Today’s post sees a continuation of my Pandora Valentine’s 2015 reviews, with a feature on the new heart-clasp charm bracelet! This bracelet is just like the classic silver Moments bracelet, but with a gorgeous heart-shaped clasp instead of regular barrel clasp. I admit that I get a little over-excited when Pandora release these fun little variations on classic designs, and I’ll be looking in detail at the bracelet itself and some suggested stylings for it. :)

pandora valentine's day 2015 bracelet

I’ve also included a couple of little easter eggs at the end, with some photos of the new pink heart box GWP for Valentine’s Day and the adorable CNY 2015 Chinese Doll charm! <3

pandora heart clasp bracelet

The bracelet

The heart clasp is larger than the regular barrel clasp, meaning that it looks especially lovely and shiny in person. The branding is also a bit more prominent than the regular Pandora bracelet; in that way, it’s more like the Pandora bangle.

pandora heart clasp bracelet valentine's 2015 collection

The classic Pandora crown logo is featured on the other side of the clasp.

pandora heart clasp bracelet valentine's 2015 collection
The clasp is stamped with ‘S925 ALE’ in the middle:

pandora valentine's 2015 bracelet

However, I find that it’s surprisingly hard to put on, even compared to a brand new regular Moments bracelet. The bracelet, being new, is really stiff anyway, but this issue is exacerbated by the shape of the clasp – the end of the bracelet doesn’t fit quite right into the clasp and it makes it really hard to do up!

If you look at this picture, you can see how the two ends of the snake chain are trying to pull in different directions within the clasp. This is primarily what makes it so difficult to fasten with one hand. It’s possible that this issue will lessen once I’ve worn the bracelet in a bit, but for now I have to ask someone else to help me put it on.


The other thing is that, when I wear the bracelet, the clasp won’t lie flat against my wrist – it insists on sitting upright! I’d rather have it lie flat, otherwise it doesn’t really look like a heart haha. Once again, I’m hoping that it might soften up and lie flat as I wear it in.


The most popular way to wear this bracelet, from what I’ve seen so far, is in combination with the silver Steady Heart clips. They do look beautiful with this bracelet, even if they are an obvious choice. The clips are pretty and simple, making them great for showcasing a particular charm in the centre of the bracelet; here I’ve used them to showcase the gorgeous (and sadly retired) Treasured Heart pendant.


A romantic two-tone design also works well (although can you imagine how expensive a two-tone version of this bracelet would be!). The heart-clasp bracelet would be perfect for a fairy-tale bracelet theme, as well!

pandora treasured hearts

However, while my mind immediately skips to pink for this bracelet, it’s an incredibly versatile piece and can be worn with any colour scheme you fancy. For this styling, I was sort of picturing a romantic evening under the stars, Lady and the Tramp spaghetti style; the Aventurescent murano and the Twinkling Night clip evoke the evening sky, while the braided hearts and Darling Daisy clips add a little romance.

pandora valentine's 2015 bracelet

Having said that, I am personally going to wear this bracelet with the new pink hearts murano, and the With Love charm, in a mini-Valentine’s design. I love the little bicycle, which makes me think of the song ‘Daisy, Daisy’, and the Valentine’s card, with its pretty roses.


Valentine’s 2015 Pink Heart Jewellery Box

I recently took part in the UK’s heart box GWP for Valentine’s Day, and was very excited to receive it in the post last week. :D This is my first ever official Pandora jewellery box, and it’s so adorable in person! One of the cutest things is the zip, which is in the shape of the Pandora logo. This box is available in various countries as a Valentine’s GWP (see my Promotions page for more details).


One side of the box has a little pink insert, which has space for a bracelet and some slots for rings in the centre. However you can always lift this out if you would rather have the space. It makes for a perfect little travel box! ^^


Pandora Chinese Doll 2015

So, I caved and I got the CNY 2015 Chinese Doll – even though I said I wouldn’t. ;) It arrived last week from Singapore, and I thought I’d share some close-up shots of the charm, as the use of enamel is really vibrant and beautiful in person! For the uninitiated, this is one of two charms that Pandora have released to celebrate the Chinese New Year. They are currently limited to the Asian market, however.


I also hadn’t noticed how adorable her little ears and feet are before, haha. I’ll post a proper review of this fun little charm closer to CNY. :)



This is a gorgeous design, offering a really fun twist on the classic Pandora charm bracelet. It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day, but versatile enough to have a more enduring appeal. However, the shape of the clasp does pose some problems; for me it makes the bracelet harder to do up, and the clasp refuses to sit flat against my wrist. This might improve if the bracelet loosens up and I will update the post if this proves to be the case!

