Today’s post brings a review of the gorgeous Complete my Heart pendant, one of Pandora’s Asian-exclusive charms for Mother’s Day 2015. This is one of the charms that I was most excited for from the collection, as the cute puzzle piece design makes it stand out as something a little different from the rest of the release. :D In this review I’ll be offering some close-up shots of the pendant, alongside some ideas as to how you might style it!

pandora spring 2015 asia exclusive pendant

This charm is one of three Asian-exclusive charms released with the Pandora Mother’s Day 2015 collection. Unfortunately retailers are not allowed to ship outside of their geographical region, so you will have to find a friend in Asia to ship this one to you if you’d like one! :)

The charm

Since Pandora seem fairly committed to producing as many heart-themed charms as possible, it’s great to see when they go for a more original twist on the motif; I love the puzzle-piece idea. It’s also a great option for those wanting a charm to represent autism.

pandora spring 2015 asian exclusive charm

In person, it’s just as lovely. I absolutely love the detail of the cut-out puzzle piece, while the pink enamel is a very delicate, cool shade. The combination of the silver and the light pink enamel give it a pretty, shiny look to it in person too!

pandora spring 2015 asia exclusive pendant

The back of the charm is plain silver, with ‘You complete my heart’ engraved upon it. I’m not always a fan of Pandora’s habit in recent years of adding their own script to charms; however, in this instance, I think it serves its purpose in highlighting the meaning behind the charm’s design. It’s a pretty sentiment! It’s a shame about the obvious hallmark-ing right under the message, however.

pandora spring 2015 asia exclusive pendant

If you’re looking to match this pendant to the existing pinks in your collection, here’s a comparison shot of the Complete my Heart pendant alongside the existing Cherry Blossom pendant. They feature different enamels; the Cherry Blossom pendant is a warmer pink (its item code is EN40), while the Complete my Heart is more bubblegum and cooler in tone (its item code is EN68).

pandora spring 2015 asia exclusive pendant


I love its casual look stacked on my silver leather bracelet, which is how I’m currently wearing my pendant. <3 I would have loved to have put together a leather bracelet design featuring all of the Asia exclusive charms (the pendant, the pear and the lavender butterflies), but the conversion rate for the Green Pavé pear made it super expensive. :(

pandora spring 2015 asia exclusive pendant

Here I have styled it with the adorable new Precious Boy and Girl charms, also from the new Mother’s Day collection. Whether you’re using them to represent your children, or you and your OH, they undoubtedly fit with the pendant’s heart motif! The pendant also looks beautiful with the retired rhodolite pieces.

pandora mother's day 2015 precious boy and girl

Pink and two-tone always makes such a warm, pretty contrast – the Complete my Heart pendant is no exception to the rule!

pandora disney spring 2015 cinderella's coach

While the charm in itself is not particularly representative of Asia in any way, it is currently an Asian-exclusive piece and so I thought I’d put together a little design with my Chinese and Japanese dolls to highlight that. ^^ I actually really like it in combination with the bright red enamel.

pandora spring 2015 asia exclusive pendant

I’m also toying with the idea of adding it to my pink oxidised bracelet, but I’m not sure that the pendant doesn’t get a little lost among a full bracelet. It sits very close to the chain and has a tendency to get a bit swallowed by other charms. But the colour looks great and I love the contrast between the pastel pink and the darker chain and charms. <3



This is an absolutely beautiful piece, and it would have been top of my wish list for the Mother’s Day 2015 release even if it had been part of the regular collection. <3 I’m a little baffled as to why Pandora has selected it to be an Asian exclusive, as it undoubtedly is one of the nicest charm of the collection and it has immense universal appeal – particularly to those who wish to use it to represent autism. I wonder if we will see it appear in other countries in the future.

The Complete my Heart is an Asian exclusive piece, but the conversion rates work out very reasonably! :) It’s priced at $53 SGD, which works out at about £26 or $40 USD.

Are you a fan of this design? If so, have you managed to get hold of one?

50 Comments on Review: Asian-exclusive Complete my Heart pendant from Pandora Mother’s Day 2015

  1. I love this charm and would like to find a friend to arrange and exchange with me — I’m in the U.S. Great review and photos!

    • Thanks, Robin! It’s a really pretty charm, especially when you see it in person! The one I always recommend to people is the Pandora’s Tribe Facebook selling group – that’s where I got mine. There are several kind and very efficient ladies on there who are helping out with these Asian charms. Definitely worth a look! :)

      • Hi, Mora. I went looking for that group on Facebook and couldn’t find it. I have seen a few of them for sale online, Ebay and Etsy but I havee also seen some immtiations without the ALE mark. I asked the etsy seller if it’s a Pandora charm and she says that it is NOT! I need confirmation before buying. I really want this charm.

