Today I’m starting off my Pandora Autumn 2014 reviews with an in-depth look at the popular Floral Heart Padlock charm! This charm was one of my day-one purchases from the collection and has quickly become one of the Autumn collection’s iconic pieces – it features the intricate floral motifs that are present in many of the charms, and yet offers a slight twist on that theme which makes it distinctive from the others. The floral patterning is melded with one of Pandora’s popular designs, the heart padlock.

pandora autumn fall 2014

The Charm

The Floral Heart Padlock has been slightly divisive among collectors. When the stock images first came out, this was instantly a popular design; despite this, when the first live images emerged, some disliked the charm’s execution – expressing concerns about its size and potentially dull-looking oxidised detail. I was also slightly concerned about both of these things, and I went to my local store fully prepared to be disappointed. However, I was actually pleasantly surprised when I saw the charm in person!

It is highly oxidised in its finish, which does give it a darker aesthetic than your typical Pandora silver charm. Despite this, I have found that the light still hits the bright polished outlines of the flowers to create a pretty contrast to the darker detailing, and the overall look isn’t dull or unattractive.

pandora autumn 2014

The charm is an openwork, featuring a pretty pattern of flowers and leaves enmeshed together, and looks light and delicate on a bracelet chain. However this does also lead on to one of my only reservations, which is the high price tag on this one. I can appreciate that it features a lot more detail and intricacy than a typical openwork charm, but the jump is still too high, IMO. An openwork in the UK is typically £25 – this one is £40.

pandora autumn 2014

Looking at the charm from this angle can make it seem bulky, but in reality it isn’t. Its overall appearance is delicate, and is no bigger than a typical Pandora charm, as you’ll see in the styling pictures below.

pandora floral heart padlock from autumn 2014

The hallmarks are on the side of the charm, with ‘ALE’ written on one side and the ‘S925’ on the other.

pandora autumn 2014


However, despite how much I am drawn to the lovely intricacy of this charm’s design, when I came to styling it I found myself a little stumped. I knew how I wanted to use it in my personal collection, which was on my Pandora Rose bracelet. I’m going for a pretty-in-pink-ish feel, and the delicacy of the Floral Heart Padlock fitted very nicely with this and with the floral clips:

pandora autumn 2014

I don’t actually have many warm-toned pieces in my collection – I tend to favour purples, blues and, of course, pinks. Consequently the Pandora Rose pieces were the only pieces I had to encapsulate the warmer, honey-hued look that Pandora went for in their pictures – the rose gold is perfect as a representation of golden leaves. However that’s not quite how I have used them in this design, as I love the pinker metal in combination with other pink pieces.

pandora floral heart padlock-7

But I was a bit stuck for other ideas. It would look gorgeous utilised in designs based on Pandora’s own stylings, combined with other Autumn 2014 pieces that match it for intricacy, such as the Mystic Florals. I find that, unlike many of Pandora’s designs, it has a certain edge to it – it is not at all cutesy. The flower Pandora charms that I already own don’t really match it for that realistic detail. Consequently, when I was looking for other charms to style with it, I wasn’t really satisfied with many of them.

pandora autumn 2014 campaign 2

As a result, I went deliberately for a simple design that worked from that difference in style. The Cherry Blossom and Darling Daisy clips are much simpler in design, as is the pretty butterfly openwork. The darker leather purple bracelet emphasised the darker oxidised detail in the charm, while providing a contrast to the lighter pink and white floral clips.

pandora floral heart padlock 5a

Additionally I re-visited some of my original ideas for Pandora Spring 2014 stylings; the charm, with its flowers and leaves, also works with its butterfly garden theme. Its delicate floral motif blends perfectly with the gorgeous Butterfly Kisses muranos.

pandora autumn 2014


This is one of the Autumn collection’s most distinctive pieces, refreshing a typical floral pattern by combining it with a lovely heart padlock design. It has a level of sophisticated, realistic detail that is unusual for a charm by Pandora; while this did make it hard for me to match with my existing collection, it is a gorgeous design.

