It’s been a while since we talked about the Pandora Summer 2015 collection and, now that the Spring and Mother’s Day collections have made their début, I thought it would be good to take a look at some HQ images of the new summer jewellery coming out! This year’s collection is called Escape to Paradise, and offers a variety of beach and holiday-themed charms, with tropical blues and green as its colour scheme.

pandora summer 2015 preview

The collection is due out worldwide on the 28th of May.

I also have some stills from the Pandora Summer 2015 campaign video, which offer some lovely close-up live shots of the charms. :) All images included in this preview are by Pandora, so please do not reproduce them without credit!

Campaign Images


pandora summer 2015 preview

First up, we have two limited edition leather bracelets making their début for Summer 2015.  I have become something of a leather bracelet fiend recently, and I’m really quite tempted by the new blue leather, which looks a pretty shade of cornflower blue in this stock image! It’s $50 USD.

pandora summer 2015 blue leather bracelet

The live shot from the Pandora campaign video suggests that this bracelet is rather a bright blue in person – however, I suspect it might look less luminous in a more natural light. I do very much like the combination of the blue leather with the blue Petite Facets charm, however.

pandora summer 2015 blue leather
Image by Pandora – please do not reproduce without credit

The second leather bracelet for Summer 2015 is a light green colour, also priced at $50 USD.

pandora summer 2015 green leather bracelet

pandora summer 2015 green leather
Image by Pandora – please do not reproduce without credi


pandora summer 2015 preview

Continuing the colour scheme of green and blue, we have two new mosaic pavé charms for Summer 2015! The first is called the Ocean Mosaic, and is priced at $65 USD.

pandora summer 2015 ocean mosaic

The second is the Sky Mosaic, which features a pretty array of tropical blue stones. It is also $65 USD.pandora summer 2015 sky mosaic

There will be two new shades of the Petite Facets to match, as well! The blue Petite Facets is a lovely shade of powder blue – nicely cool and refreshing.


I think the green version might be my favourite, however; it has a slight hint of teal to it which is really gorgeous. They are $40 USD each.

pandora summer 2015 preview petite facets

The colours look amazing in this shot from the campaign video!

pandora summer 2015 petite facets green blue
Image by Pandora – please do not reproduce without credit

There will also be a green version of the Inspiration Within spacer, which will retail for $30 USD.

pandora summer 2015 green inspiration within

The Sparkling Palm Tree is priced at $45 USD.pandora summer 2015 preview palm tree

The Symbol of Stability features an anchor design, and would be perfect for travel or nautical bracelet themes! It’s priced at $35 USD.pandora symbol of stability summer 2015

The Playful Dolphin has just a touch of sparkle on the bail, and is priced at $45.pandora summer 2015

The Sparkling Snake offers a pavé version of Pandora’s original design, and will retail at $65 USD. The black stones they have used for its eyes are a nice touch – but the original face of the silver snake, with its slightly cunning smile, had a little more character I think.


The Sea Turtle offers another re-design of a classic Pandora design; he now comes with a pavé shell and cubic zirconia eyes. He is retailing for $60 USD.

pandora summer 2015 sea turtle

The Tropicana silver work is a simple, yet fun, representation of sunny beach holidays, with its palm tree motif. It’s nicely affordable at $35 USD.

pandora summer 2015 preview tropicana

For gold lovers, there is sadly only one option – the Tropicana openwork is also available in 14kt yellow gold. It’s just a tad pricier than its silver counterpart at $250 USD.

pandora summer 2015 preview tropicana

pandora summer 2015
Image by Pandora – please do not reproduce without credit

My personal favourite of this collection is the beautiful Orchid, retailing at $45 USD – I love the rich colour of the pink/purple enamel! This would look lovely worn on a bracelet or as a necklace pendant.

pandora summer 2015 orchid

Finally for charms, we have a series of heart flag dangles, each representing a different country. These are all priced at $50 USD.