  2. This is such a pretty charm I love the colour I don’t see why it’s a Asian exclusive. I see you have the new boy and girl charm.

    • Me too – it’s no secret that I’m a big fan of pink, so this colour was perfect for me ^^ Yes I do! I’m wearing them on my pink and red Valentine’s bracelet, they are rather adorable in person :D

  3. Does anyone have any inside info on how to get this charm if I am located in the US? I have found a jewelry store in the UK that sels Pandora so I can get the UK releases. Any store that are in the Asian market?

    • Hi Jaketia! :) I don’t know of any online Asian retailers that ship internationally but I always recommend the Pandora’s Tribe Facebook selling group to people looking for help with exclusive charms. There are a few ladies there who are helping out with the Asian exclusives – it’s where I’ve got hold of mine! What’s the UK store you’ve found, if you don’t mind me asking? :)

      • The UK store is called Acotis jewellry. O have ordered several things from them and have been pleased overall. I was really excited to see that they are aelling the Mother’s Day charms that are only aold in sets at all other Pandora retailers, separatly.

  4. I live in Singapore and I help you ladies. Ellie helped me before with the Disney Parks charms so now I’d like to pay it forward.

    Just message me here. :)

  5. Do you know if any stores that have an online site that I can look at first? Right now I am interested in the Complete my Heart and the Pave Pear. Just want to take a look to see if anything else catches my eye

  6. Did I ever mention how much I look forward to your reviews lol ? I love this charm even though it wasn’t love at first sight haha ! Do you think it will ever be available worldwide? I also love the precious boy charm. It looks adorable but I heard that it flips around. I’ll be looking forward to your next review

    • Aha, well, I genuinely always look forward to your comments too Linda, as they are always lovely! :D I’d be surprised if the pendant didn’t make a global release at some point, as it’s a really pretty charm and I’m sure it would sell well. It’s a tough one to call though, mainly as I don’t understand why they made it a country-exclusive in the first place lol.
      Yes, the precious boy and girl are terrible for flipping round! They’re really small and really light, so it’s impossible to get them to stay the right way up. They’re cute though, so I’ll forgive them ;) Thanks Linda! <3 Next up will probably be either the Precious Boy and Girl or some more from Spring :)

  7. Hi ive managed to find a lady to ship me one to the UK costing around £32 this includes tracked shipping do you think its a good price. I just love it so different to anything i have already xx

    • Hi Jorden, I got mine from Singapore and paid $60 SGD ($53 for the charm and $7 for shipping), which is around $55 CAD. Anything in that area is reasonable! :)

  8. Hello!! Do you know when we may get a sneak peak at the 2015 Fall Collection? By the way, I really enjoy reading all of your reviews and posts!

    • Hi Ronnie! I’ve not heard anything on the Autumn collection so far unfortunately – I wouldn’t expect info to be coming through for another month or so at least, going by previous years. ^^ Thank you, I’m so pleased to hear that! You can be sure that when/if I hear something new, you guys will hear about it. :D

  9. So glad you managed to get it. Truly a beautiful piece. I love how you styled it on the silver leather bracelet. Simplicity at its best! May I ask how long is your bracelet? I also liked how it looks in between the Precious Boy and Girl charm (both on my list too).

    • Thanks, I was so excited to get this one! It is so pretty in person. And yes, I agree with you – I’m keeping it on the leather bracelet for now. I love how nice and casual it looks compared to my other charm bracelets – so I’m glad to hear that you like it too! :D My leather bracelets are all size medium. The silver one pictured is a triple wrap, which makes it 57cm. :)

      • Hee…. I purchased it too, after reading about it from your site. :) Thank you for sharing the leather bracelet length. I wear 19inches for both the usual silver bracelet and the bangle. The leather bracelet is on my list for the next bracelet promo, I am eyeing both silver (for versatility) and purple (my favourite color).

        • Ah, I wear a 19cm in the silver bracelet and bangle too :) Great choices! Those are definitely the colours I wear most; they go with pretty much anything, as they’re quite subtle. The purple is particularly beautiful <3 I also have a red and a pink leather, but those are less versatile so I don't wear them as often! :)

  10. Im happy to see the puzzle piece charm, but sad it is not offered globally. I live in Baltimore, Maryland and i contacted Pandora by phone and suggested a charm that could represent autism and this one is beautiful. I hope they decide to release it world wide.

