Today’s post wraps up my reviews of the Pandora Disney Spring 2015 collection, with an in-depth look at the sparkling Cinderella’s Pumpkin Coach! This is definitely my favourite Cinderella charm of the set (although Cinderella’s Dream comes a close second!), and offers a beautiful representation of an iconic Disney symbol. For me, it’s one of those pieces that wonderfully showcases how beautiful Pandora’s recent, pavé-based style can be.

pandora disney spring 2015 cinderella's coach

In this review I’ll be offering some close-up shots of all the various pretty details that this charm has to offer, plus some suggestions as to how you could style it!

The charm

This is a charm that can only really be appreciated in person; it is full of pretty, light details. Little touches of oxidation also add to the vintage look – one of my favourite details is the little heart in the door. <3 However, as with many of Pandora’s recent pieces, it is an openwork and it does not thread on to the bracelet. You can see the bracelet chain through the lattice of the coach’s roof when you’re wearing it.


The sparkling look is quite integral to this charm, so it probably won’t be for you if you’re not a fan of pavé, but I do think that it works nicely in this case. It gives it a rather pretty fairy-dust quality which seem wholly appropriate for this coach. ^^

pandora disney spring 2015 cinderella's coach

The charm features a beautiful openwork lattice top to the carriage, while the 14kt gold crown on top gives it the perfect finishing touch.

pandora disney spring 2015 cinderella's coach

Pandora like to tuck away hidden hearts into their designs, and the carriage is no exception! If you turn it upside down, you’ll see two lovely openwork hearts at the base of the coach.

pandora disney spring 2015 cinderella's coach

It seems to me like this design is a mixture of the classic Cinderella coach and the new 2015 carriage from the live film. It has the beautiful vine-like wheels from the classic, but the top of the charm looks more like the new film’s coach, with its intricate look. Really, Pandora should create a 14kt gold version to properly emulate the look of the coach in the new film. :P


Like all the Pandora Disney charms, the Pumpkin Coach is hallmarked ‘DISNEY’ on the rim. The other side has ‘PANDORA’ written on it, alongside the regular s925 hallmark. It’s worth noting that the Coach is quite wide, and looks a little chunky when viewed from sideways on.

pandora disney spring 2015 cinderella's coach

When you compare this new Disney version with the original Pandora two-tone carriage, which was released back in 2011, you can appreciate the development in Pandora’s style over the years.

The Disney Coach is larger and more intricate, with a very delicate feel to it; however, there is nevertheless something very charming about the Pandora original. I love the addition of the pearl, the refreshingly unfussy lack of pavé and that lovely detail of the girl nestled in the window of the carriage. It’s also worth noting that the original carriage has a lot more solidity and weight to it; it’s threaded, whereas the Disney carriage is not.

pandora disney spring 2015 cinderella's coach


First up, I had to put together a Cinderella-inspired bracelet! <3 I saw an amazing design on social media, which had the brilliant idea of using the new Guard my Heart to represent Prince Charming – I can’t remember where unfortunately to link to it, but I thought it was amazingly cute. The Ballerina is standing in as my Cinderella, while the Fairy pendant is my fairy godmother. The new Coach has pride of place on this design, but I snuck in the original two-tone carriage too. ^^

pandora disney spring 2015 cinderella's coach

I also love a combination with the iridescent midnight muranos from the Winter 2014. This is my Midnight/Starlight design, which seems appropriate for Cinderella! The clear pavé looks wonderful against the deep blue murano glass.

pandora disney spring 2015 cinderella's coach

And, as it wouldn’t be a Mora Pandora review without a little pink in it, here’s a pink and two-tone styling to finish off with, featuring the new Complete my Heart pendant.

pandora disney spring 2015 cinderella's coach


This was one of my most anticipated charms from the latest Disney collection and it definitely did not disappoint in person! I love the intricate detailing that characterises this charm; and the pavé set stones work beautifully to offset it. (However if you don’t like pavé detailing at all, or want something a little more simple, then the original carriage makes an equally beautiful alternative to this one. :))

Cinderella’s Pumpkin Coach is $90 USD or $100 CAD – unfortunately the Pandora Disney collections are exclusive to North America, so this charm is not available elsewhere.