The Pandora Heart-Clasp bracelet is $65 in the US or £55 in the UK, where you can purchase it along with the rest of the Pandora Valentine’s collection from John Greed Jewellery.

Have you bought this bracelet, or is it on your wish list? Have you had any issues doing it up?

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  1. i bought it and had to return it as my usual size of 20cm was far too big,had to go down a size which i didnt expect! will fill it with my heart charms which are currently sat on a pipe cleaner until the new bracelet arrives :D

    • Oh really! That’s interesting, I hadn’t even considered that the sizes could be different. I’ve gone for my usual 19cm, which seems okay, but it’s still very stiff at the moment so I can’t quite tell how it will fit ultimately. Will keep an eye on it!
      Sounds lovely, I’m going to do a romantic theme on mine as well! <3 Hope your new bracelet gets there soon. :D

      • I tried it on in the store and the sizing was the same as my essence bracelet. I found it quite stiff in the store but I figured/hoped that it would become more flexible once I started wearing it regularly….but haven’t bought it yet.

  2. I have this bracelet, have to say that mine isn’t really stiff at all, have no trouble doing it up and the heart lays flat lol. I do wear a safety chain with it so maybe that helps me do it up, but before I put one on I didn’t struggle either.
    I wanted this bracelet as soon as I saw the sneak peaks, I’m pleased with it!

    • Argh really?! Perhaps this is one to pick out in the store then haha. My clasp just won’t lie flat, it springs back as soon as I move it. :( I hadn’t thought about a safety chain, I will try putting one on and seeing if that helps!
      I’m pleased with mine too! I love how shiny the bigger clasp is. :)

      • i know this is an older post, but i googled and came upon it. I have the same issue of the heart not lying flat. Has time helped? Thanks.

  3. I love this bracelet, the hearts clips and the pink muranos. Such a great combo. I always love your styling. I wish they would hurry up and sell it on its own here – atm its a bracelet/charm combo only. Would buy it tomorrow if I could buy it solo (or with the hearts clips rather than the charm).

    • Thank you! <3 They're definitely my favourite pieces of the new collection! It is very annoying when Pandora bundle new pieces; they've been doing it with every collection lately (bar this Valentine's one, actually) in the UK, and it's always with the most popular pieces of course. :( It probably won't be available on its own until after Valentine's Day, or until Spring.

  4. Question: Atm, we have the heart bracelet/charm combo offer for $150AUD or the spend of $120AUD (I think thats the figure) and you get the pink jewellery box. The offers are running at the same time but are independent of each other. Is that the case in the case in the UK?

  5. I keep hinting at this for valentines from my better half. He doesn’t think Pandora is a good investment at all, he did buy me a Michael Kors rose gold watch and prefers that. I’ve even told him I wish to purchase a Prada tote and few designer items as I have become obsessed since the MK watch. He prefers those to the Pandora. How do I explain that thing is too cute to pass up? I’m addicted to your blog btw :D

    • Haha, you should tell him that, while he’s right and most Pandora pieces aren’t really an investment, it’s fun and pretty – plus nowhere near as expensive as Prada :P There doesn’t have to be a point to it! Hope you manage to convince him and I’m glad to hear you enjoy the blog! ;)

  6. I have not bought it, as I prefer Trollbead chains. I only have Pandora bangles. Plus I have had a bracelet like this for a couple of years (from Kay’s Jewelers, I think) though it doesn’t have the stations. I do like that one, so I expect I would like the Pandora one.

      • Oh well that’s perfect, how lovely that it has that meaning for you! I have mine on a red leather bracelet with the Japanese Doll; they do look really pretty together.

    • Ah, is that the Charmed Memories one? I saw that a couple of days ago in the sale for 70% off, a real bargain – but I already had the Pandora one. It looked like a good alternative though, especially if you’re not keen on all the stations and clips etc. :)

  7. Hi! This is my first time posting here. I love this blog! I bought the heart clasp bracelet last week and have been wearing it every day. This is my first Pandora charm bracelet; although I have LOTS of Pandora jewelry. I couldn’t resist the heart clasp! Anyway, I don’t really have a hard time getting it on. The trick is to hold the bracelet against your body while working one end into the clasp. Make sure the end that you’re putting into the clasp is almost to the other side of your wrist. Once I got the hang of it, I now find it easy. You’ll laugh at me; I won’t be putting any charms on it. Because of the stiffness, it looks like a bangle! Oh, and my clasp doesn’t seem to want to lay flat, either. I keep playing with it so I don’t mind!!

