Today’s an exciting day in the Pandora world, as it marks the start of the fantastic March bracelet promotion for the US and Canada! This GWP encompasses a whole range of bracelets, ranging from silver to 14kt gold, and includes a couple of new options this time around too. Moreover, there’s tons of beautiful new pieces out for Spring, with new collections for the Moments, Essence and Disney ranges – so it shouldn’t be too hard at all to hit those spends!

pandora march 2015 free bracelet promo

Just as a reminder, international readers should note that retailers are not permitted to ship outside of their geographical regions – if you want to take part, you will have to find a friend in the US or Canada to help you out!

The Promotion

pandora promo bracelets b

The bracelet promo is available from today until the 22nd of March and the qualifying spends are as follows:

  • spend $100 USD ($125 CAD) and receive your choice of the Pandora silver barrel clasp bracelet, the Pandora silver heart-clasp bracelet, the Pandora silver bangle or the Pandora Essence bracelet
  • spend $500 USD ($550 CAD) and receive the Pandora two-tone bracelet, bangle or Essence bracelet
  • spend $3,000 USD ($3,300 CAD) and receive the 14kt gold Pandora barrel clasp bracelet

Which is frankly an amazing array of bracelets, and the perfect opportunity to try something new. :D The gold bracelet is a particularly fab deal, if you can afford it. Some stores are offering the Pandora Rose bracelet too – although I hear some are allowing you to get it with the $100 spend, and others are asking for a $15 upgrade fee.

pandora rose collection

My Comment

I am very happily getting some help with this promo from a friend in Canada (yaaay), and the new Disney collection is top of my agenda for this promo! :D I’ll be getting Eeyore, the new Frozen muranos, the Frozen Snowflake pendant and Cinderella’s Pumpkin Coach. I’m a little over-excited. ;)

Will you be taking part in this promo? If so, what are you getting?

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  1. I current have the silver barrel clasp and was thinking to use the promo as a chance to get a second bracelet. What are your thoughts on the heart clasp bracelet? Would it be better to stack with the bangle or another barrel clasp? Thanks!! Love your blog!

    • I really love the heart-clasp bracelet, and I think all the different shaped clasps look great stacked together! It would definitely add a little more interest to your stack I think. I wrote a review of it here, with all the pros and cons, if you’re interested! :)
      Thanks for commenting Nicole! Have fun picking out your bracelet :D

      • Thanks for the note! I did get the heart clasp and I really like it. My first bracelet has lots of charms that were experiences or moments. I’m going to have the heart bracelet as my girly ones – all those charms that I love. I purchased the Primrose Silver Pendant, Lazy Daisy clip, Lacewing Butterfly clip, the Wildflowers murano, and the Cherry Blossom murano.

        I also recently got the Disneyland castle, the 2015 blue Disney Parks charm, and the Cinderella heart. I love the Disney charms way too much!

        • Oh, perfect, I love how delicate and pretty your choices are :) I love florals – the Cherry Blossom murano is one of my favourite Pandora glass beads they’ve ever done! It’s just beautiful.
          I love the Disney charms too! It’s terrible, I just want all the princess pieces haha. I keep seeing all these beautiful pictures of them and adding more to my list! I have the Disneyland castle and the Parks safety chain on their way to me too, so they should help me to be patient until my promo items to make it to me… ;)

  2. I will most definitely be taking part! I went into my Pandora store on the 14th and did a presale so all I have to do is pick it up today! I got two pieces from the new Disney collection and an essence charm and picked out an Essence bracelet so I am very excited to start my Essence collection. My Pandora store is offering the Pandora Rose bracelet as part of the $100 promotion. This was not mentioned to me at the store but I did receive an email that mentioned it. My sister also did a presale and called to change her free heart clasp bracelet for the Pandora Rose and they gladly changed it. Hopefully there are no problems when I head to my Pandora store soon to pick up my items! So excited!

    • Ooh lovely, which Disney pieces did you get? :D I love the Essence collection, too; I love how nice the bracelets look with even just a couple of charms on them. They’re very easy to wear! It’s great to hear that the Rose bracelet was included for you, it seems a bit mean to charge an upgrade fee (although I think I’ve read that some stores even charge extra for the oxidised bracelet, so I guess some are just less flexible). Enjoy your new bracelets and charms!!

  3. Hi, is there any online website have this promotion too? I have a forwarder company in US, just pay and they will deliver to China. Thanks!

