It’s Christmas Eve, and I’m so looking forward to tomorrow – consequently I’m featuring a couple of Pandora’s most bright and festive charms for the season: the Christmas Bear and the Letter to Santa from the Winter 2014 collection. :D I am feeling really very festive as it’s been wonderful to relax a little for the holidays; the last few days have been spent in last-minute Christmas shopping, present-wrapping and lots and lots of cooking, so it’s been amazing to forget about writing papers for a while. ;)

I was planning on reviewing the Black Friday 2014 charm before Christmas but it still hasn’t arrived yet! Christmas post is the only downside to Christmas ;) In the meantime, we have these little pretties to look at!

pandora christmas bear

I was initially a little dubious about Pandora’s Christmas selection for 2014. Last year, I was completely head over heels with their Christmas collection: I loved the classic, sweet style of charms such as the Carousel, the Sleigh, the Reindeer. It’s funny that the Pandora Christmas gift bag this year is navy blue, as the Christmas pieces themselves are a gorgeous cheery red, which I liked a lot – I just didn’t know how I could use them in my collection. However, I kept being drawn back to these two charms and eventually I caved! ;)

pandora christmas bear letter to santa

The charms

Pandora letter to father christmas

The Letter to Santa is another really fun offering for Christmas 2014, with its tongue-in-cheek little message, ‘I’ve been good’ written on it. It offers just a little dash of colour, too, so it can fit with a variety of bracelet designs and colour schemes.

pandora christmas 2014

The charm feels nice and substantial, with its threaded core. While the design is simple, it is still characterful and sweet. The cute star stamp features glittery enamel, but is more of a cute pinky colour in person than in the stock image.

pandora letter to father christmas

As ever, Pandora include those fun little details – including the tiny star silhouette on the stamp. ^^

pandora letter to father christmas

In contrast, the oh-so-cute Christmas Bear features a much more vivid use of enamel. It makes for a lovely festive feel, with its bright pop of colour, but does (for me at least) reduce its versatility. The green of his scarf is a more subtle touch – enough so that many people don’t even notice it, haha.

pandora christmas bear winter 2014

In person, the enamel of his hat is a gorgeous ruby red. I do just love the cuteness of his face – it’s a wonderfully comforting charm, with his little smile and the Christmas hat perched askew. He wears a little jumper and trousers, all wrapped up and cosy for the winter weather, with a snowflake detail on his jumper.



I already own the limited edition 2013 Bear My Heart charm, which is another variation of this design. However, there are little differences, as you can see. My Christmas Bear has a lot more oxidised patches across his face, too – I wonder if that’s intentional.

pandora christmas 2014


While I couldn’t resist buying them in the end, they still don’t have a permanent home in my collection yet and I’m not sure how I’m going to use them. I don’t like to have any charms just sitting in my jewellery box. For now, I’ve settled on wearing them almost on their own in a festive red design.

pandora christmas bear

However, if you’re not a fan of Pandora’s leather bracelets, then a simple design on the bangle also looks beautiful. I don’t always want to go all-out making up a full Christmas design, as realistically it’s not always practical to buy enough holiday charms to fill up a whole bracelet – especially if you’re not intending to wear it all year round.

pandora christmas bear

This design also looks beautiful stacked with the red leather bracelet!

pandora christmas charms


These are really lovely festive charms and well-worth buying at least to wear on their own on a bangle or leather bracelet over the holidays, even if I’m not sure how to wear them going forward. ;) Additionally, it would have been so adorable, what with Pandora’s red enamel theme this year, to have made a little reindeer charm with a red nose. I love the existing Reindeer dangle, but it’s a nightmare for catching on things – making a non-pendant version like the Chamilia one would be fun!

chamilia reindeer

The Christmas Bear is priced at £35 in the UK or $45 in the US; the Letter to Santa is £35 or $40. If you’re in the UK, you can buy them along with the rest of the Pandora Christmas collection from John Greed Jewellery.

Did you buy any of Pandora’s Christmas charms this year? Are you a fan of these pieces?

10 Comments on Review: Christmas Bear and Letter to Santa from Pandora Winter 2014

  1. Love your post I got the snowman,the Santa and the Christmas pudding. Do you know if pandora are having a sale after Xmas.

  2. :-) It seems that Pandora have added lots of stars to this year’s Holiday collection – even the Letter to Santa has 2. And you’re so true, I haven’t noticed that the bear is wearing a green enamel scarf!
    HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and good luck to you with the Pandora sale! :-)

    • Oh yes definitely – it’s been a very star-studded collection! I never owned any star jewellery beforehand really, but I do really like it as a motif :)
      Happy holidays to you, too – I hope you’ve enjoyed your day today! Thanks for commenting! <3

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