    • Hi Sue, glad to hear that you are enjoying the blog, it is lovely to have you! Thanks for the tip, I just tried it your way and – success! Got it done up on my own finally, haha. I have been putting on Pandora bracelets for three years now and not had any problems before this one. ;) It’s definitely a little tricksier than the others!
      That’s not silly at all; I quite like to wear an oxidised bracelet plain, or just with some clips. It’s nice to go for the more minimal look sometimes! :D Besides, they are nice bracelets in their own right – especially when they’re shiny and new and bangle-like, as you say. :)
      Thanks for commenting! <3

    • Same here, I like it without any charm on it. Hope for the rose heart shape bracelet come out then I can wear it together at a set, 14k is not worth the price.

  8. I’ve got the heart clasp bracelet and have it full with a safety chain. I have a hard time getting it on, and my clasp doesn’t lie flat either. It is beautiful, though, and I love it. I have mine styled in purples and browns, and each charm represents someone special to me. I just added the Love and Guidance charm. The angel wing nicely represents my 4 grandparents who are gone now, and the gold heart my wonderful step grandmother who is still living. I also added the Dove of Peace. A heart and wings is part of the Scottish crest of my Hubby’s family, so this is perfect for a family themed bracelet.

    I really like the Chinese doll. I would love to see these from other countries. What a neat way to represent your nationality (in America, many of us are a mixed bag of several nations), or a fun twist to represent countries you’ve visited. Unique and very cute. I hope Pandora runs with the idea.

    • Sounds absolutely lovely Clair, I love the sound of purple and brown; which charms are you using for the brown? You always have such meaning behind the charms you choose. <3
      Definitely, it would be so fun to see a whole range of these dolls! For summer, they're bringing out a range of flag charms, which is nowhere near as fun I think. Perhaps if they sell well they will make some more!

      • I have three wooden beads, a brown Primrose Path, and a brown Oval Lights. I tried to send you an email, but wasn’t sure if the “0” was a number or letter. Did it show up in your mailbox? It’s nice to have something that’s a reminder of all the special people in my life. I still need to squeeze my brother and beautiful nieces in there somehow. I’m on the lookout for new dangles that come out. Especially ones with a thin bale, as my bracelet is much more full than I expected it would be when transferring it to the silver.

        Flags sound cute, but I like the dolls more. They remind me of the dolls found on vacation at souvenir shops to collect for your travels.

        • It did thank you, I got it this morning and I replied to you – did you not get it? :) I’m just working on uploading your pics so that I can post them in a comment here for people to see – it’s such a lovely design, and offers a really nice contrast to those that I’ve posted! :D
          The flags are cute, but I would absolutely adore little dolls. I’d definitely try and collect a little set of those!

    • Clair’s lovely purple and brown theme bracelets! <3

  9. Loved this bracelet since your peek post and knew I had to have it. And loved it even more in person. I bought the gift set. Beautiful indeed. I added the new tumbling hearts charm and the treble clef charm. The theme for this bracelet will be “My Love for Music” Simply just love it. Also I agree when its first bought, it can be quite stiff and quite difficult to put it on. But I guess as time goes by it will become less difficult. I like the fact the heart doesn’t lie flat. My opinion. But overall I love this bracelet. Also I’m a huge fan of hearts so this bracelet is perfect. Thinking I might purchase another :) Thanks again for another great post.

    • I saw your picture on Facebook, it looks so gorgeous! The Treble Clef is a really lovely addition and the new music charms for Spring would be perfect for your theme too! <3
      I love the bracelet too, and I'm hoping that mine softens up as well. I'll probably get used to the way the clasp sits haha. Thanks for commenting Sara!

  10. Hello! I stumbled on your blog when I was reading up on the how-to when my dear husband got me my very first Pandora bracelet as an early V-Day present. :)
    Was super excited when your review of this heart clasp bracelet was published. Yes I had similar challenges getting the bracelet on but with a little practice it becomes easier to wear. Mine stands ever so slightly that it is as though the heart is resting on a stand at an angle.
    As I am just starting out, my bracelet is still quite bare except for 2 clips: Cherry Blossom Clip and Head Over Heels Clip. I’ve also added to my bracelet the Purple Glass Bubbles Charm which was a gift from a dear friend (kept it for quite a while as I didn’t have a bracelet when she gifted it to me). I’m so excited for my bracelet! XD

    • Hi Regina! Your bracelet sounds lovely, a really great start! You have some lovely pieces there, the Cherry Blossom clip is one of my absolute favourites. <3 Glad to hear that the bracelet gets easier to put on, too; I'm sure I'll get the hang of it with some practice. ;) Thanks for commenting, and welcome to the rather addictive world of Pandora! :D Please keep us posted about how your bracelet progresses!