  4. Yup, I preordered mine! I got an oxidized bracelet for one daughter, a heart clasp for another, and a plain silver for me. Also bought the equestrian and artist charms for the oxidized bracelet, 2 Pandora logo clips, Pooh and Eeyore for myself. The timing is perfect for us, since my youngest daughter’s birthday is March 21. She already had a purple double leather, but very much wanted a silver, so the oxidized one is for her birthday.

    FYI, though I went to a Pandora store for a presale, Pooh and Eeyore were already sold out. The salesperson told me they’d only received 5 of each, and Disney required them to keep one on display. So…. My Pooh and Eeyore have been backordered. Oh, BOTHER!

    • I am soooo ready I did the presale on Saturday. I got the ladybird and the sparkling butterfly dangle to get the pandora bangle. I may get another charm today too but i wont be spending another hundread dollars. I cant wait to get off of work :-)

    • Ooh I like what you picked out – I got the Artist’s Palette recently, and it’s so fun and cute in person! Eeyore was top of my list too, alongside the Frozen pieces (not that I like Frozen particularly, I just thought that the muranos were beautiful!). The promo is definitely a great opportunity to get some presents, that’s great timing for your daughter haha. tbh, I wish that I knew more people who liked Pandora, as I really enjoy picking out charms for other people!

      Ah that’s so disappointing! What’s the point in having one on display if the customer can’t buy it? That seems like a fairly pointless rule haha. Surely it’s better to sell them all and not have people see something that they can’t buy? :S Hope they come in for you soon, I personally can’t wait to get my hands on Eeyore :D

  5. I took during the presale the Dream and Believe charms from the last Disney collection and Belle’s murano and Cinderella’s heart from the new one….heart claps and essence bracelets for free! the bad thing is that I will not see my charms till the end of Easter holidays! can’t wait!!!!

    • Ooh you went for Disney too! I’m so in love with the latest collection, there were so many pieces I could have got from it. I’ll probably be back for more at some point haha. You picked out some lovely ones, though; I was quite tempted by the Cinderella heart myself but stuck with the Coach in the end :D Aw, why do you have to wait? That would kill me, haha!

  6. I can’t wait to go get my presale order!!! Sparkling primrose and Charles Bridge (the latter for my honeymoon). I got the Rose bracelet without the upcharge :)

    • It depends on the store. I believe the sale is one per customer, but some stores will let you make more than one purchase.

    • As collectormom very helpfully said, the official Pandora rules state one per customer, but many stores are willing to bend the rules and let you get more than one :)

  7. I’m very excited!:) I preordered and bought the Minnie and Mickey Pave clips so now all I have to do is go pick up my free bracelet! I am going to stop into Pandora and pick up the “Love Letter” charm because it has been discontinued and retired! I saw it on the website and quickly called my Pandora store. They only had two left and won’t be getting anymore in so I put it on hold and am going to grab it tonight. They free new bracelet I get and the love letter charm will be the start of my second bracelet!:) I think I am going to make it a “fairytale” themed bracelet and put all of the person life events from my own love story on there. The love letter is to symbolize when my boyfriend and I were in a long distance relationship for two years and wrote love letters back and forth:) I’m planning on getting the starry night clip and the pave heart clip as well because our first kiss forever ago was stargazing and I thought it might be fun to incorporate that into my bracelet. Any tips? Maybe a fun article would be to do an article on the charms that have been newly retired and discontinued. It makes them more rare and special when they aren’t on the market anymore:)

    • I totally get that, I was all over-excited today – even though I probably won’t receive my charms for a couple weeks haha. I have the Minnie clip and it’s one of my favourites, the bow is really cute! I was surprised to see that they were retiring the Love Letter charm, too, it’s such a cute concept – and they did just release a Christmas version of it last season so that didn’t make a lot of sense to me! It sounds perfect for you though, how sweet that you and your boyfriend wrote letters to each other! My boyfriend and I are semi-long-distance at the moment, as I’m currently in a different city at uni – so I really like the idea of letters as a way of keeping it fun and sweet :) Your bracelet sounds gorgeous; I really like the combination of the pavé and the red enamel. You could do a sort of stars and hearts theme to represent that first kiss stargazing? The new Disney Cinderella heart would be perfect for that, seeing as it’s both hearts and stars haha. And then mix them in with some of the fairy-tale beads. That would be really gorgeous and there would be loads of charms to choose from!
      When you suggest an article on retired charms, do you mean with live photos? Like a showcase? :) Because that’s a really nice idea! However I do already run news-y articles on upcoming retirements but that’s the extent of it currently.

