Christmas is fast-approaching and, as those who celebrate are starting to put up their trees, I thought now would be an appropriate time to offer a showcase of the lovely Christmas Ornament charm from the Pandora Winter 2014 collection!

pandora christmas 2014

This charm makes an absolutely fab alternative to this year’s Black Friday charm, if you’re unable to obtain one. I have one on its way to me from Canada, so I’ll be able to offer a comparison of the two charms when it arrives!

The charm

The Ornament was my favourite of the Christmas charms when the first stock images of the Christmas collection emerged, offering a cute representation of a Christmas tree bauble.

pandora christmas 2014

Well, the charm is just as pretty in person! It feels substantial and well-made: it is a simple design, but the details are prettily executed. It is a very elegant little charm – if you’re averse to the sparklier look of the Christmas Wish Black Friday charm, this definitely offers a subtler alternative.

pandora christmas 2014

The charm features a little hint of cubic zirconia, just adorning the bow. For those who aren’t a fan of CZ, they are very tastefully done in this instance – you can see the prettiness of the sparkle in the following image:

pandora christmas 2014

The back of the charm is plain, without a ribbon. The only thing that I did think was that maybe the snowflakes on the bale of the charm were a little too much. From the back, it’s basically a snowstorm. ;) It seems a little crowded to me.

pandora winter 2014


First up, we have a couple of Winter-2014-themed stylings. Whether you’ve gone for the dramatic blues of the cosmic charms, or for the Classic Christmas pieces in a cheery red, the Christmas Ornament works well with both!

I’ve yet to get any others from the Classic Christmas pieces, but I love the look of the Ornament styled on the red leather bracelet. This bracelet is a recent acquirement of mine and I have found myself wearing it in a variety of different styles. It’s such a fun piece, and especially great for anyone wanting to get a festive feel without going all out with the Christmas charms. It’s already retired in the UK and is most probably going to be retired soon in other regions, so get one while you can! :)

pandora classic christmas

As for the cosmic charms, I am still in love with my Midnight Effervescence (Fizzle) muranos, with their amazing cosmic blue shimmer. The subtle sparkle of the Ornament charm looks perfect with them, adding a little hint of festivity into the design.

pandora christmas 2014

However, this is one of the more versatile Christmas charms from the collection. While I absolutely love the vibrancy of the Christmas Bear or the Christmas Pudding charms (the latter wonderfully reviewed by Endangered Trolls here), the Christmas Ornament is one that can absolutely be worn all year round. Here, I’ve added it to one of my favourite combinations – the oxidised bracelet and the Pandora Rose collection. ♥


I’m still deciding how to wear the Christmas Ornament within my own collection, and I’m wanting to create a two-tone oxidised bracelet design. I’m planning on adding some two-tone clips, the Fascinating Aventurescent murano as a centre piece and the Black Friday 2014 charm. Hopefully it’ll look good together – although I’m thinking of taking out the Stella. I love it so much, but I just can’t seem to make it work in my collection, haha. It’s my problem charm…

pandora christmas wish review 1c


This charm is the highlight of the Christmas 2014 charms for me this year. It offers a more versatile option if you’re not keen on the bright colours of Pandora’s other Christmas offerings this year, and makes a gorgeous alternative to the 2014 Black Friday charm.

The Christmas Ornament is priced at £50 in the UK or $60 in the US. If you’re in the UK, you can buy it along with the rest of the Pandora Christmas collection from John Greed Jewellery.

Have you got this charm, or is it on your wish list? Have you purchased any of the new Christmas charms?

16 Comments on Review: Christmas Ornament charm from Pandora Winter 2014

  1. Those muranos are something special, they look incredible with anything! to be honest I have so many christmas charms there’s not enough room on a bracelet, haha. I love the idea of a tt oxi, as I spy a 2011 Black Friday! :D x

    • They really are! Definitely my favourites at the moment – are you not at all tempted? Aha I didn’t know you had so many! I do love Pandora’s Christmas ranges… the reindeer and the gingerbread man are among my favourite charms full-stop! So cute ^^ Don’t know what to do with the Stella, though – it doesn’t seem to match with anything else I own :S x

      • I don’t think it matters too much, the stella is a very unique charm, i want one myself, fingers crossed in the january sales! :D i want the gingerbread man very much, he’s so adorable! haha. obviously our addiction is forever ongoing! x

        • Oooh yes I will keep my fingers crossed too that one will pop up for you! I’m sure I’ll figure out a way to wear it. haha yeah… there’s always something else on the list isn’t there? x

    • Oh lovely, you’ve gone for the most festive ones – I really love the new Santa, its colour is so beautiful and fun in person. I’m tempted to get one of the enamel ones myself, the Christmas Bear is especially tempting!

  2. :-) This one is really, really cute! I like it worn without any other additions on the bangle or on the red leather band – that gives it a Christmas touch.

    But if I had the choice, I’d take the Black Friday charm with the Christmas trees :-)

    Looking very much forward to your comparison!

    Happy weekend to you! :-)

    • It is definitely beautiful enough to be worn on its own! The red leather bracelet is so great for Christmas – it just instantly gives your charms that festive look ^^
      Haha, I’m opting for both ;) I’ll let you know which I prefer in person!
      A very happy weekend to you too! Thank you for commenting, as ever :)

    • Ah I almost got the double. Then I realised I could get the single as a GWP in the North American promo this October :) it’s actually become my favourite leather bracelet, which is funny as I never took much notice of it before! It’s a shame they’ve retired it.

    • Hmm, good catch, doesn’t look like they do any more, does it? It’s not on their website any longer. That must have been recent, I’m sure I looked on their site recently and saw Pandora still listed. That’s a shame, they had some good discounts! I’ll e-mail and double-check, but looks like it’s gone.

  3. Oh ok I’m so looking forward to the boxing dale sale, the summer one was so good hopefully this one will match. Have you got any idea what items will be retiring.?

    • The summer one was amazing! I’m hoping to see a couple of items in particular this time around, so fingers crossed! I posted in my news round-up a selection of items that have been recently retired on the Pandora UK website – however I expect there will be more in the sale. :)

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