The Floral Heart Padlock is $45 USD or £40 in the UK. If you’re in the UK you can purchase it, and the rest of the Pandora Autumn collection, from the fab John Greed Jewellery. Their pages for each charm have a ‘Spin me’ feature that’s great for giving a 360 degree look at each individual piece from the release, too.

Are you fan of this charm? If you have it, what pieces have you styled it with?

18 Comments on Review: Floral Heart Padlock from Pandora Autumn 2014

    • No, I haven’t noticed it doing that in the same way as the regular hearts – the loop at the top of it seems to help to keep it in place. It’s also much lighter than the other heart charms, as it’s an openwork, so I think the weight is more evenly distributed.

  1. Sorry this is off topic but wanted to give you an update. My hubby just returned from the US (back to Germany) and he was able to purchase the I Love to Travel charm on the plane. He flew United. I seem to remember when the charm first came out it didn’t include any US airlines or flights to the US. So yay! Its very cute! Comes with the airplane charm, $85. TUIfly has it on their website still but they’re selling it with the airplane charm and camera charm for 75 Euro.

    • Oh that’s great news! Glad you managed to get one – it’s even cuter than the original suitcase charm, I think! <3 No, you're right – United and US airlines weren't on the list. I'll update my original post to note that additional airlines have been added. Hmm TUIfly must have changed their deal – when I got mine, it too included the plane and suitcase, which was better. Thanks very much for the additional info! :D

  2. I just bought this one at a bracelet promo presale (meaning, I paid for it, but don’t get to bring it home just yet). I put it on an oxidized bracelet, flanked by 2 of the darker flowered Mystic Floral beads. I’d like to add 2 of the black effervescence muranos to it when they come out. I was also able to locate 2 rhodium sphear clips online, that I’ll add to it. I was going for something dark and a little edgy, though A Midsummer’s Night Dream keeps coming to mind. I really fell in love with this charm. I hope it becomes so wildly popular that it sends a clear message to Pandora. Enough with the recycling of the tired tried and true stuff. Use some wit and imagination, and bring out new, fresh designs. And guess what? We’ll buy them!

    • Oh that sounds perfect. I’m also wanting a black Mystic Floral to go with mine. It definitely has that edgier look – it doesn’t quite fit with many of my existing ‘cutesier’ charms. I’m so looking forward to seeing the new Black Effervescence in person – it looks like it has some beautiful iridescent colours running through it. Should be lovely, I think. I also love the idea of a Midsummer’s bracelet – I instantly think of shimmering muranos and flowers… but with a slight edge ^^
      I completely agree with you! It would be great to see more charms like this one, charms which have a distinctive aesthetic and personality. This charm instantly stood out from the rest, and for good reason!

      • I picked up my new bracelet yesterday. L.O.V.E.! I wound up swapping out the rhodium sphere clips for a retired rhodium Midnight Bloom set that I found online. I think I may add a fairy charm and the swan embrace to this one – they seem to fit with my theme. I just wanted to point out that neither the padlock nor the Mystic Floral charms are threaded, so keep this in mind when deciding on placement. They are really pretty together, though, and look great on the oxidized bracelet.

        • Oh exciting! The Swan Embrace would look great; it has that lovely fairy-tale quality, but it’s not too cute-looking. :D
          Good point on the threading – I should have mentioned that. I just got the black Mystic Floral myself (isn’t it lovely?), and I think I’ll definitely try out your suggestion of the oxidised bracelet!

  3. I feel in love with this charm as soon as you posted it the first time. Going to be purchasing it on the bracelet promo Thursday along with the key charm. Love it!!! Can’t wait to own it.

  4. Hello Ellie, thank you so much for this review! Sadly they are retiring this charm in the Philippines and was lucky to get one on sale. When I read all your praises I was convinced I had to have it before they ran out. I’m just sad that they are retiring a truly beautiful charm so early :-(. This will certainly be one valuable collector’s item in the future. Warm regards from Manila!

    • Hi Gema! You’re welcome, I glad you enjoyed the review :) I am very surprised to hear they are retiring it, as it has such pretty plain silver detailing and it’s exactly the kind of thing Pandora collectors have been asking for! Perhaps this kind of charm just doesn’t sell as well overall. Glad to hear that you got one – and thank you for commenting! <3 Enjoy your new charm.

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