  8. I picked up my pre-order today, got the two-tone bangle. A woman who was picking up her pre-order liked the One Clip Station bracelet and Rose Garden clip I was getting and decided to get the same thing. Funny! I would love to get the gold bracelet but I haven’t been able to convince my husband that its a $3000 “investment”

    • Oh, lovely, the two-tone bangle is beautiful! I wear mine all the time. :D Haha, how funny that she just decided to copy you! That does sound like a nice combination though, I’ve always wanted the one-clip bracelet – it would be fun just to showcase your clips on different days I think.
      Lol, I can see why that might be a tough one – perhaps you should lead with the $1500 you’d save ;)

  9. I got my two charms (life saver and celebration cake) today and ended up with the same silver barrel bracelet that I currently wear. I visited two locations and called two others…all during my lunch break!…and no one carries the rose barrel bracelet that I aimed for! Too bad, I really had my heart set on it. I’ve entertained the possibility of opting for the oxidized bracelet but looking at it in the display case, it just confirms my thought that it wouldn’t go well with the standard silver of the charms. Has anyone had an oxidized bracelet for a while? How does it match with your charms? Does it age well? Does the darker silver take away from the ‘Pandora-ness’ of your bracelet?

    • Aw, I’m sorry to hear that you couldn’t get the Rose bracelet, but the two charms you did get are very cute! :)
      I am a big fan of the oxidised bracelet and I think I actually have as many as I do plain silvers! I find the contrast between the silver charms and the darker chain very pretty. I’ve had my first oxidised bracelet for just over two years and, in terms of the finish, I’ve not found that any of mine have aged well. The charms moving back and forth on the bracelet as you wear it rubs away at the oxidised finish very quickly, so it doesn’t stay a deep black for long. They fade quite quickly to a vintage-looking silvery finish, which is not at all unattractive in itself though. :) That’s a great question about the ‘Pandora-ness’, haha, and I know exactly what you mean! I think it has an edgier look than the classic Pandora bracelet personally.
      I wrote a review of it here if you’re interested:

      • Thanks for the link! Confirms my suspicion all along…so glad I didn’t go for the oxidized one…second-guessed myself there when I read about people going for it in the bracelet promo and then thought about how I stuck with the usual silver one instead of diversifying, lol. I’m all about durability with my Pandora bracelet! I’m only planning to have one (guess I can say that for now, hahaha…but I trust I’ll likely stick with only one!) and every charm has a special meaning, whether gifted by family or self-purchased to commemorate an occasion/achievement. Thankfully, each charm has so far signified the meaning beautifully, looks gorgeous and classy PLUS is durable!

        I haven’t dabbled in the murano charms as I’m afraid I’m too ‘hard-handed’ and may end up breaking the glass. How delicate are they anyway? Cuz the new wildflower one is amazing!

        • You’re welcome! :D Haha, well if you’re only planning to have the one bracelet (although I will warn you that I also, once upon a time, planned only on one :P) and you want it to be durable then the oxidised bracelet is probably not for you :) I think it’s a great option to be worn alongside the classic bracelet, but probably not to replace it!
          I am also pretty hard on my jewellery, as I’m not a particularly careful person, but I’ve not had any problems with the murano glass breaking at all. And I’ve dropped my bracelets on to hard floors on a few occasions, haha! I find that the muranos do scratch up after you wear them for a while, but I’ve not had any actual breakages or cracks. I just got the new Wild Flower murano and it is stunning! <3

      • Thanks for the insight on the muranos! Now I’ll just have to find an occasion/milestone to commemorate with that wildflower one. So many factors weighing against dabbling in glass and I’ve never taken a liking to any anyway but this one’s a beauty! Hope you enjoy your’s!

