Today I’m dipping back into the Pandora Autumn 2014 collection with a look at the gorgeous Dove of Peace and black Mystic Floral charms! These are the last of my Autumn 2014 reviews, and were requested by several readers – I hope that it proves useful! I’m sorry that it’s taken me a little while to get these up, I’ve been busy. :)

Looking forwards, I have some more Winter 2014 reviews coming up, and some fun features for the holiday season. Stay tuned! ;)

pandora autumn 2014 dove of peace 12a

These are two of the more popular pieces from Autumn 2014, and it’s not hard to see why; the Dove of Peace is a perfect example of the cute animals that Pandora have been known for, whereas the black Mystic Floral charm is a dramatic piece that brings an easy elegance to any bracelet design.

 Pandora Dove of Peace

When pictures of this charm were initially leaked, people wondered if it might be a hummingbird; while I love this design, a hummingbird would have been delightful, and a little less obvious than a dove, perhaps. However, this design still has a lot of charm, and its cute detailing made it instantly one of my must-haves from the collection.

pandora autumn fall 2014

The base of the charm features cubic zirconia accents, which are a light golden brown. I don’t tend to like gratuitous cubic zirconia, and admittedly I would have liked this charm better if it was plain silver, but the effect is fairly subtle, and gives the charm a nice autumnal colour.

pandora autumn 2014 dove of peace 5b

One thing that I am not so keen on, however, is the base of the charm. It is not threaded, like a necklace pendant. I know that this keeps the price point down – this charm is £5 cheaper than the Ballerina, for example – but it makes the charm feel a little less substantial. Other than that, the charm itself is lovely; it’s a simple design, but the detailing is very sweet.

pandora autumn 2014 dove of peace 6a

And now for styling! I just got one of the beautiful red leather bracelets in the North American bracelet promo, and I just had to use it. The Dove’s delicate detailing looks so soft and pretty with the Wildflower Tribute and Cherry Blossom muranos.

pandora autumn 2014 dove of peace 7

However I also wanted to style it with some warmer autumn tones, seeing as it has those lovely honey-toned cubics in its base. My collection doesn’t really have many yellow or golden colours – ideally I’d style it with the new golden faceted murano. Consequently I decided to pair it with my new Pandora Rose charms – especially as one of them is the delightful Light as a Feather openwork!

pandora autumn 2014 dove of peace 11a

Finally, I was thinking of other ways to wear it and my OH pointed out exactly how many bird charms I had. A bird theme was a must! My favourites of these are the lovely Song Bird and the Hans Christian Andersen Ugly Duckling charm. <3

pandora autumn 2014 dove of peace 13a

Pandora Black Mystic Floral

pandora autumn fall 2014

This is an elegant little charm, and my instinct is to use it on a more minimalistic bracelet design. I love it in combination with other floral charms, such as the beautiful Viola Bloom pendant. I came up with this design over Halloween; hence the presence of the lovely little Ghost and Pumpkin charms. ^^

pandora halloween 2014 4a

I also would love to do a classic black and white theme, but the Mystic Floral is my only black charm! I hope that it gives you an idea of how beautiful this would be. ^^

pandora mystic floral autumn 2014 5a

I have found it an incredibly versatile charm, one which instantly brings elegance and cohesion to a bracelet design – consequently I’ve used it numerous times in recent reviews, including those of the Autumn 2014 Ballerina and King of the Jungle charms.

I like how it can add texture and contrast to a feminine pave design, like this one:

pandora autumn 2014 ballerina 6a

My favourite look, however, might be this one. It gives a beautifully vintage look in combination with the oxidised bracelet and the Darling Daisy clip.

pandora autumn 2014 king of the jungle 9


And that’s it for my Autumn reviews! I loved this collection, and I have a stunning six pieces from it. It’s the first time I’ve been really excited for an autumn release in a while, and the range of original designs within one collection has been pleasantly surprising from Pandora.