pandora summer 2015

pandora summer 2015

pandora summer 2015

pandora summer 2015

pandora summer 2015

pandora summer 2015

pandora summer 2015

pandora summer 2015


pandora summer 2015 jewellery
Image by Pandora – please do not reproduce without credit

This year’s accompanying jewellery set for summer is a relatively small one. First up, we have the Intricate Lace ring, which offers a beautiful lattice design, studded with cubic zirconia. It’s $65 USD.

pandora summer 2015

The Sparkling Snake ring offers an edgier twist on this collection’s ring, with its abstract snake design. It will be $80 USD.

pandora summer 2015

The Tropical Palm ring will be $80 USD, and features cubic zirconia detailing around the edges of the leaves.

pandora summer 2015

The Tropical Palm necklace will be $125 USD.

pandora summer 2015

My Comment

While summer collections never appeal to me as much as those of other seasons, there are a number of pieces that I like here. The Orchid charm is stunning, and offers something for those who aren’t as attracted by beach-y designs and themes. I’m also really drawn to the gorgeous blue and green/teal colour scheme, which is beautifully cool and refreshing in tone – I’m particularly eager to see the new Petite Facets and the LE leather bracelets in person!

Are you looking forward to this collection? Are any pieces going on your wish list?

40 Comments on Preview: Pandora Summer 2015 Collection HQ Images

    • I hear you – I was disappointed to hear that Pandora were retiring the single leathers too. For me they’re by far the most comfortable to wear with charms, as well. It’s a shame! :(

    • I have the same problem with the small being too large for my small wrists, but what I’ve found works for me is to buy two double wraps in a larger size instead (one medium and one large I believe or maybe its two mediums). I connect them together and they wrap around my wrist 5 times. I really like the look of the multiple wraps and the fact that I can customize the size that way. I have three of the dark blue that I wear together :)

  1. I love the Orchid! It’s the only thing I’ll be getting from the Summer collection. I want to pair it with the Shimmering Rose on a simple, not too full bracelet.

    I think the Orchid is going to be a popular piece for the summer. The color is wonderful and I think it will go so nicely with the Pink Seaglass.

    • Yes, same here – the Orchid is the only one that I’m pretty sure will be coming home with me. I’m sure you’re right about it being destined to be a best-seller! I hadn’t thought of putting it with the Sea Glass – that sounds like a winning combo! I can imagine them looking beautiful together on a leather bracelet, nice and casual for summer. ^^

  2. I like the orchid charm, I like both leather bracelets I am eager to see how different the blue is going to be to the autumn one. I also like the mosaic charms,petit facets charms and I love the tropicano charm.

    • Your favourites are similar to mine Nicola! :) I’m looking forward to seeing the new Petite Facets and the mosaic charms in person, but so far the Orchid is the only one that I’m pretty sure will be coming home with me. It will be very interesting to compare the blue leathers – I think from this picture you can tell that the summer one will be quite a bit lighter than the navy one!

    • Ah this collection must be apt for you, then, as you’ve got lots of blues to pick from! The Facets do look very pretty from these pictures, I can’t wait to see them in person.

  3. Pandora is so obsessed with pavé now!
    I somewhat like pave but sometimes I feel like its over done if you know what I mean!
    I’m loving the intricate lace ring, tropicana charm, sky mosaic & ocean mosaic!
    Thank you for the wonderful updates & reviews!

    • Hi Marina! Yes I know exactly what you mean, and I don’t think you’re alone in feeling that way. I like a little pavé here and there, but not on everything. :) It would be wonderful to see a greater mix of plain silver and accented charms in the future – I guess we’ll have to wait and see!
      Glad to hear that there are still pieces you like however :) The Mosaic charms are among my favourites from this collection, too!
      Thanks very much for commenting Marina! <3

    • Thanks Linda! I’m looking forward to seeing these in person too – especially the Facets and the Mosaic charms. <3 It would be good to get some more live shots of this set – we've not had very many really!

  4. I adore the sparkling palm tree dangling charm! But it would be awesome if the pave was in green instead. It would enhance the real summer vibe on the green leather bracelet. The stability charm is like the anchor on the cruise charm, a perfect combination on the blue leather bracelet.