        P.S. I only recently discovered your blog by chance and now subscribe to it and have it saved on my iPhone as a direct link! Not quite at your level of Mora-Pandoraness but def enjoying it! I wear it lovingly every single day, to work and play. ☺

        • You’re welcome! Hope you do go for the murano – I love murano glass, and I only have one design that doesn’t feature it in some way haha. The Wild Flower bead is beautiful – definitely a worthy choice to start your glass collection ^^
          Aha, I like the term ‘Mora-Pandoraness’! :P Thanks very much for subscribing, it’s really nice to hear that you’re enjoying your Pandora ^^

  10. I did the pre-sale and my store allowed me to do 3 transactions so I chose the heart clasp and 2 bangles since I already have 1 barrel clasp and 1 heart clasp. Now, what ever will I do with 5 bracelets?? Lol. ? I instantly fell in love with the Cinderella charms, so I’m getting the carriage, dream heart, first dance, glass slipper, and 3 cinderella muranos. I’m wait for them to restock Pooh and Eeyore to start another Disney bracelet. I also plan to order Cinderella castle from the Disney Store website. I can hardly wait to pick my new things up on Saturday. How do you think the pink heart muranos that came out for Valentine’s would look with the blue? I’m thinking of adding the white daisy clips as well.

    • Aha, well if you think five is bad… I hit double figures last year. Lol. I do still manage to wear them all, as a lot of those bracelets are leathers and bangles and I am really into stacking them at the moment :D
      Great choices, the Cinderella pieces seem to be really popular! I hadn’t considered pairing the pink heart muranos with the Cinderella muranos before but, now that you say it, that sounds amazing! I guess it depends on whether the shades match well together, and I haven’t seen the Cinderella muranos in person, but I really like the concept of the pastel blues and pinks :) Let me know if you think they look good together, I’d love to know how that turns out!

      • I may have to wait just a little while, as my wallet needs a break, lol. I said I was going to slow down but I ordered the hanging mouse charm this morning to go with the other Cinderella pieces. And I want to order her castle. Can’t wait to put it together. The blue Muranos are so beautiful and what really sold me. I love Tinks green and Elsas blue ones as well!

        • Aha, I’m the same. My lovely friend in Canada just put my promo pieces in the post and I expect I’m going to be checking the tracking every two seconds. But I am now officially on a Pandora diet for the next couple of months. It’s got a bit out of hand with all the new collections haha!
          Ah I have the Cinderella Castle on its way to me too, along with her Pumpkin Coach. I wasn’t planning on wearing them on the same bracelet though, funnily enough, although that now seems silly haha. Tinkerbell’s murano looks really gorgeous from the live photos I’ve seen and I quite regret not getting it! I’ll probably be back for it at some point… ;)

  11. I went in today and purchased three charms to reach the $100 requirement. I wanted the theater mask but it was on back order at my store! I ended up getting the purrfect together charm with the two cats, the fleur-de-lis, and the new wildflowers murano. The murano is so pretty in person; I’m really happy it lives up to the pictures I saw online! For the free bracelet I got another standard silver barrel-clasp, as I want my first bracelet to be personally significant charms only, so my second can be for the charms that I think are just pretty or cute but don’t have any meaning to me. I would have loved the two-tone bracelet, but can’t afford it right now. Still very happy with what I purchased, though!

    • Ah, I recently got the Wild Flower murano too, and isn’t it lovely in person? The colours are a lot more muted than the stock image suggests, but the detailing is really gorgeous.
      That sounds good; my first ever silver bracelet has all my meaningful charms that represent my relationship with my OH (who started me on Pandora). My subsequent bracelets have more of a mix of meaningful and pretty charms. <3 For the promo, I actually bit the bullet and went for the two-tone bracelet (with a little encouragement from my friend, haha) – mainly as it represents such a saving when compared with the UK pricing. I've never spent that much on Pandora in one go before :S I'm so excited to get my charms – it's going to be like Christmas all over again when my package shows up haha.

  12. Currently in Asia for an assignment, just can not wait to lay my hands on this beautiful gold bracelet by Pandora. I will be ordering it any way to be delivered to my niece’s place.

  13. Yes I can’t wait. I am in Canada but since the Fascinating Aventurescent is not available here I am preordered it a couple of weeks ago at my favourite US store and will go to the US tomorrow to pick it up. I am thinking of that charm with the new owl charm and will choose either the rose gold clasp bracelet or the heart clasp bracelet. I think it is $10 extra for the rose gold clasp. SOOO EXCITED to finally get the hard to find Fascinating Aventurescent. :-)

    • Oooh congrats on getting the Fascinating Aventurescent, that’s so exciting!! I didn’t know that there was anywhere that still had it in stock :D It goes really nicely with the Rose bracelet too, I think; the copper sparkles go really well with the rose gold :) The new owl charm is one of my favourites from the collection. It has always been on my wish list, but it surprised me by how cute it was in person! It’s definitely next on my list too ^^ Have fun picking your pieces up tomorrow, I’d be interested to know which bracelet you go for :D

  14. I bought from Elisa Ilana over the phone. I went for older charms instead, since I already bought the guard my heart, mountain dog, and I love music from Pandora’s Angels as soon as the spring collection debuted. Yesterday, I bought the retired essence balance charm, the retired lined spacer, the retired ribbed spacer, and the two-tone teapot with the free essence bracelet. I can’t wait till all of my charms come in the mail.

