*UPDATE – a full preview of the Spring 2015 collection is now available!* Last week, Pandora hosted a Spring 2015 collection preview in New York at the Mondrian Hotel for various media editors. Frustratingly, not many pictures have emerged from the event but there are a couple of interesting images to look at, which might whet your appetite a little for the collection. I know that I’m certainly curious to see more. ;)

Additionally, if you follow this link, you’ll get another tiny sneak peek from the event. There are some new flower clips, from what I can make out, and some clearer shots of the white colour scheme and campaign images. I can’t publish the images, as the distribution rights to them are very very expensive haha.

Pandora Spring 2015 Teasers

The following pictures reveal the themes and colour scheme for the collection – a delicate white, with more flowers and butterflies.

pandora spring 2015
Image by gkvus
Image by kriswilliams129
Image by kriswilliams129

The clearest picture by far is this lovely one of some upcoming rings for the collection. I imagine there will be a matching charm and other pieces to accompany them.

Image by instoremagazine
Image by instoremagazine

The rest involve some squinting and detective work if you want to spot any new pieces. On the bangle on the left of this image, it looks potentially like there’s a new rose gold charm? On the bracelet in the middle, it looks like there might be a new heart charm, and some new flower clips. In any case, you can spot the new Valentine’s Day 2015 dangle in the middle of the same bracelet!

Image by cristinaehrlich
Image by cristinaehrlich

In the second, you can spot the new ‘LOVE’ pavé bracelet for Valentine’s Day 2015, plus a new open heart necklace. Brownie points if you can spot anything else new… ;)

Image by todhfashstylistofficial
Image by todhfashstylistofficial

My Comment

The preview decor and campaign images seem similar to last year’s, but Pandora have definitely made a real move towards seasonal themes for each of their collections – so this isn’t really surprising. In terms of my wish list for Spring 2015, I would absolutely love to see a new safety chain debut, plus some new additions to the Pandora Rose collection!

What do you think of these initial sneak peeks? What’s on your wish list for Spring?

23 Comments on Pandora Spring 2015 Collection Teasers from New York Preview

  1. I spy more pavé – is that a pavé rose? I’m hoping for more silver pieces, less pavé, new safety chains… I quite like enamel for colour.

    • Yes, I thought one looked like a rose of some kind! Possibly a clip? I really love enamel when it’s done right – the cherry blossom and daisy clips are two of my favourites. I’d love to see more enamel used like that.

  2. Yes, I would agree with the above. I’ld also prefer to see more classic looking silver beads, a little enamel and much less paves

  3. I love my Pandora bracelet my husband said I have to many charms on it but I don’t think so I think it’s beautiful Thanks Pandora for making such a beautiful charm bracelet

  4. I am still hoping for an enameled leaf clip, with spring green colors, to complement all of the beautiful flower clips Pandora makes (darling daisies, cherry blossom.) Something that feels like the cathedral rose bead but with a fern leaf in shades of green would be so perfect!!

    • Yes, I remember you saying, it was such a lovely idea! I’d love one in the style of the Darling Daisy clip – that would be beautiful, and so nice and fresh-looking for spring!

  5. A little pave goes a long way. I agree also that it just makes for a pricier item. More silver please Pandora.

  6. What is that openwork heart?? It’s different than floral padlock right? I would love another light heart to balance with the floral one from autumn. Thanks for the pics!

    • Aha it’s frustrating isn’t it! It’s definitely different from the floral padlock – it looks like maybe there are some flower cut-outs on it, perhaps? The floral heart padlock was one of my favourites from autumn, so I’d also love something to go with it.

  7. I would also love if they had a new safety chain and some more pink or purple muranos, or maybe even some white ones. I also hope there is a good selection of all-silvers, hopefully some animals. But I am probably being to hopeful lol

    • Haha, I absolutely love muranos, so I’m also keen to see more. Their glass has really improved (I think) in the last couple of years, so I’m keen to see what they do next. ^^ It does seem like their style has moved away from plain silver charms but my fingers are crossed for some more affordable silver pieces :D

  8. I’m hoping for some more animal charms; I’d especially like to see a hummingbird because it would go well with the flowers and butterflies spring theme.

    • I’d absolutely love a hummingbird! I was so excited this year when the first pictures of the autumn collection came out and people thought the Dove of Peace could be a little hummingbird – while the Dove is lovely, I was a little disappointed to find out that it wasn’t! It would fit beautifully with spring themes, too, like you say.

  9. Love the look of the bottom picture! Are those ‘love’ bracelets silver with gold lettering? I hope so!! Also it looks as if there is a rose gold butterfly, rose gold bow pendant and a rose gold daisy open work charm next to the butterfly!! Exciting! I hope to see a wider release of rose gold to the UK this year :) x

    • The ‘LOVE’ bracelets are all-silver – I think it’s just the lighting :( that would have been pretty, though! I thought I could make out a rose gold butterfly, too! Perhaps another Pandora Rose charm? I hope so, it would be great (for me!) if it were more affordable and not a 14kt charm. Pandora stated on their Facebook page recently that the Rose charms would be released in other markets for SS15 – I can’t imagine that the UK wouldn’t be one of those markets :D so fingers crossed! It would be fab to see it all in person! x

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