Have you indulged in this charm, or is it on your wish list? If so, how have you styled it?

36 Comments on Review: Cinderella’s Pumpkin Coach from Pandora Disney Spring 2015

  1. This was problem my favourite charm in the new Disney collection it is beautiful and on my wish list. I also love the original carriage and I would love that one to.

    • It was one of my absolute must-haves too! :) Eeyore is probably my favourite but this is a very close second, haha. The original carriage is beautiful too – a real Pandora classic!

  2. Ellie, I totally agree that the pumpkin coach should have a gold version. BUT that being said, I’m sure it will become so expensive and not affordable for many Pandora and Disney fans out there. The dilemma.

  3. I love it but don’t have it yet because I’m afraid the crown will get caught on my sleeves or towel or anything really.

  4. Absolutely beautiful charm! I used to watch Cinderella so much when I was a kid as I had a casette for those casette video players from the 90s. I am not planning on getting the charm though, but it sure was interesting to read the review and see these great stylings you did! Good job!

    • Me too, Cinderella is one of the Disney films that I have the most vivid memories of watching. I’m still a little tempted to get the Cinderella’s Dream charm to go alongside this one! ;) Thank you Karolina, glad you enjoyed it! <3

  5. It’s a beautiful charm but really not a must have for me lol. I love Cinderella but the castle is more my thing. However I do see you have Complete My Heart which is a must have haha.

    • Aha so you’ve changed your mind completely on the Complete my Heart? I must say, it is even cuter in person – I’m working on a review of it at the moment. ^^

        • Haha it happens to me all the time too! And yet I’m still always surprised when the charm I said I definitely wouldn’t get ends up coming home with me lol. It’s definitely one of the cuter Mother’s Day pieces, I still don’t understand why they’ve decided to limit its availability :(

  6. I just wanted to pop in and tell you how much I enjoy your reviews!!! You are so thorough and honest, and your pictures are just gorgeous! I also love seeing your styling throughout each review! I see you snuck in the Elsa murano too, am I right? ;)

    This charm is totally on my wish list. My local store has been sold out ever since it launched basically, lol!! I haven’t seen it in person yet! I was so excited to see your reviews for this and the Mickey safety chain! Thank you so much!!!!

    • Hi Joanna, thank you so much! I’m so pleased to hear that you enjoy the reviews, and that you’re as excited about the Disney pieces as I am! ^^ Aha yes, I did get Elsa’s murano in – I don’t have the Cinderella muranos (although that may well change at some point in the future :P), but I thought that was a good second choice ^^
      Hope your store gets the Coach in soon – it really is a beautiful piece, with lots of lovely little details. I’m not at all surprised to hear that it’s been sold out; I’m sure you will love it when you see it in person!!

  7. Hi ellie. Finally got into the city to see all the new Disney charms and purchased the cinderella coach. What a beautiful little charm. When i looked at it I only saw a shiny little pumpkin-shaped carriage. Your review showed me how completely wrong i was. Who knew there was so much more to it – all the little heart details that you saw. I never would have noticed these had it not been for you, so thank you for sharing your knowledge. Job well done! I have mine styled with my “regal splendour” crown, purple fizzle and purple bubbles muranos and golden inner radiance charms. Purple and gold standing for royalty as Cinderella feels like a princess at the ball. I love it, and I in turn feel like a Princess wearing it. Once again thank you for all your “charming” inspiration. Looking forward to the next review with great anticipation.