      • Yes, I can’t wait to have it. It will be only my third two-tone charm; I have the fairy and the bible dangle.

    • Ah lovely choices – the moonstone Balance is one of my favourite Essence beads, and the Teapot is really beautiful. :D I don’t think I’ll be getting much from the Mother’s Day or Summer collections so this summer I may be doing the same as you and hunting down some of the older pieces. The Princess and the Pea has been on my wish list for just about forever, so perhaps I’ll try and finally get my hands on that ^^
      Enjoy your new charms, hope they get to you soon! <3

  15. I’m from the Cayman Islands and they charged me an extra $15 for the rose gold bracelet. I also picked up a Mr & Mrs charm (for my upcoming June wedding), the piano (I play one), seashell (for the beach and the Caribbean), Owl (reminds me of the poem about the wise old owl), Lucky in love (for how lucky I am to have my fiance), Faith Hope Love and got another regular silver bracelet free.

    • Sounds gorgeous, I like that you picked out such a pretty variety of charms! The Piano is just beautiful isn’t it? I haven’t played in years but I was still very tempted by that one :) Enjoy your new pieces – and congratulations on your upcoming wedding too! :D

  16. I went to the Pandora store on Thursday in the Brandon Mall (US) and the line was soooooo long! I got on the waiting list but the bracelet I wanted was sold out (heart clasp). So I went around the corner in the mall to a jewelry store (BOND-they own the Pandora in the Brandon Mall) and they had EVERYTHING I wanted. I purchased the love connection safety chain, vino, and inspiration within (purple).
    TODAY… I went to a different mall and got the bangle w/ a clear star ($10 upcharge with the promotion). I purchased galaxy and twinkling night clip (a young lady showed me that I won’t need a safety chain AND that it was easier to take on and off). I hope I won’t lose it.
    Thanks for always posting Pandora information.

    • Oh yes, I bet it was super busy – it’s such a good deal, I know a lot of people only buy their Pandora during promo season :) Glad to hear that you did get what you wanted in the end though! <3 The Love Connection chain is lovely!
      I don't think you need to worry about your bangle unclasping either – the bangle is probably the most secure of all the bracelets! I've never had a problem with any of my Pandora bracelets coming unclasped in any case :)
      Thank you for commenting, so glad it's useful! <3

  17. Hey Ellie!

    I’m looking forward to seeing your pictures of the pieces that you got from the promo!

    I was lucky enough to get the LE pave star bangle for free and my store didn’t charge me the extra $10 CAD. Too bad I couldn’t find the LE circle of love bangle from last year, otherwise I would’ve got that one too!



    • Hey Tia! Thanks, my lovely friend just popped them in the post for me today so hopefully they will get here soon! I’m so excited. ^^
      Awesome, that was nice of them! I love all the LE bangles – although the star one is the only one that I don’t have, as I already own the Circle of Love one. :) it would be nice if they did a floral/daisy-themed one for Spring!
      Thanks for commenting Tia! <3

  18. I am hoping to go shopping tomorrow. I would like the Cinderella heart to go next to the older princess carriage, Cinderella slipper, and eternal Grace I already have. I am also interested in getting the Elsa and Anna dresses to put on a bangle with a Frozen snowflake. My daughter loves Frozen; her life for this past year and a half has had lots of Frozen moments. Lol. Thought those choices would be a nice remembrance of this age in her life. Haven’t seen the dresses and doesn’t sound like many people are interested in them. Any opinions? Love your blog!

    • Ooh, did you go in the end? And if so, did you get your Cinderella pieces? :D
      Regarding the dresses, I really like the concept, and they seem nicely-executed from live images. My only hesitation is that they seem quite big compared to other dangles, and some of them are quite brightly coloured – so I don’t think that they’re the most versatile. But that’s hardly a problem for you, as your bangle idea sounds lovely! My favourites are actually the Frozen Dresses, the colours are so pretty – bright, but not garish! <3
      Thanks for commenting Jennifer! Hope you enjoy your new charms.

