Today’s post brings a list of the Pandora charms retiring for the beginning of 2015! Every year Pandora discontinues some of its less popular designs to make way for new ones; some of these designs eventually become hard to find, although this is more unusual these days as Pandora tends to make very design in quite large quantities.

This is the North American list and consequently not all of these beads are necessarily retired from production, as some of them are not yet discontinued in other regions – e.g. the Big Ben dangle in the UK is still a good seller! Additionally I will also add a few details on the UK’s first wave of retired pieces for 2015 at the end of the article. :)

pandora retiring 2015

North American Retirement List

Surprisingly, two of the Pandora Rose collection charms are already being retired. I have the Big Smooth Heart and I have to say that it hasn’t worn particularly well. Its smooth surface is very prone to scratches, and it is covered in little dents and marks. It still looks pretty on a bracelet, but it lost its lustre pretty quickly.


Some classic silver designs are being retired, including a number of Pandora’s staple cute animal designs. :( All the alphabet letters will be retired, from A to Z.

pandora silver retirement

Comparatively, there aren’t too many accented charms being discontinued. This is unsurprising, as Pandora’s recent style has been for designs with heavy use of gemstones and enamel.

pandora gemstones retiring

There’s an eclectic selection of muranos retiring, as Pandora culls yet more of their older glass designs, plus a few unpopular newer ones. The Flowers For You muranos in purple and green were actually my second and third muranos I ever bought; the purple one in particular is lovely, but I can understand that they are perhaps a little dated now.

pandora retiring muranos 2015

Many classic dangle charms are retiring, too, including the classic silver and two-tone heart pendants. Some of the more obscure pieces are leaving the collection, too, including the figure skater and the stamp pendant, which I can appreciate have a more niche appeal.

pandora retiring charms 2015

The selection of clips being discontinued is perhaps the most disappointing thing on this list for me – it includes almost all the two-tone clips. :( Luckily I managed to grab the beautiful braided heart clip in the ROJ sale, but it’s kind of sad to know that new Pandora collectors won’t have these on offer to them. The safety chain is still on my wish list, too, and I’m hoping it’ll be included next time in the sales!

pandora retiring clips 2015

Finally, the number of bracelets retiring is pretty brutal to say the least! I wasn’t particularly sad to see the smooth leathers go last time around, but I’m surprised and disappointed to see so many of the braided leather bracelets being discontinued. They are absolutely great for stacking and for showcasing a particularly special charm – if you’re debating picking one up before they go, have a look at my leather bracelet review.

pandora retiring bracelets 2015

UK Retirement

These collages detail a few additional items that are being retired in the UK. These are primarily quite new charms that have not sold very well at all, mainly from the Spring and Summer 2014 collections. The highlight for me are the 2014 CNY charms – I’ve picked up both of them in the sales from ROJ!

pandora retiring 2015

Additionally, many of the popular Summer 2013 charms are also being retired.  I have to say that this summer collection never particularly appealed to me, but I know that it was a massive hit with collectors at the time.

pandora uk retiring charms 2015

My Comment

The face of Pandora has changed dramatically since I first started collecting at the beginning of 2012. Almost all the pieces I bought then are discontinued. I recently got my Autumn 2011 catalogue and compared it to the one for Autumn 2014 – the overall difference in style is remarkable. Many of the charms retiring are plain silver designs that have since been replaced by charms with cubic zirconia accents and this list is another mark of Pandora’s continuing transformation in style. While I like many of the new designs, it’s such a shame that they come at the cost of some these classic and beautiful pieces. :/

What do you think of this list? Are there any pieces that you are going to acquire before they go?

46 Comments on Pandora First Retirement 2015

  1. Gah! Since when are they discontinuing the three wise men? I really wanted that for my festive bracelet! I haven’t seen it in the sales anywhere either.
    My ROJ parcel arrived today and I’m honestly shocked by how quickly it’s arrived. So pleased with my bargains. I really hope there are some nice new two tone charms coming out this year. Not that I really have room on my bracelet for them……

    • They do have quite a lot of bracelet options at the moment, what with the new bangles and Essence, etc, and my suspicion is that they are just doing away with the single leather bracelets and making do with the double leathers. I could be wrong, though!

