Today’s post brings my monthly Pandora news round-up, featuring all the details on what’s coming up for May 2015! Included are details on this month’s promotions, Pandora’s special Disney Parks release in celebration of Disneyland’s 60th anniversary, and, of course, the launch of the tropical Pandora Summer 2015 collection, with its beautiful ocean shades:

pandora summer 2015 petite facets green blue

I’ve also included a little teaser for the Pandora Pre-Autumn 2015 collection! ^^

Additionally, in terms of blog news, you can expect some more reviews of the Mother’s Day and Spring 2015 collections in the run-up to the launch of the Summer collection at the end of the month. :D

Pandora Summer 2015 Collection Release

The highlight of the month is undoubtedly the global launch of Pandora’s Summer 2015 collection on the 28th of May. The collection features some beautiful oceanic blues and greens, plus some sparkling tropical animal designs. For a dedicated preview with pricing and high-resolution images, please see my post here! :)

pandora summer 2015 preview

Disappointingly, there hasn’t been much in the way of live shots so far. These are a couple that I found on Instagram, which show off the two new leather bracelets quite nicely:

Image by korukeidas
Image by korukeidas
Image by korukeidas
Image by korukeidas

You can also see a couple more shots of the palm tree jewellery and the Sky Mosaic pavé charms at this preview at La Petite Olga.

Pandora Club Charm 2015 Release

This year’s limited edition Pandora Club charm will also be released worldwide alongside the Summer 2015 collection on the 28th of May. It features a genuine diamond, and a rather pretty heart design!

pandora club charm live shot

For more info on this special release, check out my preview here.

Disneyland 60th Anniversary & Pandora

Disneyland will be celebrating its 60th anniversary later this month and, to celebrate, Pandora are releasing three new charm designs! These will be exclusive to Disneyland, and will be available from the 22nd of May.


The 60 Dazzling Years charm is priced at $50 USD.

pandora disney parks 60 years charms

There will also be a new blue version of the Mickey Sparkling Ear Hat charm. This is set to retail for $65.pandora disney parks 60 years charms

Finally, the Sixty Years Celebration charm is also priced at $65.pandora disney parks 60 years charms

The Disney Parks blog posted this live shot, too!

pandora disney diamond charms


pandora rose spring 2015 campaign

  • For shoppers in Australia & New Zealand, the Always in my Heart bangle GWP will be continuing until the 10th of May – spend $150 AUD/$180 NZD and receive the Mother’s Day 2015 LE bangle for free! I’ve heard that stocks of this bangle are selling out fast and so, if you want to indulge in this promo, I’d go for it sooner rather than late!
  • For readers in the US & Canada, the Mother’s Day 2015 gift set promotions will be running until the 14th of May. There should also be a Rue La La sale some time this month!
  • Unfortunately for readers in the UK, I’ve not heard of any promotions that are running this month so far. :(

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2015 Sneak Peek – UPDATED

To finish off, I also have a little sneak peek at the Pandora Pre-Autumn 2015 collection! This is set to debut on the 30th of July, and will feature a number of pet and travel-themed charms. Included in this preview are a number of the pet charms:

pandora pre-autumn sneak peek 2015

The I Love My Pet heart has a paw-print on the other side, detailed in cubic zirconia.pandora pre-autumn sneak peek 2015

My favourite of the dog charms is the Devoted Dog charm, which has a rather sweet little face.pandora pre-autumn sneak peek 2015

You can see a few more of the new dog charms in this campaign bracelet. Included are a new dog bowl charm, with a cubic zirconia bone, and a cubic zirconia paw-print. :)

pandora pre-autumn sneak peek 2015


There will also be a couple of charms for cat lovers, including a food bowl and this cute Curious Cat charm:

pandora pre-autumn sneak peek 2015

I am devoted to my own puppy (a golden cocker spaniel), and the Devoted Dog does look quite spaniel-y. ^^However I already have three dog charms from Pandora, and I’m not sure I need another one. I guess this is a problem that you run into when you’ve been obsessively collecting for over three years haha. It is a sweet set, however, and pet-themed charms are usually very popular.

My Comment

The Pandora Summer collection is never usually my favourite release of the year, as I tend to prefer the subtler colours of spring or autumn collections – however, I’m actually really loving the refreshing oceanic colours of this year’s collection. I’m particularly excited to see the new leather bracelets in person, as well as the gorgeous new green and blue Petite Facets – I’m hoping they’re as beautiful in person as they are in the images we’ve seen so far! <3

I’m disappointed not to have any info on a promotion for the UK this month, however. Usually they run a 3-for-2 ring promotion in May, but I’ve spoken to some retailers and it looks like it has been pushed back to later this year. There were a number of Spring rings that I had my eye on, haha. ^^

What are you looking forward to this month? Do you have anything on your wish list for Summer?

64 Comments on Pandora News Round-Up for May 2015

  1. Hi!
    I just started collecting Pandora and I love your blog. Great reviews and ideas for styling. I am in Canada and I was wondering what is the rue la la sale?