    • You’ve got me thinking about what could have been now – green pavé leaves would have been rather lovely, especially in combination with the mosaic charms! I suppose it would have limited its versatility, but it would have been much more striking in green I think :)
      And yes, that combination sounds like it would be a great start to a nautical theme!

  5. I love the colours in these charms. I have not succumbed to any pave charms yet but I am very tempted by these. My first charm bracelet is full so might start on new charm bracelet featuring these colours.

    I am also wondering what size the flag dangles are. If they are small, I might purchase one or two for a future travel themed bracelet.

    • Wow, no pavé at all? That is impressive these days ;) I completely agree with you, the colour of these pieces looks beautiful – so refreshing and tropical! I’m tempted by one of the leathers and a couple of the Petite Facets. Will have to see how they are in person ^^
      Just to give you a little idea about the flag sizes:-
      It doesn’t look like they hang too low, but they do look quite wide in comparison with other dangles. :)

  6. My two Pandora rules are a) no CZ/pave and b) no hearts. That doesn’t leave me with much choice from this collection. Luckily the Tropicana falls within my rules, and I love its graphic design – so that will be on my shortlist of one!

    The leathers both look gorgeous – perfect mid-range tones, not too cutesy light, not too wintery stark-dark.

    • Well, that does rule out a significant portion of all their recent collections haha. But the Tropicana is a good alternative – simple, but very pretty and fun!
      I’m really liking the leathers too, especially the cornflower blue! I don’t wear many summer colours on my silver bracelets so getting one of them might be a nice compromise :)

  7. I’ve just recently dipped my toes into the gold charms and have become hooked, so I’m really pleased to see the gold Tropicana in this collection. The design is so versatile — yes, it’s intended to be a palm leaf, but it could also abstractly represent a non-tropical leaf or even a feather. And the design is modern, yet is reminiscent of Art Deco. I love the design, and I love the price [for a gold charm]. The challenge will be patiently waiting until September’s bracelet promo!

    • It’s great to hear that you’ve found something you love from the collection! You’re right, the Tropicana has a very classy and understated design – it’s a beautiful decorative piece and it looks especially striking in gold. <3 I'd love to be able to afford some Pandora gold, but the prices here in the UK are so high. Maybe one day! ^^

  8. Hi Ellie,
    Do you know if they are going to release another set of Disney Charms in the summer?
    PS- I Love your bracelet with The doll and flag charms

    • Hi Stephanie! It’s certainly possible that there will be one, but if so I’ve not heard anything official about it yet. :) I think it’s more likely that the next Disney release will be an autumn one, probably in September – but I could well be wrong. If I hear anything official I will be sure to let you know! :)
      Haha thank you! I just sort of threw it together to highlight the difference in size with the dangles, but I do like the idea of putting together a more traditional-looking charm bracelet. :)

  9. Ellie, is the sparkling palm tree charm a US exclusive item? SG Pandora told me that it’s not in the list for the upcoming summer collection.

    • Hi Charmaine, no it’s not a US exclusive as far as I’m aware – I’ve seen it listed for Europe and other countries as well. It’s possible that Pandora Asia have just decided that they aren’t going to release it but I can’t imagine why that would be. :S

  10. Thanks for the swift response, Ellie! I’m never too much of a fan for summer collections based on my purchases but this is something that caught my eye. So if SG is really not bringing it in entirely, I’ll be so upset. Have a great weekend, Ellie!

    • You’re welcome! ^^ I do hope that it makes an appearance there for you – I am surprised to hear that it is not on the list. Have a great weekend too Charmaine!

  11. Yes! I was excited about it so I called the stores that I always visit to get my items and the staff flipped through their materials and checked the system but couldn’t find the item that I wanted. At least the club charm will be available. Else it’ll really be an absolute damper.

  12. Thanks, Ellie! Makes me wonder when will the Fall, Winter and next Disney collection have in store for me.

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