      • Hi Ellie.
        I will surely keep you posted on my bracelet’s progress. Believe it or not it’s been only a week since my comment here and my bracelet is now stretched a tiny bit. It hangs a little lower on my wrist now and it doesn’t feel as rigid as it was. Looks more natural now. It’s easier to put on too! :)

        • Thanks Regina! I’ve been wearing mine constantly to try and loosen it up a bit and mine has relaxed quite a lot too. The clasp shape is always going to pose a problem, I think, but I can actually get it on myself now as well haha. :)

  11. It must greatly vary in shape because I’ve found mine to not only be my loosest bracelet of all of mine but also seems a tad to big. Leaves me wishing I’d gone down a size. Perhaps also the size in general as I’ve noticed my sisters bracelet that’s quite a few sizes smaller is still stiff like that where as I wear the larger size and have never had a bracelet that was stiff. It’s almost like the size of the clasp made it a hair bigger but I’m adjusting and the heart lays flat as well. Though it has been harder to put on finding the darn notch for the bracelet lol

    • Yes, it’s interesting – I’ve heard a few people say about the size! It’s not something that I’d noticed before but, now that I come to look, it does hang slightly lower on my wrist than my other bracelets. I’m thinking the same as you, that it could be because the heart-clasp is a tad wider than the regular barrel-clasp. It also definitely does sound like a piece you should go and pick out in the store, as it seems that some have clasps that lie flat and some don’t!

  12. I would love one of these bracelets, but I have so many bracelets I think I have 7 and only 1 finished so I’m going to focus on completing them before I get another but one day I will get it. Also I have decided to participate in the promo were you get the free jewellery box might go to my local shop and get one. I also really want the CNY doll chArm hope it comes to the uk.??

    • Haha, I know the feeling. I have… ooh, four on the go at the moment (including this one) and I won’t be starting any others for now. I haven’t finished a bracelet since last summer and it’s starting to bug me lol. Yay, what are you getting for the promo? The box is lovely, it’s great as a little travel case!
      The doll should be coming to the UK in the Spring/Summer collections, so I expect you’ll be able to get it soon :)

      • I went for the pink Valentine’s 2015 With Love charm, two Steady Heart clips and a bangle, which was a gift for my OH’s mother :) Love the With Love charm in person, it’s gorgeous!

  13. I love this bracelet like crazy. Totally agree with you that it’s kindda hard to put on. I styled this bracelet with the sakura clips, the twin cat charm, the new love padlock and key charm and the 2 new pink heart muranos. My Valentine is with my cats :-).

    • Sounds gorgeous, I love the cherry blossom clips! <3 and I love that you have included your cats in the valentine's theme, I feel quite similarly about my own puppy haha. I have a pink leather bracelet with just the 'I love my dog' charm and a heart charm. ^^ Hopefully they will get easier to put on as we wear them in! :)

  14. I’m gonna try on the heart clasp bracelet in the store this week – I’ve heard the problem of the heart standing upright many times. Most ladies wrote in one of the Facebook groups that it softens up with use – fingers crossed!
    I absolutely adore the little CNY doll! I will also have one from Singapore very soon to go with my Korean doll :-) . Hope you will love both the bracelet and the charm very much! And how cute are those little feet on the doll?? :-)

    • Absolutely, having now read all the comments, I’d definitely recommend trying on the bracelets until you find one that sits how you like it. :) Yup, fingers crossed – I’ve started wearing it every day, so hopefully it will loosen up quickly!
      Oh yes, she’s gorgeous isn’t she! I have the Japanese Doll already, which is beautiful itself, but the details on this little doll are even cuter – I especially love how her ears stick out, haha. I definitely love both the bracelet and the charm, I hope you love the doll as much when she arrives with you! <3 Thanks for commenting!