    • Hi Christine! Sorry, I should have explained that in the post itself. :) Rue La La is a US shopping website that offers discount prices on designer items. They feature Pandora sales every now and again, which have good discounts on retired items. Unfortunately they own ship to the continental US but there are usually some kind people on hand to help others out with the discounts. The website is :)

    • Pandora has two outlets in Ontario, one at a Cooktown and one at Niagaria on the Lake. They sell retire item for half price, I got three sets of clip at Cooktown today.

  2. I love dogs but I don’t have a pet. The paw print is one of my favourite print though. Lioking forward to seeing them in person. From the summer collection, the Orchid charm ia one that I need to acquire as the orchid is my country’s national flower and I love my country. with it, I plan to start a travel bracelet of red with blue, but I am not sure whether to go for light blue or dark blue. There doesn’t seem to be that many dark blue charms. I like the spring petite charms of pink and purple. Will love to see how the blue petite charm looks in person.

    • The Orchid is one of my favourites too! I’m already puzzling over where I might be able to fit it in with my collection ^^ I’m also dying to see the new leather bracelets and the new Petite Facets in person. They look so deliciously cool and pretty in the campaign images. I hope they’re as lovely in the flesh!
      You’re right, there aren’t that many dark blue charms, although there were a few very dark ‘midnight’ shades in the last autumn/winter collection. :) I recently put together a bracelet with the fascinating aventurescent murano and the midnight effeversence muranos, but I’m finding it a bit dark for my tastes. A pop of colour like red would look nice with them I think! I’m considering maybe some garnet spacers – or possibly just a pair of neutral moonstone cabochon. :)

      • I am glad you like the orchid too! I haven’t gotten around to starting my travel bracelet. I like the Japanese doll, Korean doll and Guard My Heart. I had been to Japan, Korea and London and will like to acquire these to create fond memories of my travels but at the same time, they are all dangles (plus the orchid too). I love the dark blue muranos you have mentioned and was my plan to incorporate them into my bracelet but just wondered if the petite facet with the lighter blue might ‘pop’ better. Can’t wait to see the latter when it is launched.

        • Those are some of my favourite Pandora dangles – I’m a big fan of Pandora enamel, I love the quirky designs and the little pops of colour <3 I think there's something nice about having a bracelet with a few dangles, especially for a travel bracelet – it has more of that original charm bracelet look to it. Especially if you mix them up with some regular beads as well :)
          I think either the darker or the lighter blues would work very well but it might be nice to have a more tropical blue for a travel bracelet I suppose. I'm getting quite excited to see all the new summer pieces too! I'm particularly excited to see the leathers ^^

  3. I love the purple and pink facets. They are gorgeous in person so I’m hoping the blue and green are as gorgeous as well. Thank You for the post! Can’t wait to see them.

    • Yes, I just broke down and ordered myself the pink one aha! I’m going to pop it on my pink themed oxidised bracelet :) I’m also really liking the look of the new green one; it looks quite teal in tone, which is one of my favourite shades! Can’t wait to see them either!

  4. I love the orchid in the summer collection, probably the only new one on my list although still have some others already out I want to get yet, just waiting for another promotion. I really hope there will be a Rue La La sale soon!

    • The orchid is one of my favourites too. My only instant must-have! Although seeing better pictures of the leather bracelets and petite facets are making me fall in love with the pretty blues and greens, too. I’ll have to wait and see them in person ^^
      I got an email from Rue teasing an upcoming Pandora sale – so hopefully they’ll announce one soon! I got some good bargains from them last time, as I finally got them to accept my UK credit card. ^^

  5. I am sure the pet charms will be very popular but even though we own 2 dogs, I have zero interest in the pets charms. They seem a bit childish to me – no offence intended.
    Looking forward to seeing the summer charms in store.

    • They are definitely on the cuter side – I like to blend my pet charms in with wider bracelet designs, so that I know that they’re there and they have that special meaning for me, but they don’t really affect the overall look of my bracelets. I do the same with my Disney pieces :)
      Me too! I’m still hankering after some more detailed live shots haha.

  6. I have been wanting to get a few rings to stack. Is there going to be a 3 for 2 promotion in the UK?

    • Hi Joy! As per the post, I’ve spoken to a retailer about this and they think that the ring promo is not going to taken place this May unfortunately. However they are hoping that it will take place later in the year instead. I will update as soon as I hear more about it. Hope that helps! :)

      • Hi thanks. I was looking to get the cherry blossom ring, wanda’s garden and also the white ribbon ring. Think I will treat myself anyway ? keep up the good work love your blogs?

        • Ooh lovely choices! I’m also wanting to treat myself to a couple of the new spring rings – but I think I’ll hold on a little bit, just in case a ring promo does come about. ^^ And thank you! <3 Glad to hear you enjoy them!

  7. Love your blog Ellie, I was looking forward to the ring promo I wonder why they have pushed it back.also do you know when the summer sale is going to be in the UK.

    • Thanks Nicola! I heard rumours it’s because they’re not going to do the leather bracelet promo this year :( I’m not sure whether that’s true or not, but if so that does make sense. It seems mean that they’re dropping the number of UK promos when we get so few anyway haha.
      I’ve not heard dates mentioned for the sale yet – it usually drops about mid-June-ish. I’ll let you know if I hear when :)

  8. I’m planning on the Pandora Club Charm to “date” my bracelet, and I really like the dog bowl, so that will likely make it on too. I’m hoping to see some rich autumn colors in the faceted charms. Black too. Thanks, as always, for keeping us up to date, Ellie!

