially.

pandora essence autumn-fall 2014

Since the Pandora website has updated with some gorgeous new HQ stock images, I’m running through the new charms individually, with prices in US dollars and GBP. I’ll also be looking at a few live shots of the new charms. ^^

The Collection

The collection consists of twelve new charms: four two-tone designs; four stone designs; and four silver designs.

The Creativity charm is one of my favourites from this collection (although I can dream on with the price point on these!) and costs $170 or £160.

pandora essence creativity

The Dignity charm features a smooth 14kt gold surface, studded with cubic zirconia – this should make for a nice contrast in person. It is priced at $190 USD or £185.pandora essence dignity

The Intuition charm is another plain two-tone design, for those who dislike additional cubic zirconia detailing. It is priced at $150 or £135.

pandora essence intuition

The Sensitivity charm is a stunning 14kt gold re-design of the silver Pandora Essence Wisdom charm, and will cost $190 or £160.

pandora essence sensitivity

The new stone designs are similarly gorgeous. The Optimism charm is constructed from lemon quartz and costs $50 or £40.

pandora essence optimism

The Belief charm is made from snowflake Obsidian stone (a rock formed from cooled lava, fyi) and is priced at $50 or £40!

pandora essence belief

The Patience charm is a lovely pastel blue, formed from blue agate. This is priced at $50 or £40.

pandora essence patience

The Caring charm is very similar to the existing moonstone Love charm, but it is a more matte pink and is made from reconstructed rose quartz. It’s priced at $40 – in the UK, however, it is currently only available as part of a bundle with the Pandora Essence silver snake chain bracelet for £69.

pandora essence caring

Next up are the four new silver charms. The Generosity charm is Pandora Essence’s answer to the regular Pavé Lights series – it costs $65 or £50.

pandora essence generosity

The Pandora Essence Dedication charm features cubic zirconia detailing and retails for $65 or £50.

pandora essence dedication

The Spirituality charm is one of my favourites from this collection – I love the simplicity of the silver design. It costs $35 or £35, so there’s quite a price difference between regions.

pandora essence spirituality

Finally for the new silver charms, we have the Curiosity charm, priced at $35 or £30.

pandora essence curiosity

Additionally, I posted a couple of months ago about an upcoming re-design of the Pandora Essence Balance charm. The new charm has been released with the Essence Autumn 2014 collection, and features a new yin and yang design instead of the original grey moonstone. This new version is retailing for $75 or £55.

pandora essence autumn 2014

Live Shots

The live shots from the collection have mostly concentrated on the new two-tone Pandora Essence charms – and rightly so, as they are undoubtedly the highlight of the collection.

Image by Pandora Freehold
Image by Pandora Freehold

However, the new stone designs are also lovely, as you can see in the lovely shot captured by the Pandora store at Mic Mac mall. Click on any of these images to cycle through the gallery.

My Comment

This is a collection that makes me really warm to the Pandora Essence range – the addition of two-tone Essence charms was a great idea, and demonstrates Pandora’s commitment to developing what the Essence range has to offer. In person, the charms are even more gorgeous and I just love the range of colours and styles, which promise to suit a range of tastes. In fact, having seen this collection, I finally caved last week on holiday and got the Pandora Essence silver snake chain bracelet. I’m excited to see what else they are going to come up with for the Essence range, as this collection has not disappointed!

That being said, the premium on prices in the UK continues to be something of a drawback – and I don’t blame dedicated Pandora collectors in the UK for importing their charms.

Are you a fan of this collection? Will you be getting any pieces from it?

6 Comments on Pandora Essence Autumn/Fall 2014 Collection released!

  1. I can’t say that the Essence collection has held much interest for me…. until now. I found the first charms to be pretty boring, truthfully. I’m loving the Creativity charm, though, and a few others have caught my eye. The price tag is a bit high for me at this point, but the collection is showing enough potential that I may consider it down the road.

    • Mm, I completely get where you’re coming from – I wasn’t instantly enthused by Essence. I liked the first collection fine, but, as you say, I really enjoyed the variety of the regular Moments collection and wasn’t convinced about investing in the Essence bracelet. I’ll be honest and say that the Summer Zodiac collection didn’t really help my confidence in the line. However, this Autumn collection has definitely caught my interest – ‘potential’ is the word for Essence and I’m now really looking forward to what they come up with for future collections!

  2. I have ordered 3 from this collection, optimism, belief and spirituality. I have managed to get them from overseas so have not had to pay Uk prices. Just seeing the dollar v £ on each item gets me every time! So unfair ?

    • The discrepancy is incredible on some pieces – $190 USD versus £180 for the Dignity charm? :o Which means that we pay roughly £65 more! I’m also considering getting some from overseas, as I love so much of the Autumn release but the prices here seem higher than ever. :/
      In any case, great choices! Look forward to seeing what you come up with. :)

      • I ordered the pieces I wanted from the autumn collection last night, I saved so much money!

        I also saw there will be an essence necklace, that appeals to me a lot as I find the moments necklace far too heavy.

        • Oh, well done, I bought two pieces on the day just because I couldn’t resist but I think my wish list is too long to keep doing that. ;)
          Yeah, the Essence necklace looks like it will be really nice! I don’t think the Moments chain really works as a necklace, either – it’s kind of chunky. The Essence charms would work really well on a necklace, too, I think. :D

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