      • Hi again! I did make it to the concept store last weekend and got the last Cinderella heart. The SA had to take it off a display bracelet. I put the Frozen dresses on a bangle with the Frozen snowflake bead in between. The colors seem to work well with my wardrobe; not too bright. Anna’s dress in particular has beautiful detailing. Wish they would have put more detail into Elsa’s dress; especially since they pulled the charm and redid it. The size is just right; not too big. I got a free bangle and heart clasp bracelet. Love everything! The ladies were super nice and even gave me a Pandora pen. :)

        • Hi Jennifer! Ooh, well done – I heard that the Cinderella pieces are really popular atm, especially with the new film out. I snagged the Pumpkin Coach alongside the Frozen muranos and a couple of other Disney pieces. Can’t wait for them to arrive!
          Yes, I did see an alternate stock image floating around for Elsa’s Dress – I do prefer the re-design overall, as the colours look amazing, but I appreciate that it has a lot less detail compared to the others. Anna’s Dress is my favourite – I may have to come back for that one, especially after reading your comments about their sizing! :)
          Aw, that’s nice! It’s fun to collect the promo items as well, although I don’t have very many. Just a couple of boxes and a Pandora umbrella, funnily enough. ^^

  19. Was so excited to be able to get the spring charms and free bracelets sweetened the deal. I got the white enamel primrose, pink inspiration within spacers, (very pretty together) openwork primrose, love and guidance dangle, you and me dangle and open your heart charms. Also picked up the clasp opener and a grey leather bracelet. My free bracelets were the silver and oxidised. I wish the single leather bracelets were not being retired. Hope you are able to enjoy your new charms soon! I think I have pandora-itis and it seems to be fairly easy to catch. Lol. Love your blog.

    • Ah, sounds like a great haul! The white enamel primrose was one of my first buys, too – isn’t it beautiful in person? It looks really nice on the oxidised bracelet, actually – the contrast is really lovely!
      Yes, it is a shame about the single leathers, isn’t it? I guess they must not sell that well. It’s funny, as I prefer them to the double and triple wrap bracelets – they’re the most comfortable for me!
      Aw thank you! It’s so nice to hear that you enjoy it – Pandora-itis is definitely very contagious! And not easy to get over either, haha!

  20. I did the pre-sale and got my second silver barrel-clasp bracelet. I got my first Pandora bracelet during the promo a year ago…I never expected to almost fill my first one this quickly! :) I got two beveled clips (my favorite of the basic clips) and the new Wild Flower murano to start my new bracelet. I was contemplating just getting the couple of charms to finish my first one, but I’d feel weird having the new bracelet and not wearing it :) Next time around, I might get the silver bangle. After reading your review (so helpful!) I’d be reluctant to put charms on it, but your review also pointed out and made me realize how pretty it is worn by itself! I could use that as my alternative on days I may not want to wear my charm bracelets.

    The new murano is so gorgeous in person! It was between that and the ladybug, which is so beyond cute (loved your review of it as well).

    I hope you do a post on your haul! I’d love to see what you do with all of the Disney charms. The Eeyore is on the same level of cute as the ladybug haha!

    • Hi Kristen! Lol, I hear you – I filled my first Pandora bracelet in about six months. My boyfriend likes to remind me that, when he bought it for me, I vowed that I was only going to fill the middle section. It’s funny just how untrue that proved to be, haha. And yet I was so adamant at the time! :P That sounds lovely – very pretty and simple! I’m starting a new bracelet with the Wild Flower too. I think I’m going to add a couple of white enamel pieces and leave it quite plain as well. It’s beautiful enough to stand on its own for now! :)
      Absolutely, the bangle is beautiful even when worn plain! It’s become one of my favourite pieces of jewellery. I wear a couple of openworks on mine from time to time, which doesn’t seem to do it too much harm. :) The bangle is also brilliant when you want something nice and easy to wear – it makes a nice change from the heaviness of the regular charm bracelets. I’m also really into stacking at the moment, and it looks great when worn with some of the leathers and the Essence bracelet! :D
      Aw thank you! I’ll definitely be doing some reviews of my Disney pieces – Eeyore is the one I’m most excited for! Definitely as cute as the Ladybird haha. Thanks for your lovely comment Kristen! It’s so nice to hear that the reviews were useful :D

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