*UPDATED* Today’s post brings a preview of Pandora’s collection for the Disney Parks in North America! The collection comprises sixteen pieces, which will be available from the 3rd of November and sold exclusively at Disney Parks locations across North America. There may well be a chance for international Pandora collectors to obtain some of these charms, however, as some of the collection will be available from the Disney Parks store online.

pandora disney park stores

I have had these images for quite a while now, and you may have also seen them leaked on Facebook and other social media sites. Reaction to the Disney Parks release has been lukewarm so far, with more enthusiasm garnered for the original Pandora concept store collection, but I think there are a couple of really fun pieces in this collection too!

Disney Park Exclusive 2014 Collection

First up, we have an exclusive Pandora Disney bracelet! It’s modelled on the existing Pandora Moments snake chain bracelet, but with a circular clasp that is more like the Pandora bangle. I imagine this is because it’s easier to get the Disney logo on the spherical clasp. It’s priced at $85 USD.

Pandora Disney parks collection 2014--1 text

Next up, we have a selection of silver charms, including a cruise ship charm for the Disney Cruise line and a couple more abstract Mickey designs.

Prices are as follows:

Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort – $55 USD

Peace, Love & Mickey – $45 USD; Disney Cruise Line – $45 USD; Mickey Swirls – $35 USD

Pandora Disney parks collection 2014-3 text

There is also a selection of charms with bright enamel and cubic zirconia detailing.

Prices are as follows:

Magical Day Mickey – $60 USD; I Love Mickey – $65 USD; 2015 – $65 USD

Disney’s Animal Kingdom – $55 USD; Mickey Mania – $60 USD; Minnie’s Sparkling Bow – $70 USDPandora Disney parks collection 2014-2 text

Finally, there will also be a few pendant charms released  – these are a tad more fun, with a Mickey Mouse wizard hat featuring some really pretty blue enamel detailing. I’ll be honest and say that it’s the only one that stands out for me as a particularly interesting design.

Prices are as follows:

Mickey’s Sorcerer’s Hat – $60 USD

Mickey’s Sparkling Ear Hat – $65 USD; Aulani – $45 USD; Minnie’s Sparkling Ear Hat – $65 USDPandora Disney parks collection 2014-4 text

*UPDATED* – Live shots!

The Disney Stores blog has updated with a couple of new live shots of the Pandora Disney Parks charms! In this first one, you can see the new Mickey Pavé clips, and the popular Sorcerer’s Hat charms, among others. I have to say, I do quite like the look of the Pandora Disney bracelet!

pandora disney 2014 live image

Secondly, there’s also this little snapshot of the pavé hat dangles:

pandora disney parks bracelet

My Comment

While I like individual pieces from this release, such as the Minnie Ear Hat and the Sorcerer’s Hat, I am not drawn to any of the other designs in particular. However I can see them being a fun souvenir that you might pick up on a day out at Disneyland, and there’s a bright array of colours that definitely conjures up that Disney feel!

What do you think of this set of charms? Are any for you?

29 Comments on Preview: Pandora Disney Parks Collection 2014

  1. I like the sorcerers hat as well. However I’m a bit confused on how to get it. Can you order it online at the Disney store ?

    • It’s definitely my favourite of this collection! :D These charms should be available exclusively from Disney Park locations in the US at the end of October – they won’t be available from Pandora concept stores. We don’t know exactly which pieces from this collection will be available online yet, but Disney have said that some items at least will be available from the Disney Parks online shop. :)

  2. I really like the Sorcerer’s hat charm. Of what I’ve seen here, that one, the cruise ship and the WDW charm are the 3 most likely to come home. We’ll be a Disney Cruise followed by 4 days in the parks in November, so I’ll be sure to report back about what I end up buying. I called a Disney rep the other day for a reservation issue, and asked if they knew where they would be sold. No luck on that one so far.

    • Lovely! I especially like the Sorcerer’s Hat, the blue enamel is such a pretty colour. Ooh yes please do let us know! I’ll be living vicariously through all your purchases, although someone in the UK did say that their store mentioned the possibility of Disney charms here next year! Ah yes, that is a pain – I did have another quick look on the Disney Parks blog but couldn’t see anything about which shops you can purchase the charms from within the parks. You could try emailing them, perhaps?

      • I was able to buy the Disney cruise ship charm on the Disney Dream, but was told they sold out of Sorcerer Mickey on the first day. I’m at the parks in Florida now. Anybody have any inside info on where I can find one?

        • The situation regarding the Disney Parks charms is not great at all right now – there are a lot of people looking for them with no luck. They are reportedly sold-out pretty much everywhere. Apparently professional Disney buyers have bought up all the stock (which was supposed to last six months!) and are now re-selling at high prices on eBay. I’ve heard that the Parks will be re-stocked in the new year, however, although I don’t have confirmation on that. Good luck finding it, anyhow!