What do you think of these two charms? Have you bought either of them, or are you planning to?

17 Comments on Review: Dove of Peace and Mystic Floral from Pandora Autumn 2014

  1. Hi! I don’t have the Mystic Flower charm but I do have 2 of the Mystic Flower rings which I got through the NA October promotion. They are so beautiful. I love the black enamel and CZ combination. It is very, very elegant.

    Thanks for your posts. I always look forward to reading them.

    • Hi! I absolutely love the the Mystic Floral rings, especially the version with the pearl. They’re so delicate and vintage-looking. I really want to invest in some Pandora rings, I just always find myself distracted by yet more charms when it comes to it. ;)
      Thank you for leaving such a nice comment, I’m thrilled that you enjoy reading them!

  2. I bought 2 of the Mystic Floral charms and a Floral Heart Lock to go on an oxidized bracelet during the September promo, and love the combo. I’ve since added 2 fairy charms, a black pave heart, and a few others, and the fairy in particular looks really nice with it. I live the black and white bangle styling you’ve done. Also love the dove with the muranos on the red leather bracelet. Very pretty.

    • Thank you! :D Your styling sounds beautiful, too; the Mystic Floral is just lovely with the oxi bracelet. I can imagine the fairy going really well with it, too, as it has that slightly edgy look to it that would match the Mystic Floral perfectly. Sounds wonderful!

  3. :-) You have really gone into detail again, thank you, I really enjoy reading your reviews on Pandora!
    No, I don’t have the dove and neither the floral charm, but I think the latter is extremely elegant and versatile!
    I too feel that the fall selection is gorgeous and I’m very much looking forward to going shopping for a Christmas charm or two… :-)

    • Thank you so much! I’m really glad that you enjoy them, as the reviews are my favourite posts to write. :D Your Pandora posts are wonderful, too; it’s great to have an overview of the new collections!
      Yay, I’m very curious to see which Christmas charm you go for in the end! :)

  4. Once again loving your reviews. Was wondering if you plan on reviewing the moon and star dangle charms from the winter collection ?

  5. Oh so pretty!! The Pandora Rose Gold charms with the cute little Dove!! I have just received a few early Christmas pressies. I will style mine soon once I get hold of my favourite Caroler’s charm! :D Back to work now! Have a lovely Tuesday there! Hugs~! xoxoxo <3 <3 <3

    • Thank you!! The rose gold brings out the golden cubic zirconia in the Dove quite nicely. :) Oooh exciting! Can’t wait to see what you got :D I’ll keep an eye on your instagram.
      Have a lovely day there, too! xxxxxx

  6. Love your reviews of the individual charms and then your styling photos. I love how you have paired the lion king (which I have) with the mystic floral (which I dont have but I think I may know buy).

    • Oh thank you, I’m glad you like them! :D I do love the King of the Jungle and the Mystic Floral together – they’re both beautiful pieces, and would work well together for an enchanted forest theme I think. Thanks for commenting! <3

  7. I’d love the dove so much more if it didn’t have the cz :( its such a shame! but i do love the floral. i’m loving the autumn charms so much haha, which is good as the valentines ones aren’t too my taste at all! Your style is cute as ever ;)
    how many bracelets do you have now?!?!? hehe x

    • I was also kind of annoyed at first to find that the Dove had CZs, but they’re not that noticeable really. I don’t like that it isn’t threaded, though! The Valentine’s charms are very… pink, haha. I quite like a couple of pieces from the collection, but most of them aren’t for me. I have to have the heart clasp bracelet, however! :D
      Aha… the total is 13 now, including leathers, Essence, etc. I started the year with 7. It’s a little embarrasing haha x

      • I just bought this one, and didn’t realize the bale was oval shaped until I’d had little Mr. Tweets for a few days. I thought I’d bent it somehow at first – YIKES! It is very cute and sweet. I like a lot of the animal pieces Pandora does. The wings do seem to catch a bit on clothing, but not enough for me to move it.

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