        • Hi Lindsay! As far as I’m aware, the charms retiring this season for the UK have already been retired – they’re listed in the retired section of the UK website. Not all of the North American list is being discontinued here, I think.

  2. I know that during the sale over the past weekend (spend $100usd and receive a free charm) that the retiring charms were the ones you could use as your free item. My local Pandora store stated that offering retiring items was a new trend. It was a great way to move pieces that are going to be gone. As a consumer, it was a nice way to give me a heads up, so I could not only get the ones I wanted before they were gone, but get them for free with purchase as well. I don’t have any leather ones right now, but I see several I have wanted on the disco list. I know the next sale coming up isnt a free leather promo, so I’m wondering if I should just go and grab the ones I want now?! I’m so torn. And clearly my Pandora addiction is out of control! ??

    • Absolutely, I thought it was a really fun promo – especially as you guys don’t get official sales over there! It’s the first time they’ve run it, so hopefully it’ll happen again next year. They tend to run their free leather bracelet promos in the summer, so that’s quite some time to wait – from what I understand, stores often send back the first wave of retired pieces early in the year. I don’t want to be a bad influence, but I’d be tempted to get what you wanted sooner rather than later. ;)

      • Ha! No worries Ellie, I ran right out (with a print of your post in hand) and snapped up every single thing I wanted! I spend way more than I are to admit in writing, but now I’m all set until the free promo in March! Thanks for lead. First time writer, long time reader. Love the blog!

    • Talking about a Pandora addiction being out of control. I bought my first Pandora charm, a Disney Parks Exclusive, on the 24th of December. I went to a Pandora Store for the first time on the 26th. In the last 15 days I have bought 3 bracelets, 2 safety chains, 6 clips, and 6 spacers and 24 charms. Oh good lord don’t tell my husband.

      • You’re as bad as me! Don’t join the various Facebook pages. People are always selling new or gently used items at great prices. I’ve gotten even worse. But my jewelry box is happy!

  3. I’m sad the turtle is retiring; that was my first pandora charm. Is there anywhere where there is a text list of everything retiring?

    • I have almost got the turtle so many times – I may have to snap him up before he goes for good! He’s adorable. ^^ I’m not sure about elsewhere, but I have one on my computer at home; I will try and upload it for you when I am back tomorrow.

      • Thanks :) The turtle and other classic Silver animals were some of my favorites from Pandora. I wonder if they will be replaced with cubic zerconia or pave charms, like they replaced the two tone seahorse with one that has blue czs.

  4. Yes there are a few on these photos I still want to get. It’s quite sad really that all these cute pieces are going, and all the gold, the two tones! Wouldn’t be so bad if they were replaced like for like. Take a gold piece, replace it with another. Etc. I got my hands on a white mystic murano, I eventually want 2 or most probably 4, but they are getting harder to find. Such a shame as they are so pretty. I also bought some old style plainer silver pieces in the sale, waiting for those to arrive.

    I am hoping the CZ craze will die down and we get some more classic pieces again. Otherwise I will be adding to my collection through the Facebook selling pages and not through the shops.

    • I completely agree with you. The pave look can be very pretty, but I don’t want it on every single new design! It pushes the price up and seems needlessly gaudy in some cases. Pandora seem very set on retiring all their classic silver designs and replacing them with pave versions, however. :/ I’m glad that I’ve managed to get most of the classic beads that I want, but it seems a shame for anyone who’s recently started collecting.

  5. I can’t believe the list is so long there lots of charms and bracelets what I love, the good thing about them retiring is that there is a possibility of them being in the sale which means getting them a bit cheaper. I just can’t believe that mostly all the leather are being retired.

