Pandora collectors in the US and Canada have been hit with a wealth of great promotions lately, and today sees the start of yet another – the Pandora free leather bracelet promotion! The promo includes the single leather and fabric cord bracelets, and will run over the course of the weekend.

pandora think pink us october bracelet promo

The Promotion

The promo will run from the 23rd to the 26th of October, unless your store is shut on a Sunday – in that case, the promotion will be extended until Monday the 27th. The rules are simple: spend $100 USD (or $125 CAD) in a single transaction, and receive a single leather Pandora bracelet or fabric multi-strand bracelet in your choice of colour!

pandora free bracelet promo

If you’re considering the leather bracelets or just want some inspiration, check out my review here. I absolutely love them for stacking with my other bracelets or to wear alone for a more casual look!

pandora leather bracelet review 6 mark n

My Comment

I am very excited to be taking part in this particular promo, as a very lovely lady from Canada is helping me out! I’m hoping to get a red leather bracelet to wear with my new Wildflower Tribute murano. This is a great opportunity to perhaps indulge in some of the new Pandora Rose charms (as I’m doing) or the new Pandora Winter 2014 collection, which has been arriving into stores in North America over the past month!

Will you be taking part this time around? What will you be getting?

10 Comments on Promotion Alert: Pandora Leather Bracelet Promo for North America starts today!

  1. Hi
    I was going to pass on this promo but made the mistake of going to the store and coming home with 4 spacers and a new bracelet! So much for willpower! :)

      • I got the pink single leather. I got the new blue inspiration within spacers and the purple vintage spacers. I saw the light pink pave heart and think it would look really nice on the pink leather so I might have to go back and get that too. I think I have a problem! :)

        • Ah lovely – that was my first leather bracelet! It would look great with the pavé heart, too. :D The purple vintage spacers are also favourites of mine! Haha, I’ve bought way too much lately, too – I think I may have to instigate a ban on for a couple of weeks. ;)

  2. My hubby picked up the single pink leather bracelet for me. He is currently stateside so I didn’t have to place an order this time. I got an email from Pandora Mall of America saying they were allowing upgrades but the store he went to wasn’t which was fine.

    BTW, I was on Pandora MOA looking at retired items. Their list is much longer now with stuff that wasn’t previously listed as retired. I wonder if some of these items are the next to go but Pandora hasn’t made the public announcement yet. The Bouquet safety chain, Seattle spacers and Lazy Daisy clips are on there, just to name a few.

    • Beautiful, that was my first leather bracelet! What did you get with it? It does depend on the store, but it’s great that some do allow upgrades – in the UK the promos are always non-negotiable!
      Ah, good catch, that’s very interesting. There are some charms in there that surprise me, such as the Mouse in the Cup and that beautiful two tone braided heart clip. I’d be really sad to see them go – although there would possibly be some good sale opportunities in the future!

  3. Hi! I actually forgot about this promotion and wasn’t particularly interested in participating anyway. I came in yesterday since the employees at my local concept store were kind enough to call me when the Disney charms came in early. Before they rang up my purchase, they mentioned that I’d get a free single strand leather bracelet because of the promotion and suggested I get black since I came in wearing my red double strand and the two would go well with the black and red Mickey and Minnie charms that I was purchasing. Yay!

    • Hi! How exciting that you’ve already got some of the Disney charms! :D What did you think of the collection in person? I absolutely love the sound of your bracelet combination – black and red is just perfect for Disney! I’d love eventually to get a couple of the charms to wear on my red leather.

      • Oh, the Disney collection is quite lovely in person! I had to resist the temptation to leave with nearly all of the charms in the collection! There’s really too many that I want. I ended up getting the Minnie and Mickey pave clips, both classic Minnie and Mickey muranos, and Be Magical (5 charms/clips in total), for now, haha. My wallet is still recovering from this week’s RueLaLa sale and the September free bracelet promotion (both of which I splurged heavily on), so I have to calm down on my Pandora purchases for the next couple of months. Although, there is the Disney Parks collection to look forward to next month as well, so I may indulge in that as well (only a little, if I can manage that). ;)

        • Ah, that’s exciting to hear – I’d love to see the clips, muranos and the cupcake in person especially! I have to calm down on my Pandora purchases, too, haha. Although I’m hoping to get maybe a couple of things from the Winter collection… it’s probably a good thing that the Disney collection isn’t available here yet! ;) Hope the Disney Parks collection looks as good in person. :D

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