  15. Hi
    I’m new to Pandora bracelets and have decided this one will be a V-day present to myself, either from me or from my hubby. :) I’m not sure which size to choose. I measured my wrist – it’s exactly 15 cm, so I figured 17cm would be the perfect size. Just to be sure I went to a local store to try it on, and it appears 18 cm is better fit. It is rather stiff so I can’t really tell how it’s going to look when it gets looser and stretches a little. At the moment I’m not planning to have many charms, but am not promising anything. :) Any suggestions? Thanks

    • Hi Jasmina, sorry for the delay in reply! As a rule, you do want to go 2cm up from your wrist size – you should be able to fit two fingers between your wrist and the bracelet when it’s clasped. If you think there’s a possibility that you might want to fill it up or add a few murano glass charms, then you might want to think about a bigger size. :) One good thing to do is to ask to try a full bracelet on, or even just one with a few charms, to see how the size feels once you’ve added some charms! Hope that helps :)

  16. Hi I just thought I would let you know I got that chinese doll charm from that seller it only took 4 days to get here very quick, I have put it on my heart clasp bracelet I got yesterday for my birthday I love them both

  17. Hi I just got my first ever pandora for Christmas from my hubbi and it’s a bangle with a present charm on it , I totally love it and now I’m addicted and got the heart clasp one for valentines day with a sparkly heart clip on it . Mine is really hard to fasten too and also the heart stands up but I don’t mind now I’ve realised it’s not because I’d broken it trying to fasten it myself :-) I just plan on putting hearts between the two twist bits :-) I love this page too :-)

    • Hi Kerry! Your bracelets sound absolutely gorgeous – welcome to the Pandora club! :D It’s so nice to hear that you enjoy the page. :) I really like the sound of your heart-theme bracelet, there are so many pretty Pandora heart charms to choose from. <3
      I'm glad that your bracelet is the same as mine – I was also worried that mine wasn't quite right haha. Mine has since got easier to fasten, but the clasp still stands up. :)
      Thanks for commenting!
      Ellie x

  18. Hi,
    I have just know your web and im so exciting woth this. Thank you for all your helpful comments. I get that one in my And less than 1 month i fill it nearly full hahaha :))

    • Hi Vivi! Glad that the review was helpful, thank you :D haha I do know that feeling… my bracelets get filled up ridiculously quickly. Pandora is so addictive! ^^

  19. Hi,

    I got the heart clasp bracelet during the free bracelet promotion. I found it just a little bit difficult to fastening. The safety clip that I have on it helped to keep it close enough together that I could slip the end into the notch. I have a question about one of the charms listed above beneath the two-toned charms caption. Is the charm located second from the right with the engraved flowers and gold dots retired, and do you have the name? I just love it. Thank you.

    • Hi Gia! I’ve found that my heart clasp bracelet has softened up so much since I wrote this review. :) It’s now almost as easy for me to get on as my others, which is great. I have just bought a new safety chain for it, too, so hopefully that will only make it easier to get on!
      Ah, I think that the charm you mean is the Frog Prince charm. If this is the picture that you mean?
      He’s one of my favourites! :)

      • His Again,

        Yes, that’s it. He is such a cutie. I may just get him during the next promo, if he isn’t already retired.

        Thanks so much.

        • Aw he really is lovely! I do hope they don’t retire him – he’s one of the cutest and more original designs Pandora do IMO. :) You’re welcome!

  20. I only like this heart shape bracelet moment because it look like a piece of expensive jewelery without any charm. Hope will have rose and 14 k version then I can stack the 2 or 3 bracket together.

  21. Hi ! First I must say that this is a great blog and it contains pretty much everything I need to know about Pandora jewelry . I bought the heart clasp bracelet today, for the second time. The first time I didn’t keep it because it was really big in my wrist and they didn’t have my size anymore. This time I find it to be really stiff as you mentioned and I have pretty much all the same issues that you describe In this review. I wanted to know if with time your bracelet became more comfortable . I am not even sure If I want to keep it , there is always something wrong with it… thanks ☺☺☺

    • Hi, thank you very much – I’m so pleased to hear that it’s useful!
      My bracelet has changed a lot since I wrote this review – I should really go back and update it haha. It has become a lot softer and consequently it is much easier to put on. It’s not a problem for me at all any more and I can do it up in a second. The clasp has also loosened up and will lie flat either way against my wrist!
      The only thing that I have found (and I have heard that some people have had issues like this) is that, once the clasp and bracelet relax, it becomes very easy to undo. It has never come undone by itself for me, but it is much easier to pop open than the other barrel clasp bracelets. I have a safety chain on it now :)
      Hope that helps!