    I broke down and bought the dog bone dangle, BTW. Very cute! I do wish they’d have more dog breeds, though. I’m hoping for a Sheltie charm.

    • Yes, I really liked your idea of dating your bracelets! Pandora do produce a lot of dated charms, what with the Club charm and the Black Friday releases each year so you won’t be stuck for ideas there I think! The dog bowl is super cute, and I like the dog portrait charm as well. I already have the dog bone, the dog house and the dog dangle charms so I think getting more might be pushing it a bit haha. You’re welcome Clair – thanks for reading! :)

      Yay, glad to hear you got it! It’s a very cute charm. ^^ I’d love it if they just caved and did a range of popular dog breeds; I’m sure there would be lots of devoted pet owners to buy each one. I’d love a dedicated spaniel charm; I’m sure that would be the one to get me to buy a fourth dog charm! ;)

  9. Love the Petite Facets. The colors are beautiful. I like the bracelets but really not sure about them since they are double and not single. I couldn’t find the picture of the palm tree though. Did I miss it ?

    • Ah, sorry – I meant the Tropicana set, which features the palm leaf design. That’s what comes of finishing off posts late at night haha! These are some old ones of the palm tree charm however:
      I also prefer the single leather bracelets, but I really love the colour of these new ones. I’d like one to stack with my teal oxidised bracelet, so I will probably end up getting one of them – depending on which one goes with it best! :)

  10. Absolutely love the new dog charms! I’m starting a double leather pink bracelet where I will get a charm to represent each dog in my life:) Only a total of about five or six charms, but still love the variety. especially the dog bowl!

    • Oh good, I’m glad you like them! They do have a really good spread of dog charms available; I hope that they keep going, as I’m sure the various breeds would all prove popular. ^^ The dog bowl and the dog head charm are the ones that tempt me most!

  11. I will probably get the dog bowl charm; I’m not sure about the other animals, like the snake and turtle. I love the plain silver versions of those. Is there a new dolphin charm?

    • I’m quite fond of the plain silver originals, too, Martha! :) There is a new dolphin coming out at the end of May. It’s a dangle:

      • I think I might get this dolphin; I didn’t like the retired round curled up one. Which dog charms do you have? I have the dog bone, Labrador, and mountain dog.

        • I have the dog bone, the dog house and the zodiac dog dangle, all of which I love. I really like the look of these – especially the dog bowl and the dog head – but I’m not sure that I have a place in my collection for another dog charm haha. Much as I love her! ;)

    • Well I actually just caved and ordered myself one of the pink petite facets! ^^ Depending on how much it matches my bracelet design when it arrives, I might just get another one to go with it, haha. As for the Summer ones, I’m quite tempted by the green/teal ones – they look such a beautiful colour. I’m waiting to see them in person. What do you think, are you planning on getting them?
      Haha thanks Linda! <3 Should have another post up in the next couple of days lol.

  12. Love love love the doggie dish and the paw print! Now I need more fur babies to get more charms to represent them!;) haha!

    • Aha I’m a bit stumped too as I already have three dog charms. Getting more seems a bit like overkill, even though I do adore my puppy haha. The dog dish is really very cute though!

  13. Hi,

    Do you know what happened to the twinkling forever bangle with all the CZ and heart shapes? Is it going to be released in the USA and if so, when? Thank you, Carol

    • Hi! It was originally slated for release with the Spring 2015 collection but it was delayed for some reason. It is now due out (worldwide as far as I’m aware) with the Summer collection on the 28th of May. Hope that helps! :)

        • It’s this one Linda:
          And in the right of this picture:
          It is a beauty! I think a lot of people will be happy to see it released finally.

  14. Hi Ellie any news on the new Disney collection? I need a sneak peek I have got so addicted to the Disney ones, I need one of the dog ones probably the bowl one or the paw print I also like the palm tree

    • Hi Carla! No I have not heard anything at all yet. I’m very excited to know what’s next too ^^ I’m hoping for some more Disney animals, and maybe some extra princess ones too. :D

  15. I’ve heard some stores are advising a ring promo next week – have you heard anything yet? I may contact a couple tomorrow…

    • Hi Sarah, I am trying to find this out myself, as I have heard from a few people that their stores have told them that there will be a promo for the bank holiday :S The thing is that originally I was told that no ring promo was happening in May, for sure. I’m trying to follow it up – did you hear anything?

      • I messaged a couple of stores, just heard back from one saying no promo this month….. Here’s what they said… ‘Hi Sarah, we are not having a ring promo this month, however we are going to be having other promotions and offers as well as new launches very soon. We will keep Facebook up to date with any news. ?’

        Boo! Was hoping for some new rings.

        • Thanks for checking that Sarah! I heard the same unfortunately. I think it’s been pushed back to July :( I was wanting some spring rings too! Patience is not one of my virtues ;)

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