Today’s post sees the next of my reviews of the Pandora Autumn 2014 collection, with a showcase of the Japanese Doll charm! If you’re a regular reader, you’re probably aware that I’m a big fan of the Autumn 2014 collection – I love the range of themes, designs and colours. My total number of charms from the collection has hit six now in just over a month – which is pretty unprecedented for me! The Japanese Doll is one of the stand-out pieces for me, embodying that greater imagination in design and use of colour.

I liked this charm a lot when the first stock images of the Autumn 2014 collection came out, but I wasn’t prepared for how much I loved it when it actually arrived and I opened it up.

pandora autumn 2014 japanese doll-1a

For me, this is a case of enamel detailing done just right. The charm is, however, stylised in a way that is pretty different from the rest of Pandora’s charms, and it doesn’t fit easily into existing bracelet designs.

The Charm

The Pandora Autumn 2014 collection saw the release of two new enamel Doll charms: the Japanese and Korean Dolls. I loved the Korean Doll too but, as I said, I have already over-indulged in this collection and I made myself pick one! I think what made my choice was the elegance of the Japanese Doll.

pandora autumn 2014

For, in person, this charm features a very elegant, neat design. It’s compact, but contains a lot of detail, picked out in silver against the red enamel of her dress. I also love the slightly mischievous look that lies beneath her demurely downcast eyes. It’s a really fun design.

pandora autumn 2014 japanese doll 2a

The red colour is very bright and vibrant, with a lick of red at the base of the charm too. The S925 ALE mark is stamped on the base, too. The little details in this charm are lovely – I absolutely love her pretty eyelashes, for example.

pandora autumn 2014 japanese doll 5

However, there is, of course, the essential question regarding Pandora dangles: how badly does it catch on things? I thought that I wouldn’t have any trouble with this one, but the hairpin in her hair is surprisingly lethal. I put on a lovely new Topshop jumper and pulled two threads in it before I’d been wearing it two minutes! So again, I’d advise not wearing anything precious and knitted with this particular dangle.

pandora autumn 2014 japanese doll 6


The Japanese Doll is not the most versatile charm, with its quirky style and bright red enamel. She doesn’t exactly blend. I have seen a number of designs combining this charm with the cherry blossom collection, and it really is effective. The red and the pink contrast beautifully together, and the bright pop of red really lifts the softness of the cherry blossom pieces.

pandora autumn 2014 japanese doll 4b

I don’t have any other red pieces, but I’d also love to style her with the red Sweethearts murano or maybe the upcoming red Fizzle murano for Winter 2014. I love the contrast of red against the oxidised bracelet, too, and in the absence of other red muranos, white glass also goes great with it.

pandora autumn 2014 japanese doll 8

However I am personally going to wear her in a simple way. This charm has enough impact to be worn on its own, and I love it on the leather bracelet – it’s very fun and casual.

pandora autumn 2014 japanese doll 7

Having said that, I am also planning on taking the floral clips from my Pandora rose bracelet, just to give it a bit more interest. Additionally, I think that this charm would look great on this leather bracelet with a couple of the new Wildflower Tribute muranos that are coming out shortly!

pandora autumn 2014 japanese doll 3


I have always liked this design, but I was surprised by how much I loved it when I finally got to see it in person and to style it. Having said that, the Japanese Doll isn’t the most versatile, and it offers a different aesthetic to most of Pandora’s other designs with its bright colour and distinctive style, but the level of detail and quality of finish are most undoubtedly Pandora. It doesn’t look gaudy or cheap in the least.

The Japanese Doll is £45 in the UK or $45 in the US. So the exchange rate doesn’t work out too well for those in the UK!

Have you purchased one of the Doll charms, or are they on your wish list? Are you a fan of Pandora’s use of enamel detailing?

12 Comments on Review: Japanese Doll from Pandora Autumn 2014

  1. My future daughter in law bought me the Korean doll because she is half Korean. I love it! It is so delicate and im really hoping they carry on with dolls from other countries!

    • Ah that’s a great gift. <3 Ooh yes, I'd love it if they did dolls for different countries! That's a really fun idea. They should do another Russian doll charm like these two, for sure!

  2. Wouldn’t dolls of the world be fun! A Spanish lady. A Scottish bagpipe player an Eskimo. The list is endless. Love the idea!

  3. I got this Japanese doll and the Korean one. They r sooo cute I cant resist :-). But I was a little dissapointed as to why they didnt make the Japanese doll hair enamel black like the Korean.

  4. A ha! You have finally gotten the Japanese doll! :D Tee-hee~! xoxoxo Love all your designs my dear lovely! You have inspired me a lot :D Yay yay! :D hugs~! <3 <3 <3

    • I did! I was always planning to – it’s definitely one of my favourites of this collection ^^ And you’ve inspired me! I loved your design with the Japanese and Korean Doll, it was just beautiful. xxxxxx

  5. I had put myself on a Pandora ban for 3 months as I had been spending too much :x

    However, as I stepped into Pandora store, with the intention to get a birthday present for my sis-in-law (bought her the Korean doll), I couldn’t help myself but to bring home the Japanese doll as well. Haha. The details on the doll made it impossible to resist.

    Now I’m deciding whether to get an oxidised bracelet or the bangle to go along with it xD

    • Aha, three months, that is some strength of will! :o I’ve abandoned any attempt at Pandora bans for now – they just never work for me, haha. But I think the Japanese Doll is well worth breaking one for, as the details are just so cute! I really love it on the oxidised bracelet – the red looks so gorgeous against the dark chain – but it would look really beautiful on the bangle too! :D Enjoy your new charm <3

  6. Does the enamel on pandora charms stay on forever, or do they eventually fade off? I think the Japanese doll is gorgeous and reminds me of when my parents would always cut my hair like that as a child so I would resemble the same doll… Argh! But I’ve been hesitant with the enamel charms bec I am not sure how durable it would be?

    • Hi Judie! The enamel on Pandora charms is a permanent detail – it won’t rub off, so you don’t need to worry about that! :) My enamel charms all look as good as the day I bought them. This charm is absolutely stunning – you should definitely get it, especially with the sentimental value too. :D

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