*UPDATED* A full preview of the Pandora Mother’s Day 2015 collection is now available! Following on from my earlier sneak peek at the Pandora Mother’s Day 2015 collection, today’s post features stock images of the new Mother’s Day bangle and some of the upcoming charms! They are primarily based on themes of love and family, and all of them feature a little heart motif in some way – however this preview does not represent all of the charms that will be released with the collection.


Judging from Pandora’s previous release schedules, we can expect to see this collection debut in early April. 

In the UK, we celebrate Mothering Sunday earlier than the rest of the world – consequently, the UK usually receives at least part of the Mother’s Day 2015 release early. I’m wondering if the stock images leaked here perhaps constitute this early release for the UK, which I would anticipate to be due out in mid-February.

Pandora Mother’s Day 2015 

First up, we have a stock image of the new Mother’s Day 2015 bangle! The pavé detailing is one side of the clasp; the other features the Pandora logo. Not pictured in this image is the fact that the bangle is printed with the words, ‘always in my heart’ – you can see in the campaign image above.

pandora mother's day 2015
Image by Pandora – please do not reproduce without credit


Eight of the new Mother’s Day 2015 charms have been leaked in this preview, all focusing on love and family. Of these, the openwork M♥M charm is beautifully done, while the two-tone heart is lovely. It’s also worth noting that the Mother’s Day card fully opens, although we don’t have a clear picture of what’s written inside. On the other side of the First my Mother silver heart is written ‘Forever my Friend’.

You can click the image to enlarge it.

pandora mother's day 2015 collection
Image by Pandora – please do not reproduce without credit


On the reverse of the two-tone charm, ‘Always in my heart’ is written, just as on the bangle – you can see in this image from PandorAddict:

pandora mother's day 2015

My Comment

I’ll admit that, for the most part, I am not too excited by this sneak peek – primarily as I’m in my early twenties and I don’t have children yet, and also because the heart motifs are a bit generic to be of much excitement to me. The two-tone Always in my Heart charm is absolutely gorgeous, but I did get last year’s LE Vintage Heart charm and so I probably won’t indulge in this year’s offering.

What do you think of these new pieces? Are any of them going on your wish list?

33 Comments on Additional Pandora Mother’s Day 2015 Sneak Peeks

  1. i wish my mother had a Pandora so I could get her some charms. But she would never wear silver, she only likes 18ct gold with diamonds or emeralds. Way out of my budget!

  2. Hi, thank you for another great post. I am not very excited about this collection either. I only like a bangle to be honest and I’m considering buying it for my mum for Mother’s Day which in my country is on 26th May. Still plenty of time to make a decision. Have a great weekend! ?

    • Hi Sylvia, I think it’s all quite pretty, just not really for me. I’d get the bangle too, but I have last year’s LE Mother’s Day bangle and I’m not sure I’d wear them both. :) It would make a lovely present for your mum though!
      Thanks for commenting, have a lovely weekend too! <3

  3. Nothing really excited me about this, I love the inscription on the bangle, but not keen on the clasp. The openwork mum is the one I like out of all of them, if my boys were to get me one I wouldn’t say no ? but it does remind me of the chamilia openwork heart a bit.
    I’m interested to see the locket in person. If it’s not too blingy and doesn’t relate to Mother’s Day particularly then would be nice for my family bracelet.

    I feel I am losing the love for pandora, I used to get excited about new releases but I find I’m groaning at the sight of repeated designs and so much bling. I was comparing a photo of a classic pandora to the new blingy style, it’s changed so much and I find myself more drawn to the older style. I love what I have, and enjoy making up new designs, and searching for older charms I still want.

    • I do, at times, feel like I came onto the Pandora boat too late! I only discovered Pandora early last year, and have found that I am going on Ebay and Perlen looking for older all silver charms, as opposed to wanting to buy the newer charms. Also, if I had discovered Pandora many years back, the prices would have been much cheaper!

    • Yes, perhaps you could get something similar inscribed on a plain bangle? I can’t imagine that would be too hard to do! I quite like the openwork mum as well – if I had children, I think that would be the one I’d go for. Hope that it makes its way to you this mother’s day! ^^
      I do understand what you mean – their style has undergone a sea change in the last couple of years, and not for the better. There are some beautiful pieces still, but the absence of interesting two-tone designs and genuine gemstones is a real shame. And all the pave is pushing the prices up, too. Luckily I am still finding charms that I really like, and sometimes that I love, from each collection, and writing the blog means that I usually find new collections exciting anyway haha.

    • I totally echo your thoughts here! My very first charm bracelet was a Pandora, but I’ve quickly found other brands to be much more appealing. I rarely buy Pandora now.

  4. I can’t wait to get my hands on that bangle! Love it! I love the clasp and the idea that it has an inscribed message.

    • I really like the inscription, too! The only thing is that it would seem like a shame to put charms on it and hide it – it might be a nice one to wear plain and stack with other bracelets. :)

  5. Nope, nothing there for me! I’m going to ask for the silver family charm for Mother’s Day I think or maybe just have a complete break from pandora. It’s getting a bit boring :(

    • It’s a shame, but I do understand why you feel like that. Is there nothing in Spring you like, either? :( It is all getting a bit pave and same-y but luckily I’m still finding pieces that I like within all the sparkle.

  6. Linda, I was thinking that two toned heart would be a nice way to memorialize a mother who has been lost too. I like that one, and the openwork heart. I also like the kids holding the heart, mainly because it’s a plain silver charm, and it’s a bit different than the rest of the heart themed stuff. It didn’t jump out at me before, but the nice clear image here made me like it more. I think with Mother’s Day being a short time after Valentine’s Day, the heart theme gets stale. I have the Filled With Love charm on my bracelet from last year’s Mother’s Day line, and I love it, but there are only so many hearts a person can take.

    • The Mother’s Day stuff is usually full of hearts and family-themed pieces, so I’m always prepared not to like to be mad about it. I doubt that I’ll get any of these – I’m also at something of a saturation point with the hearts, haha. I just got the two Steady Heart clips for my heart-clasp bracelet and I think that’ll be enough for the year! ;)

  7. Any idea when will the 2015 Spring and Disney Collections be released? And what are the items from these collections that are exclusive to North America only? I am so excited to get my hands on the charms. Your pictures are fabulous! (:

    • Hi Charmaine! The Spring 2015 collection is due out on the 12th of March. I’m not sure about Disney yet. :) All known release dates are posted on the sidebar on the right of the page, so keep an eye out there!
      As far as I’m aware, it is only the Disney collection that is exclusive to North America. Spring and Mother’s Day should be available globally!
      So glad you’re excited; I am too! :)

      • Awesome! Cos I live in SG so I’ve to get a friend to help me get the exclusive to North America items. Wish Pandora could make Disney items available in Asia too.

  8. I’m liking that Wishful Hearts Moments bangle (available on U.K. sites) but it’s not in my Spring 2016 catalog. Is it being released in the states? The heart clasp has a clear inner cz edge around the heart with a clear cz in the center.

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