    • Haha, that’s what always comforts me – it’s great to have the opportunity to get them a little cheaper before they go for good. ;) It is a shame for any new collectors, though.
      I can’t believe that the single leathers are being discontinued. I love the double leathers, but I find the single leathers easily the most comfortable for wearing with charms.

  6. I am disappointed with this list. There are too classic pieces retiring – the owl, the turtle, the little girl and boy. The two tone letters have gone and now the silvers?? So now if you want letters on a bracelet you have to get those blingy horrible ones (just my opinion!!) the panda is one of my favourites as is the poppy. I am not liking the direction that pandora is heading in at all.

    • I’m also disappointed. As you say, it’s sad to see so many classic silver and two-tone pieces retiring – they are really beautiful, and they seem popular to me too, so I don’t really get it. I’m also a little afraid that Pandora are moving on to a new model where they have a very high turn-over of charms entering and leaving the collection. :/

  7. I need to get my hands on the TT dragonfly. The manager at my local store had my name down in case she finds one. I think I’ll be getting a single black leather bracelet with the poppy charm on it to wear for Remembrance Day before they go as well.

    • It’s an absolutely stunning bead – I almost got one myself in the sale, but I had to tell myself that enough was enough. ;) Hope you find one. Your poppy bracelet sounds lovely as well! I’m wearing my wildflower poppy murano on the single red leather, and that’s a very pretty combination.

  8. I seriously considered getting the Big Smooth Heart since I love rose gold and it’s a limited edition. I’m glad I didn’t get it now after reading reviews about how easily it scratches.

    You’re a big Pandora fan, but I’m thankful that your reviews are always objective and you don’t try to sugarcoat the bad things. :)

    • Oh, thank you! That’s very nice of you to say – I always worry a little bit when I have something negative to say, but I’m glad that it’s useful! The Rose heart is lovely, but sadly it just isn’t very durable. :/

      • You’re very welcome! In all honesty, I think readers prefer that you be honest in your reviews.

        I was actually at a flagship store not long ago and couldn’t decide between the rose Smooth Heart and the Sparkle of Love.

        I wonder if the Sparkle of Love is more durable with all the CZs… I’ll need to research this!

        • I suspect that the finish on the Sparkle of Love would be more durable – as you say it has all the CZs, so there’s less of a smooth surface to show all the marks and scratches. :)

    • The only retiring Essence bead that I’m aware of is the original moonstone Balance bead:
      Hope that helps!

  9. Happy New Year! I just wanted to say that that I like the combination of the pink leather with the pink heart bead in the top photograph so much that I have copied it! :) I got the pink leather in the October promo here in Canada and just bought the bead. Thank you for inspiring me. :)

    • That’s so lovely to hear! I’m always inspired by other people’s designs, so it’s nice that you were inspired by it. That bracelet is really special to me, too. Thank you for your comment, you have made my day! :) Happy new year, Janet!

  10. I’m trying to find Life’s Rhythm. It is said to be retired, but no retired site has it. Can you help me find 2? Thanks, Lue Ann

    • Hi Lue Ann, I’d recommend joining a Facebook selling page such as Pandora’s Tribe. Lots of retired pieces crop up there, so you’d have a good chance of finding one there :) Hope that helps!

  11. Hi, I’ve been reading your blog for a while and this will be my first time commenting. You mentioned that each region has a slightly different retirement list. I was looking on the UK site and looks like the square silver alphabet letters are still available. Is this so? If yes I have a cousin in the UK that I might ping and see if they’d be willing to pick one up for me.

    • Hi Ivanka, thanks very much for reading – it is nice to hear from you! ^^ Yes, the original alphabet charms are still available in the UK for now, although I have heard that they may be retired in favour of the cubic zirconia pendants in the future. Your cousin shouldn’t have a problem finding one – looking around most online retailers just now, for example, most seemed to have them in stock. :) Hope that helps!

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