Today’s post brings a small sneak peek at the upcoming Pandora Mother’s Day 2015 collection, with a look at the new pavé bangle  and some other new pieces! The collection features more traditional love and heart motifs, as one might expect. Pandora’s Mother’s Day collections usually debut in April, and that’s when I’d expect to see this release launch.

However, in the UK, we celebrate Mothering Sunday earlier than the rest of the world – consequently, the UK usually receives at least part of the Mother’s Day 2015 release early. This year, the UK’s Mothering Sunday will fall on the 15th of March and therefore I’d expect to see some a Mother’s Day release here in mid-February. I’ll update you if I hear anything about this!

Pandora Mother’s Day 2015 Sneak Peek

This sneak peek is courtesy of Eloïse Scaut, so please do not reproduce without crediting her. If any of you are French-speakers, take a look at her lovely new blog, PandorAddict, which offers detailed coverage of new collections for French Pandora fans!

Pictured here is the new Mother’s Day bangle, with a new heart-shaped clasp. This features pavé detailing on one side, and the Pandora logo on the other. Engraved on the bangle itself are the words ‘Always in my Heart’.

pandora mother's day 2015 collection

Also visible in the picture is an openwork charm with ‘M♥M’ written on it and, excitingly, a new locket charm, with ‘forever & always’ inscribed on it.

We can also make out a gold version of the Love of my Life clip. I’m inclined to think that this is a new 14kt gold version of the clip, seeing as the Pandora Rose clip is not available in all markets. I could be wrong, though!

We have previously seen the bangle itself in some live shots of the Spring and Mother’s Day 2015 collection.

Image by
Image by

Some of the other Mother’s Day 2015 pieces are pictured here, including the two-tone heart and locket charms. The picture also reveals a 14kt gold heart lock, a ‘M♥M’ pendant, new boy and girl charms, and what looks to be a new Mother’s Day card dangle.

pandora mother's day 2015 collection
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My Comment

I’m not a mother myself, and my own mother is disappointingly uninterested in Pandora – consequently the specifically maternal charms aren’t for me. ;) However, I’m curious to see the bangle in person, and I also love the idea of a locket charm – it’s just a little disappointing to see CZs at the top of it. I’d much have preferred an elegant, all-silver version.

What do you think of these sneak peeks? Are any of these for you?

34 Comments on Pandora Mother’s Day 2015 Sneak Peek

  1. Loving the two tone heart with cz detail! I will definitely be purchasing that one. The gold charms are beautiful but will be out of my price range. I’m really pleased to see more two tone charms in the recent collections.

    • It’s lovely! I didn’t really notice it from the live image before, but this campaign shot really shows it off. <3 Yes, it's really nice to see more two-tone, although I'd love to see some which aren't based on romantic themes, too!

  2. I like the openwork heart with mum, it’s nice to see just a silver charm. The locket looks like something I would like, as you say it’s a shame about the CZ’s, but I think I probably would go for it! Ah the bangle with the engraving is so sweet, but I so wish the clasp was plain silver like the bracelet. That would have been amazing!

    • Absolutely, I’m always happy to see any plain silver pieces. For one thing, the average price point of the newer pieces is really creeping up! I really love lockets in general, but primarily because of their lovely vintage feel – so the CZ on this charm might kill it a little for me. I’ll have to see what it looks like in person!
      Definitely! I just got the heart-clasp moments bracelet and it is gorgeous – the same clasp on a bangle would be stunning. Although I do find the moments bracelet is really hard to do up, because of the shape of the clasp… I wonder if it would be easier on the bangle!

  3. I like the bangle, despite the pave heart. I also really like the mum open work heart, the little boy and girl – they look like Lego people. I think the mothers’ day charms and jewellery are based more on sentimental value than outstanding or unique design, so I think based on that, to me this collection is rather nice. One set of our best fiends, who are a couple, always use the signature M&M as its both of their initials, so I might give it to them and tell them it’s their initials, rather than the word ‘mum’ – they won’t know the difference!

    • Haha, now that you say it, they really do look like Lego people! It’s their feet, I think. ^^ Absolutely, the Mother’s Day collection in particular is based on love and family, so I wouldn’t expect too many original designs as you say. I think that there are still some nice and interesting concepts here, though, particularly the locket and the card!
      I think that works very nicely – good idea! ;)

  4. I noticed two of the charms that I assume are a boy and girl. If so, do you have the number so that I can actually view them? I am not crazy about the hearts.

    • Do you mean the item numbers? These are all charms due out later in the year and the stock images for them aren’t out yet I’m afraid. This is all I have on them. :)

        • No worries! There are existing boy and girl charms that aren’t dangling – they’ve just been retired. Their item codes are 790360 and 790375. They look very similar to the new ones, if you’re interested!

  5. I love that bangle! And I love the heart on the top too! I recently gave my mom one of my bangles. i was going to sell it but she asked for it instead and now I am thinking I will have to replace it for her with this one. I hope they do a promo with a set.

  6. Although I do like the collection and there are a few pieces that I don’t ‘hate’, I sure do wish Pandora would stop with the hearts. I am actually thinking of counting them because I am curious to know how many hearts there are now… You could literally do an entire bracelet of just hearts, and not even repeat a bead. That might actually be kinda cool but, there are so many other nice things they could be doing.

    • Lol, there are actually so many hearts – I’m sure they make up a pretty significant percentage of their current collections, haha. And they’re very pretty, for the most part – just a bit repetitive. I think one of the problems is the sheer volume of new pieces they are pumping out each year at the moment; I suppose that inevitably, more and more of them are going to be new versions of what’s been before, or variations on what is already selling. :/

  7. Love the writing on the side of the bangle – that’s new

    Love the mum charm.

    Love the heart charm on the bangle but probably out of our price range.

    Now, just need to drop some big hints and steer my family towards my nearest Pandora store!

    • Yes, isn’t the engraving on the bangle sweet? That sort of thing doesn’t usually appeal to me, but it looks really pretty and elegant here.
      Haha, I hope those hints hit the mark! ;)

  8. Awww! M♥M (Love Mum/Mom~) Very pretty openwork! What a “hearty” collection lol! I like how the new two tone heart mixes with the Together Forever valentines dangle. The colouring and styling reminds me of last years release with the filligree heart to be honest. I’m really drawn to the locket dangle! The minimal amount of CZ detailing on it is better than a full on pave heart locket, plus I’m also hoping that both sides of the locket are plain silver. =P

    The CZ-ing on charms is starting to get to me, as the prices are ridiculously high here. =(

    • Lol, very hearty! ;) I would have thought that the locket would be plain silver on both sides ^^ and yes, you’re right, a little CZ is better than lots haha! I’m reserving judgement until I see it in person, as I would absolutely love a locket charm, but I’m not sure about the sparkly look.
      You’re right – the average price point of the newest collections is creeping up and up. :( I’m in the UK, and the prices are amongst the highest here unfortunately. I can understand why people are turning to collecting retired pieces instead!

  9. Funny, how your mother is not interested in Pandora and you are. I love Pandora but my daughter has no interest. I was planning on giving her Pandora jewellery for her 18th but I know she wont wear it. I have put the charms I have collected for her aside for the moment, in case she changes her mind between now and her 21st!

    Love your blog btw.

    • Haha, I know, I absolutely love it and she just doesn’t get it at all! I have tried to persuade her to let me get her a bracelet, but she’s just not into jewellery enough to let me buy her something that expensive. I hope your daughter changes her mind! ;)
      Thank you, glad to hear you’re enjoying it! <3

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