    • Hi Cheryle! Ooh I’m glad that you’ve finally got to see them all! Thank you, one of my favourite things about Pandora is all the amazing details they pack into those tiny little charms haha. There’s usually a sneaky heart or two! ;) Ohh, that sounds like an absolutely beautiful combination – I love purple and two-tone designs! Elegant, and very appropriate for royalty as you say ^^ I should have thought of that when I was putting together ideas for this review. Perhaps I’ll try something similar for another upcoming review :) Aside from the Carriage, what else caught your eye? :D Did anything else come home with you?
      Thank you; I’m so pleased that you’re enjoying the reviews. It’s always lovely to hear from you! <3

      • Yup you guessed it, several other pieces followed me home like a stray cat haha. Ariel’s shell came home to find a place on my teal summer bangle. It is a beautiful sparkly little eye-catcher. Looks lovely beside my seahorse and little fishy “splish splash” as well as the teal studded lights. Also picked up the shimmering rose dangle, dazzling daisy clip and mother’s rose. Plan to get cinderella’s dream and wish next time. Saw the new muranos. Lovely colors but none that fit into any of my color schemes. Awww. Am now waiting for my sparkling love knots to come from “Jareds” by way of my son. Be still my heart. What have you got your eye on next? Would love the green pave pear but no chance of getting my hands on one.

        • Aha I thought as much! I know I wouldn’t be able to resist. Lovely choices, Ariel’s shell is a beautiful piece even without the Disney association – I can imagine how nice it looks with your summer pieces! <3 It's a shame that none of the muranos were for you, as they are such beautiful colours – but maybe some future bracelet will have a place for them? ^^ As for me, I'd love to get my hands on the Cinderella murano and Anna's Dress – possibly Tinkerbell's murano too. But I'm being good and making myself wait a little while after overspending on my current Disney pieces, haha. I do have the Pandora Rose Darling Daisy Meadow charm on its way to me however and I'm so excited to get that one!
          I'd have loved to have got the Pavé Pear as well but it was super pricey with the conversion and I decided against it. I had a vague idea of wearing all three Asian exclusives for this season on a grey leather bracelet. Maybe in the future! ^^

    • I hear you! I’d love to be able to walk into a store in the UK and to be able to see all the Disney charms in person. :) Hopefully they’ll see a global release in the future!

  8. aww that coach is lovely! definitely next on my list :) I’ve just bought cinderella’s dream heart instead cause it was cheaper! x

    • Aw, I love Cinderella’s Dream too – I was very tempted by that one instead of this at one point. I think I will probably end up going back for it at some point haha. I look forward to seeing how you style yours! :) x

  9. I really loved this coach pumpkin and I wish I could find a way to get it… Greece is too far from Disneyland!

      • Dear Ellie,
        words are not enough to express my enthusiasm!!!
        I feel the way Cinderella must have felt when her fairy godmother turned her into a gorgeous princess! My Coach Pumpkin is finally here!
        Can’t take my eyes of it! Having read your fantastic review, I was able to notice all these little details that make this charm one of a kind!
        The combination with the “First Dance” and the “Sparkling Stiletto” on the “Always in my heart” bangle is just perfect!!!
        Thank you for your great work here; if it hadn’t been for you, I wouldn’t have discovered Pandora Disney Collections!
        Thank you, thank you!!!

        • Hi Chrysa! Yay I’m so glad to hear that you finally got your Pumpkin. It’s just beautiful isn’t it? Your bangle sounds delightful; just perfect for a mini Cinderella theme! I’m wearing mine on a Midnight-themed bracelet, with the midnight Effervescence and Stardust muranos. :D
          Thanks Chrysa! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it and that you have your Cinderella carriage <3 Thanks so much for reading and commenting, too!

  10. Drawn by a set of Mickey-ears charm in the window, I wondered into a Pandora store only to leave with an impression of the cutest little Cinderella coach. It’s been a few weeks ago and can’t get it out of my mind. Your review gave me a great overview on the details. I really want to get it but I am not a bangle/bracelet person – Do you think it will work as a pendant on a necklace chain instead?

    • Thank you, I’m pleased to hear the review was useful! It is such a pretty little charm, and one of my favourite Disney pieces they have done to date. I think it would look really nice on a necklace chain – although it’s on the larger side, it’s very delicate and pretty. You could always pop into a Pandora and try it?

  11. Hi Ellie, I had a hard time choosing between the original royal carriage and this cinderella’s coach, cries*
    If you were to choose one of them, which one would you prefer?

    • Hi Belgi! If I had to pick just one, I would go for the original Royal Carriage. It is just beautiful, and has gold and pearl on it and some beautiful non-pave detailing. It’s also retiring in many countries soon, so now is the time to get it!

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