      • Hi !☺Thanks for the update! My bracelet is still pretty stiff and leaves marks on the sides of my wrist at times . I have a tiny wrist (15cm) and my bracelet is 17 cm. And I agree with you, the clasp opens easily compared to the clasps in my other bracelets. I love this bracelet so much but in terms of fit is not like the others. I’ll have to put a safety chain like you did because I don’t have peace of mind when I wear it. And despite all the negative l guess I will keep it. But I don’t see myself starting a new themed bracelet with another one like this.

    • The heart shaped clasp is impossible to put on yourself. After 30 mins with the bracelet sellotaped to my wrist IConceded defeat . Not recommended unless you have someone to put it on for you.

  22. I bought this bracelet in size 18, it felt good on the wrist, I measured myself with 16 cm tight but this size 18 cm it leaves marks on my wrist in every position I put it. I ve had the 19 cm too but it was too large for me.. And I really thought that the 18 cm will be perfect.. And I really don t know what to do, to remain with this one in 18 cm or to go back to the other, 19 cm..which does not made me marks on my wrist.. I understood that the bracelet in time will get loose from some people but from others I get that it does not stretch at all..

    • Hi Andreea, finding the right size bracelet for you can be really tricky. :) I always think that it’s better to go a little too big than too small (as you could always have your bracelet shortened at a later point if it does stretch – if it is too small, and it is hurting you, there is not a lot anyone can do for you). How many charms are you wearing on the bracelet? Are you planning on filling it up? If you are, then you probably want a bigger fit as well to accommodate for the charms you have yet to buy.
      I have never had any of my bracelets stretch, but I have also heard that some people have had this happen. Adding clips and distributing your charms evenly will help to prevent this from happening.

  23. Hey. Thank you so much for ur answer, I thought that you will not answer to me. I am not planning to make it full, I need space for the charms to move around on the bracelet. Right now I have just a heart charm on it and it leaves me those marks. Today, I tried an almost full bracelet, just like I will have mine at my local store in 19 cm but the classic one, not this one with the heart clasp and the fit was good, I can add 1 finger in between the bracelet and wrist with many charms on it.. but with only one charm on it I can put 3-4 fingers in between for the one in 19 cm and I am not planning to make it full so fast.. I am not sure that here, in my country they have this option, to make it short after some time, I will ask.. Probably I will go back with the one in 19 cm.. even though I don t like the loose fit of it, I like this one in 18 cm, but it bothers me with those marks..

  24. I got my heart bracelet at the end of March. It was very stiff. I put five charms on it. A few weeks ago I bought two heart clips because I was tired of the charms moving around. Having the clips hold the charms on the bottom third of the bracelet seemed to have put a lot of weight on the bottom third of the bracelet, and it seemed over the past few weeks that the bracelet was beginning to stretch from the weight. Now today I noticed that the one side of the bracelet has softened and the bracelet is limp on the soft side while the rest of the bracelet is still rigid and round. Is this bracelet broken, or is it supposed to soften up and stretch over time?

  25. Hi! My boyfriend bought me this bracelet along with the rose gold ‘love and appreciation’ charm as a surprise and gave it to me on Friday. It was extremely stiff when I first put it on, definitely more like a bangle.. I could barely do it up and the heart clasp sat upright on my wrist like you said you had problems with! However, since putting it on I’ve only taken it off to shower.. And even over the course of 3 days, it’s softened up quite a lot and the clasp now lies flatter against my wrist, so I definitely think it’s a case of wearing it in a little to soften it up! I wear it all the time and can’t wait to get some more rose gold charms to go on it.. The silver and the rose look so beautiful together! :)

    • Hi Nancy! Yes, I found absolutely the same thing as you. My heart clasp bracelet goes on without a hitch now and the clasp sits which every way you want it too. :) Glad to hear that you are getting on with yours! I love the Rose charms, and they are perfect to go with the heart clasp. <3 Enjoy your new bracelet, it sounds gorgeous!

  26. Hi,

    Love your blog!!! I just got one of these on the weekend. Noticed too that it fit bigger than my other Pandoras and was stiffer. It did remind me of a bangle. I thought I was being completely “designer” and original when I picked the heart clips :) This bracelet is a minimalist one for me as I only got three charms plus the daisy safety chain. Each charm is in its own section and is the open work sparkling circles charm in purple, clear, and pink representing the birthstones of my family. I love it!!!

    • Hi Snapdragon! :) It does have a slightly looser fit than other Pandora bracelets, due to the clasp being a bit bigger. It should loosen up as you wear it though!
      Sounds like a beautiful arrangement you have there! Sometimes minimal is just as nice as a full bracelet of charms. Enjoy your bracelet! <3

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