*UPDATED with more live shots!* Today is an exciting one for Pandora collectors, as the much-anticipated Pandora Autumn 2014 release is out worldwide! The collection, entitled Discover Autumn’s Radiance, is most probably my favourite of the year and features some gorgeous honey tones and autumnal leaf designs. It also has a few beautifully quirky and unusual pieces, such as the King of the Jungle – for a full overview of the collection, please see my post here!

To celebrate, I’m having a look at the lovely campaign images for this collection and some live shots of its highlights. I’ll be doing a separate post on the Pandora Essence Autumn 2014 release, so look out for that later! :)

Campaign Images

The campaign images for the Autumn 2014 collection are, in contrast to last year’s striking emerald green, a soft beige colour – representing the golden autumnal, leafy designs that characterise the release. Click on any image in the gallery to enlarge it!

UK Autumn Release

In the UK, the new synthetic ruby version of the In My Heart charm is being marketed as the new British Heart Foundation charm, with a percentage from each sale going to the charity.

pandora british heart foundation charm

Additionally, the pendant version of the Pandora Signature mini-collection seems to only be available as part of a starter bracelet gift set right now. The bracelet set, as per usual, will retail for £99.

pandora signature bracelet set

I’m also a little disappointed with some of the high UK prices – for example, it will be £40 for the Floral Heart Padlock, which, although large, is still all silver.

Live Shots

As ever, there are some gorgeous live shots of the collection being uploaded to social media from various retailers! I’ve collated some here for you – hopefully I’ll be to post some of my own later on in the day. See below for some of my own pictures!

*UPDATED*I’ve now been to the store and had a look at all the pieces – and I’m even more in love. The floral pieces and the lovely golden tones are just beautiful in person. I was good and only bought two pieces to start with: the Floral Heart Padlock and the Ballerina.

pandora floral heart padlock pandora ballerina

I also took pictures of lots of the collection itself! Click them to enlarge them.

pandora autumn 2014 live shot 1

pandora autumn 2014 live shot 2


I’ve included the rest of the pictures as a gallery – click to scroll through them. The colouring is a little off, just because the lighting in the store was not brilliant at all. Sorry about that!

My Comment

I for one am pretty excited for this collection, and I’ll be going to see it in person this morning! My favourites from it are many, but I particularly like the popular Floral Heart Padlock, the King of the Jungle, the Mystic Florals and the Dolls. :D The prices are a little steep, but I’m sure I’ll come away with something just the same, haha.

Did you like this collection? Have you got/will you be getting anything from it? :D

18 Comments on The Pandora Autumn/Fall 2014 collection is released!

  1. Thanks for the post! I have been checking your blog throughout the day waiting for this :D I picked up the Dove of Peace dangle last week as my local store got the collection in a little early (: I love so many pieces from this collection but I think I will get the first dance , bear hug , love and guidance and inner radiance. I would also like the king of the jungle charm and the safari charm but I am fairly new to pandora (I got my first bracelet a little over a month ago, it has space for one more charm!) so I’m not really sure how I would incorporate that into a bracelet, and with my next bracelet I would like to stick to a theme.

    • Haha, that is lovely to hear! :D I’ve just got back from the store and I’m with you – I love so much of this collection. Definitely my favourite of the year. It was difficult to know what to choose for my first pieces, but I went with the Floral Heart Padlock and the Ballerina to start with. On top of that, I still want to get the Dove, the Mystic Floral charms and the King of the Jungle for sure. Having said that, the Love and Guidance and Inner Radiance were stunning in person – and the Bear Hug charm was just adorable! So I love your choices!
      Wow, that’s good going for a month – Pandora is incredibly addictive, haha. I get the whole theme conundrum – although I’ve got to the point where I have just accepted that I will probably start a new bracelet if a charm I want doesn’t fit with my existing collection. ^^

    • I’ve just got back from the store, and I loved the King of the Jungle in person. He’s definitely on my wishlist – for now I got the Floral Heart Padlock and the Ballerina, as they were just so pretty up close. I know that I’ll be back, though. ;)

  2. I’m loving all the rings!!! Simply beautiful. I am in love with the sparkling braids but can’t find it on Jared’s website. Hopefully it’s on throughout the day. Besides that, truly loving your blog! Thanks for all the update! The best! Have a great day.

    • The rings were stunning in person! :D I particularly love the Mystic Floral rings, as I love pearls and florals. It’s a shame that they limit distribution in the US – it just makes it a bit awkward!
      Thanks for reading and commenting! <3 Enjoy your day, too, and I hope that your ring is uploaded soon. ^^

  3. I got the floral padlock which is $45 in the US. I plan on getting the yellow murano and the dove in the near future

  4. I’m looking at buying the bear hug charm.. It looks so cute.. Is this a permanent collection? Unsure as whether to hold off until the promotion is on for the free bracelet and go crazy and buy a few charms lol. Or just buy the bear hug one now and then still go crazy when the promotion is on.. I’ve seen a few people comment that it’s October but I was in pandora earlier in the week and the assistant told me September.. Hope it’s soon anyway lol xx

    • The Bear Hug is adorable – even more so in person than in the stock picture! ^^ Yes, this is a permanent collection, so feel free to wait for the promo, if you can resist the new charms. ;)
      Oh, I know, there’s been so much confusion with this bracelet promo! I think it’s been re-shuffled several times now since its original July date – I’ve heard both October and September. I’ve contacted Pandora to ask them, so I’ll let you know if they’re any more forthcoming haha. xx

  5. Hi
    Thanks so much for posting this and for taking the additional time to update with pictures. The collection looks lovely, and I can hardly wait to see them in person on the weekend.

    • Hi Janet! You’re very welcome – thank you for reading and commenting! I’m sure you’ll love them in person, too – I couldn’t wait to see them either and they didn’t disappoint haha.

  6. None of the charms are calling out to me at the moment but I am dying for the large Sparkling Leaves ring. Went yesterday but my store didn’t have them on the floor yet. I like the Sparkling Leaves clip too, but I think I can hold out until the bracelet promo on that one My stores have said Sept. 18-21, if that helps anyone – I am in Canada.

    • At least you can save some money this time around haha. Unfortunately I want far too much from this collection ;) The Sparkling Leaves collection is really lovely; I love the gorgeous statement rings that Pandora are releasing right now. Oh, thank you – there’s also going to be a bracelet promo here in the UK but the dates are a little unclear for that unfortunately :/

  7. Thank you for your wonderful updates, I really like the honey tones of the new murano. I usually wait on every release and buy my charms after a few months, I find my initial “must have it” feeling can sometimes fade and my true “love it” charms remain.

    • Thank you for reading! ^^ That’s such a good policy, and I would stick to it too if I had the will power! ;) However, I do find that, if I can’t afford everything I want when a new collection comes out, after a little while the excitement wears off and I’m just content with what I have. So I suppose I’m a partial adopter, haha. My wish list starts out huge, and gets smaller as time goes on!

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