    • I couldn’t agree more, Donna. Its limited availability doesn’t make any sense to me at all – especially when ladies have been requesting a puzzle charm to represent autism for years now! I’m also hoping that it sees a wider release soon. :)

  11. Hi ellie, its been awhile. Hope your summer is progressing nicely and that you had a nice holiday. I just had to release a few joy bubbles to tell you what i received in the mail yesterday from my son. The entire Asian collection (pear, lavender fluttering butterflies, puzzle heart along with the Spring pave robin) unexpectedly! I am still shaking from surprise. He travels alot for work and decided to pick this up for me “just because” . They are all beautiful little gems. I am speechless…well almost haha. I told him that i have a new problem now in that i have to shop for a new bracelet to show them off. Hehe. I think i will purchase the new ones from the Autumn and Winter collections and then decide. What a dilemna. Right now i have them on my purple leather along with the purple (blue) butterfly kisses and they look sharp. Some shuffling will eventually happen though. Keep up the great reviews. They always start my day off on the right foot.

    • Hi Cheryle, nice to hear from you! My summer is going well, thanks, despite all the uni work – and I had a lovely holiday! Hope that yours is going well too.
      Yay, how lovely that you got the entire Asian-exclusive set! :D They really are beautiful, aren’t they; I still can’t understand why they’d want to limit such universal and pretty designs. What a sweet son you have! ^^ Your purple leather design sounds perfect (it’s my favourite of all the leathers) – it goes well with each colour, and I adore the blue Butterfly Kisses murano. Did you say that you got a pavé robin? There is one coming out for Autumn, but not in the Spring collection?
      Thanks Cheryle! <3 I'm working on one last Summer review before the Pre-Autumn hits. It's been a bit difficult taking pictures lately as it's been so cloudy in England ever since I got back from France, and I use natural light to take all my pictures :( I'm getting there though, haha! Thanks for commenting. :)

  12. Oh ellie, i just smacked myself after reading your reply. The new charm i received in this lot should have read the new spring pave apple and not the robin. Good grief. I definitely will be picking up the little pave robin in the fall collection. They are my favorite birds, and I think it will go nicely with the fairy and other pieces i am planning to purchase. Unlike other posted comments about the fairy being creepy with no face(if in fact she doesnt), i think this was done on purpose so each person who owns her can imagine their own facial expression and details making her very personal to each individual.(my opinion only). I find her quite charming and magical. On a side note, i love all of your stylings above but especially the red leather one. I have been trying to find a double red and double orange but to no avail. Any ideas? Look forward to your next review and to the Fall and Winter collections releases. Take care.

    • Aha, that makes more sense! I was getting quite excited thinking that maybe some of Autumn had been released in Asia already haha. The robin will look gorgeous with other forest/fairy-tale-themed charms. It’s very cute! I also don’t mind the fairy’s lack of a face. I often find miniature faces on charms to be rather creepy in detail themselves and, as you say, they don’t live up to the face that you would like to imagine. So I’m with you on that one! :) still have the double red leather in all sizes! – here’s a link:—leather-bracelets-and-necklaces/3613-pandora—double-red-leather-bracelet/
      I’m not aware of a double orange leather though, which one do you mean? :)
      Thanks Cheryle! A new review should be up in the not-too-distant future. ^^ Take care, as well.

      • The orange leather was either wishful thinking on my part or imagined from pictures on social media i had seen somewhere. The color may not have been true to name (eg. Red not orange) or maybe my eyesight wasnt up to par that particular day. Oh well. I do love the red though. Is perlen a reputable sight and have you used or experienced any problems with them ie..shipping or product warranty? They seem to have a nice assortment of retired or retiring muranos. No shipping charges is a bonus and the dollar conversion to Canadian is equal to the price i pay here. Considering purchase!

        • Ah that’s a shame. Perhaps you were thinking of the orange multi-strand bracelet, or perhaps the brown leather bracelet?
          Perlen are great and Pandora collectors have been using them for years. :) They are based in Denmark (Pandora’s home country) and offer a 24 month warranty period according to their Information page:

          I have bought from them on a number of occasions (they usually have some nice retired pieces in at good prices) without a hitch. The free postage doesn’t hurt either!

  13. Am I the only one who has found that the jigsaw heart faded ? It’s virtually white now, I do wear it daily , but doesn’t get wet etc . Gutted :-(

    • Oh no! :( I’ve not found this, no, mine still looks pink – but then I don’t wear mine daily. Sorry to hear that this has happened to yours, did it come from a Pandora concept store?

      • No , a lovely lady on Pandora tribe helped me, so I’m not in a position to take it back anywhere ,I’m in uk ?

        • Oh noo. :( Perhaps an official Pandora store might be able to advise you about what went wrong, though? The shade of enamel used in the Complete my Heart is also used in other charms, so they might be able to advise you at least!

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