  3. I will be getting the bracelet, sorcerers hat, Animal Kingdom, WDW, and one of the mickeys for my wife in December. I only wish there were charms out for the other parks as well (MK, EPCOT, HS)

    • Great choices! I especially love the sorcerer’s hat and the bracelet. Maybe they’ll do some more park-specific charms in the future – it would be great if they were available at Disneyland Paris, too.

  4. Hello! I’m a fans from HK. did the Disney Charm will sell in HK? Can I also order online? Waiting for your goods news?

    • Hi Sarah, I’m really sorry but the Disney charms are exclusive to North America for now. :( However you may be able to order from the Disney Store online when they are released! The link to the store is at the beginning of the article. :)
      Hope that helps!

  5. Well, I’m at the parks now, and only a few weeks after these have come out, I’m disappointed to report that most of the supply is gone. I was able to get the cruise ship one aboard the Disney Dream, but they told me much of the rest of the park exclusive charms had sold out quickly, particularly the Sorcerer Mickey, which was gone the very first day (NOOOOOOO!!!!!) Inside the parks has actually been even more slim pickings. I had the Mickey Swirls charm alone to choose from of the park exclusives. I snagged it (and one for my daughter too). It is very cute, though it would not have been my first choice. The upshot of this is, hopefully Disney will be releasing more of these very soon, since obviously they are hot sellers.

    I bought my charm at Mouse Gear inside of Epcot, and they had very few left, though there were plenty of the regular Disney charms in stock. I’ll update more on which stores carry them that I find. There is a possibility of a store at The Grand Floridian that carries Pandora, though I don’t know what they have. Also a shop in Downtown Disney that I have yet to investigate. Stay tuned!

    • Oooh, thanks very much for your updates – it’s fab to hear exactly what’s going on from someone on the inside, haha. I’d heard about the difficulty sourcing Parks exclusives, especially the Sorcerer’s Hat charm – it’s such a shame, and it seems like there should be some sort of cap on people buying up stock to resell on higher prices :/ Thanks for your details on specific shops, that is super useful!
      Glad you managed to get a couple of the exclusives, though :)

      • The other shop I found them at was Uptown Jewelers inside of Walt Disney World. It’s on Main Street across from The Emporium. They only had the Michey Swirls and the Peace charm when I was there. Since I wasn’t able to get my Sorcerer Mickey charm, I spent my Pandora fund on 2 more Mickey Swirl charms for my two adult daughters. So, total, I was able to get 2 Disney cruise ship charms and 4 Mickey Swirls. I was quite disappointed, and I agree that there needs to be a cap in place. I checked out eBay, and those things are going for crazy prices.

        I did check the jewelry store in Grand Floridian. No dice. All they carry are the non – park exclusive charms. There is one place in Downtown Disney that I was not able to get to. I believe it was called Cherry Tree Lane. Being outside of the park, I would expect it to be the same merchandise as Grand Floridian.

        I hope that Disney does something to prevent this in the future. I have no plans to go back for at least a few years, and feel sadly cheated.

        • Oh no, Clair, that’s such a shame. :( I know how excited you were, and I bet there are any number of people who are similarly disappointed.
          There should definitely be a cap, or better enforcement of those in place. It’s outrageous that people can buy up all the stock. Perhaps you can get a couple of them once the Disney Store restocks online? I know that it’s not quite as exciting as buying them in store, but at least you would be able to get them some way.
          In any case, thanks for the information on the Disney stores themselves! I hope that they sort it out soon. :/

  6. Since I am coming so late to this party I have bought most of my park charms on Ebay. I know it can be risky bit I only buy from people with good rating and have return policies, Then I take it straight to my local Pandora to authenticate it immediately. So far so good.

    • Oh good, congrats on getting hold of the park charms! :D I’d quite like the sorcerer’s hat, but that is almost impossible to get hold of. :( You’re right, EBay is risky, but if you know what to look for, you can get some great deals. I haven’t actually seen any fake Disney pieces yet, come to think of it. Perhaps it takes a while for them to make it on the market.

  7. Hi, do you know in which store inside Downtown Disney/Disney Village in Orlando, FL, are they selling them. My cousin is going next week and wants to buy some of them. Thanks!

  8. Downtown Disney did not have the park exclusive charms when I was there. Mouse Gear in Epcot and the jewelry store across from The Emporium on Main St in The Magic Kingdom are where I found mine. I also did not find any of the park exclusive charms at the Grand Floridian or other Disney hotel shops.

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